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Another day to get treated like a mule, and the Feed

It’s grocery shopping day, which means it’s another day for me to be a pack animal with Blue’s help, of course. Since we had 2 short weeks in a row, this one will be monumental. I will be double checking everything and making sure the back tire is aired up and that I have my tie-down straps for external cargo on the rack. In addition because of the algae bloom in the water supply being so heavy this summer we are breaking down and getting a gallon of triple-filtered and de-ionized water for making iced tea. The last several batches had an off taste to them. The coffee has not been adversely affected, but the tea certainly has. Also we are buying milk, peanut butter (large jar) and coffee (large canister). Lots of high-weight, high-volume items to take home today. The heavy stuff gets put in the panniers on Blue, the light stuff goes on my back, and the bread goes home with Mrs. the Poet, also any light stuff I don’t have room to carry in my 20+ YO Army-surplus ruck. I don’t know how old these rucks are but they are the same model as the one I was using back in 1982. Mrs. the Poet’s ruck has curved replacement shoulder straps that don’t squeeze her chest, mine has a sternum strap to stabilize it and also quick-release buckles on the flap tie-down straps. We got the rucks back in the late 1990s shortly after we started being car-free, as we discovered that when you don’t have a car to carry stuff you have to have a way to carry stuff otherwise. I had been buying my work clothes from a mil surplus outfit for a couple of years and decided to try their surplus rucks and added a few goodies later. We have been using the rucks for carrying stuff ever since including as baggage when we travel.

Up first, a pedestrian walking in NYC’s Central Park is hit by a cyclist. Attorney Richard Bernstein seriously hurt in NYC after being hit by bicycle Really?!? Didja have to hit a personal injury lawyer? Couldn’t you have hit someone a little less dangerous like say a Mafia capo de tutti capi? Anyway, while the lawyer was correct in saying he was walking in the pedestrian lane, because NYC allows cars in the park some of the time and not at others what is the bike lane during the car times is the pedestrian lane when cars are not allowed, but it’s still marked as the bike lane. For people riding from out of town that don’t know the lanes change from one hour to the next this creates a problem. This problem was more than adequately demonstrated by this wreck. At any rate DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS! Also this is the first serious injury bike/ped wreck in NYC in at least a month that I’m aware of, and 79 peds have been killed in the first 6 months of the year by motor vehicles.

A MI cyclist is seriously injured in a run-in with a semi. Teen Cyclist Pinned Under Semi, Critically Injured From the description of the wreck it appears to be a right hook, as the wreck was very near an intersection and the cyclist was described as “hitting the side’ of the truck. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right so that people on bikes are not side-by-side with 40 ton semis.

A NJ cyclist gets right hooked and apparently either reads my blog or was forwarded the protocols for avoiding injury in a right hook. SUV Strikes Bicyclist on Millburn Avenue Notice that the SUV driver verbally harassed the cyclist before leaving the scene. Part of the problem here is that NJ law has a stronger AFRAP clause than most states and includes any shoulder in the outside lane width that cyclists must consider before they are allowed to take the lane. So get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A very mysterious bike wreck down the road several hundred miles from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Cameron: SUV Hits Bicycle, Rider Suffers Minor Injuries Intersection wreck, use intersection protocols to avoid. I would say get the infrastructure right to prevent but this is TX, where the SUV and pickup truck are king. Looking at the scene in Google Maps it appears that the intersection has a 2-way stop with Travis being the through street, so if the cyclist was on Travis the SUV driver may have thought she was supposed to stop, too. The whole town is a heterogeneous mixture of light commercial surrounded by residential and farm land was less than a mile from the wreck site.

And SD LEO seem to have been trained by NYPD on how to deal with a wreck involving cyclists and motor vehicles. No charges for driver who hit teens on bikes Apparently the day they explained the basic speed law to the class for this inspector he was absent. Also the LEO was making up laws about blinking lights being required front and rear in SD.

A NE cyclist is hit by a turning car, driver gets a ticket. UNL volleyball coach hit while riding bike and UNL volleyball coach hit while riding bike Another blind driver almost kills a cyclist. Intersection wreck, it looks like the cyclist used intersection protocols to save his life (perhaps by instinct). Getting blind drivers off the roads and making infrastructure so that cars and bikes mix as little as possible to prevent a similar wreck.

Not your standard bike wreck, even in the UK. Cyclist hurt in bike crash with sheep One of the few road wrecks that a helmet can make a difference with…

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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