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We drummed anyway, and the Feed

The temperature yesterday was much cooler than initially forecast and was quite comfortable for outdoor drumming around the fire last night. Well they drummed, I “danced” (I stood in one place and moved my pelvis rhythmically in time with the drumming). The temperature at 7 PM was the 91 that had been forecast for midnight 24 hours earlier, and when I rode home it was only 84 out. With the humidity also being very low 84 is wonderfully cool here in the Suburbs of Hell. The forecast is for hot again on Sunday but not too bad today. I hope they are as wrong in the same direction today as they were yesterday. And I should also report that the cooler temperatures seemed to keep the idiots at bay, I didn’t see a single traffic violation of any kind going to or from drumming last night.

Up first today, a driver that hit a cyclist while driving on a segregated bike path where cars are not allowed will escape getting a ticket because he wasn’t drunk and didn’t leave the scene, unlike the cyclist who had to be transported with a serious head injury after being hit from behind by a car where there shouldn’t have been any cars. Driver Takes Bike Path By Queensboro Bridge, Seriously Injuring Cyclist You know infrastructure only works when it’s respected by everyone, especially LEO. In this case LEO has demonstrated a total lack of respect for anything not inside a motor vehicle. The driver was someplace he was forbidden to drive, the whole facility is barely wider than his vehicle as you can see from the picture. You can also see that the driver went about 50 feet down the bike path before he hit the cyclist… To prevent, shoot the driver and leave the body in the town square with a sign explaining his crime and forbidding removal of the body.

A cyclist is hit by a blind driver in IL. Cyclist Hit by Car on Cicero, Taken to Hospital The driver was waiting at a stop sign and pulled directly into the cyclist that was crossing the street in front of her… Intersection protocols would have provided little time for the cyclist to react and protect himself, and getting the infrastructure right still depends on drivers being able to see and avoid the cyclists directly in front of them. The only thing that could prevent a wreck like this would be a law that made a wreck like this very financially costly for the driver, or personally costly of their freedom. Basically what happened was the driver was only looking for motor vehicles when making her turn and just had what is known as “Cognitive Blindness” as the cyclist crossed her vision, because we have been conditioned to only think of motor vehicles when we look on the roads.

Closure in Seattle, as the driver that killed a cyclist is sentenced. 41-month sentence for Seattle bicycle hit-and-run What a sparse missive to a protracted tale. The driver hit the cyclist from behind while making a turn (I think it was a left but my memory might be faulty on this one, plus I read so many of these I might conflate multiple reports about different wrecks), then ran like the coward he was. He was caught too late to run a toxicology scan to see if he was impaired which would have allowed a much stiffer sentence if he was. The sentence handed down was close to the maximum he could have gotten with what could be proved.

Not a bicycle, but this wreck from the same state as WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell shows even when you stop at red lights it doesn’t mean you won’t get hit. Motorcyclist injured in hit-and-run Yep, waiting at a red light and he gets hit from behind and left for dead. Note that the very first comment blamed the cyclist for being there to get hit… I’m with Al on this one, the supply of idiots is infinite.

Lots of links from Canuckistan today, like this cyclist getting hit-from behind by a truck. Cyclist injured west of edmonton Aside from the existence of the wreck, not much more is known other that it was not in an intersection. I’m just assuming the hit-from-behind because it would take a really stupid cyclist to get hit by a dump truck head on.

Another wreck in Canuckistan. Cyclist hit on Trans-Canada Hwy in Duncan Another “Cognitively Blind” driver hits a cyclist crossing in front of him. Again, the cyclist was almost past the driver when the wreck happened as the driver was trying to turn right. Intersection protocols only work when you have time to use them, not when you get hit after you are almost through the intersection. Infrastructure would only have made a difference if it kept the cyclist from having to cross in front of a driver at a stop sign, or if drivers actually saw cyclists when they looked at them. If infrastructure can prevent cognitive blindness then it could prevent a wreck like this.

Another cyclist is hit in Canuckistan. Cyclist injured in Nanaimo hit and run I think I had a link to this one yesterday, it sounds very familiar. Anyway intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the freaking infrastructure right to prevent.

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

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