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And we’re back in the oven, and the Feed

That pleasantly cool (by TX standards) day we had Wednesday was replaced by another scorcher yesterday as the local temp hit 104, and the “official” daily high was 108°F at DFW. I seldom see our cats suffering from the heat but the grey one (Phil) was suffering yesterday. The other one (Brian, aka “The Cheat”) was smarter and plopped himself in front of the AC most of the day, but for some reason Phil wouldn’t come in. He just stayed outside in the heat. It looks to be pretty much the same today as yesterday, so I don’t know how much drumming will get done at the Family Fun Night and Drum Invasion tonight at church. My bet is that we play board or card games more than we sit around the fire out in the heat and drum, because the temperature is forecast to remain above 90 until after midnight. I will probably vote for the board games.

Up first is BikingInLA’s post about a driver getting 90 days in jail for murdering a cyclist. Failed justice — street racing killer of pro cyclist Jorge Alvarado gets off with just 90 days in jail I wish this was a joke (it is, but a cruel one) but the driver actually got only 90 days (and given the state of the jails in CA most likely he won’t even have to serve that) for what was originally a 2nd degree murder charge.

Down the road 3 days ride from WoaB World HQ (but still in the same state) a cyclist is hit in Houston. Cyclist killed in northeast Houston accident This is an update on a previous report of a cyclist running a stop sign. This article states the intersection is being studied for possible bicycle infrastructure to make it safer. The picture of the wrecked bicycle was stock and not of the actual bicycle hit in this wreck.

A little girl in MI is hit by a driver driving too fast for conditions. Vestaburg girl seriously injured in accident Driver tops a hill to find someone in the lane and can’t stop before hitting that person is the very definition of driving too fast for conditions. I don’t know of any way for a cyclist to avoid a wreck like this, it’s up to the driver or to infrastructure that makes actually being in the road unnecessary. So, either way it’s an infrastructure problem, either slow the motor vehicles down so they don’t hit people trying to cross the road, or make over/underpasses for the people trying to find out why the chicken was crossing the road.

A cyclist in OR is hit by a van making a turning movement. Bicyclist critical after Damascus crash and Gresham bicyclist in serious condition after crash in Damascus also Details emerge about Damascus crash that injured cyclist Left cross wreck by a driver with obscured visibility (driver in the oncoming lane stopped and waved her through). The cyclist was hit riding straight through in the bike lane. Intersection protocols to avoid, remember every driveway is an intersection and an opportunity to get right-hooked or left-crossed. Infrastructure to prevent including making the driver that waves another driver into a collision equally at fault for both the criminal charges and the civil liability. And get well soon to the cyclist, from the lack of damage to his bike it looks like he almost avoided this wreck. Lots of Gatorade bottles at the scene makes it look like the cyclist was just getting started on his ride or had just stopped at the C-store to pick up some cold ones before heading home.

Closure about to happen in Seattle. Man who hit, killed Seattle bicyclist to be sentencedGarcia-Reyes, 28, faces nearly three and a half years in prison.” Puh-LEASE! can we get more appropriate sentences for offenses like this? A deliberate act, followed by more deliberate acts to cover it up, and the most he’s looking at is 3 1/2 years? You get that much for abusing a dog!

Another WI cyclist hit-and-run. Cyclist killed by hit-run driver identified This is another report on the cyclist that was killed by a driver of a stolen car. I don’t know how a cyclist could realistically avoid a wreck like this, nor how infrastructure could prevent it.

More on a wreck in the Great White North where the cyclist’s front wheel got trapped in a streetcar track. Cyclist killed on Wychwood Avenue remembered as ‘the life of the party’ Sounds like a great guy. More Man killed in cycling accident identified

A wreck in Canuckistan. Cyclist injured in collision with truck Hit-and-run in an intersection, use intersection protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent. One thing I notice is that a large number of these wrecks seem to involve cyclists in crosswalks, I wonder if that is because so many cyclists use crosswalks or is it because so many cyclists end up in the crosswalk or a little past it after the wreck and are assumed to have been in the crosswalk?

Infrastructure! from NY. To Make Cycling and Walking Safer, Put the Burden on Drivers Obvious, place the burden on the cause, not the victims. At least find the people that hit pedestrians while driving on the sidewalk guilty of something. This habit of the NYPD of finding no criminality for every wreck that the driver wasn’t falling-down drunk has got to stop.

More infrastructure news from NY. DOT to add bike signs on Route 9W after June crash The signs and the bike route are all well and good but it completely ignores the fact that one of the victims was killed just feet from her place of employment as she rode her bicycle home.

More infrastructure from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Crossroads between cyclists and motorists often fatal

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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