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Lots of miles already today, and the Feed

I had a small errand to run this morning, that required just under 26 miles of riding to perform. I managed to do that with a single 24 oz. bottle of my home-made electrolyte drink because it was only about 82°F for most of the ride, less at the very beginning. I was out to pick up a gift card at a drawing, expecting to get the $3 card but got the $5 card instead, woo! I managed to pick up a box of fig bars and toaster pastries and still had some left over. I had 5 illegal passes including 2 in a row that went all the way to the sidewalk when I was riding a section of road that had only 9 foot wide lanes. Now if this was a main road I could see their impatience, but the section of narrow lane was less than 200 feet of a back road and there was ample room to pass after that. The narrow section was right after a traffic light and uphill, so I had no place to pull over (the crazy passers went through the ditch and over the sidewalk, and almost ran over a guy on the sidewalk). The rest of the illegal passes were at stop signs or stop lights. Way too many people in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell are of the “pass then where you catch then” philosophy about bicycles, even if that means passing on the right at stop signs and stop lights.

A MA cyclist is left-crossed during a “torrential” rain. Cambridge police: Cyclist hit during downpour Not much to say about this, the cyclist was doing everything possible to avoid the wreck after getting caught by bad weather and the driver was blind. If there had been a car there the car would have been hit instead of the cyclist. Get the infrastructure right to prevent a similar wreck.

A UT driver is arrested after hitting 2 cyclists. Driver arrested after hitting, injuring 2 bicyclists, police say Hit from behind by a drunk driver who just worked his way up the line of cyclists knocking them off the bike. The first one was just a slight bump, the second was more of a full impact and there was nothing either cyclist could do about it as the driver seemed to target the cyclists. No way to avoid the wreck, the only thing that would work would be getting all the infrastructure right.

A CA cyclist is rear-ended. Vallejo bicyclist rear-ended on Georgia Street, receives some injuries The driver just failed to see the cyclist. I think this was a wreck I reported about yesterday.

More from CA as one cyclist gets hit in the road and another gets chased onto a golf course and hit. One cyclist killed in crash, another chased onto a golf course and Antioch: Bicyclist killed in collision with truck also Cyclist Hit, Killed By Truck In Antioch No mode of wreck given in the first wreck that killed the cyclist, the other wreck where the cyclist was pursued off the road seems to be a deliberate assault by the driver. Neither of these wrecks could be prevented by minor tweaks to the infrastructure, I don’t know that anything could have prevented the driver chasing the cyclist onto the golf course to hit him. I hope they put that driver under the jail when they catch him, no bail.

Lots of wrecks late in the season north of the border, starting with this one from Canuckistan. <a href="http://www.castanet.net/news/Vernon/79224/Cyclist-killed-while-riding-in-bike-lane&quot; target="_blank".Cyclist killed while riding in bike lane No excuse for hitting a cyclist in the bike lane. This so far appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck.

Update on an East Canuckistan hit-and-run. Injured cyclist seeks answers in Calgary hit and run I think I covered this before, but this was a buzz that went very bad, use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another Canuckistan wreck. Cyclist hit by car in Saskatoon The cyclist appears to have left-crossed the vehicle on this wreck. Intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right so that bicycles are not making left turns in front of vehicle moving at deadly speeds.

A stupid wreck in the Great White North. Helmet credited with saving bicyclist’s life in collision The cyclist was hit from behind in the bike lane, and instead of focussing on the driver that hit him they are focussing on the fact that he wore a helmet and the helmet actually was within the narrow envelope of protection it provides and prevented a skull fracture? Really? WTF?

A wreck in Toronto (Go Leafs!) with serious injury at filtering. Cyclist in hospital after collision Another left cross wreck caused by the cyclist left-crossing the motor vehicle. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another wreck in Canuickistan. Cops seek help regarding cyclist MVC Nothing on the mode of the wreck, but it might have been in an intersection… Grrr.

And from Jolly Olde a rare (for this blog) UK report as the driver is found guilty of being an idiot behind the wheel in the killing of a cyclist and faces a severely sore wrist as a consequence. Driver admits cycling death That’s right you can run over a cyclist while in reverse and get no serious penalties for it.

And that is all the news I can take for one day. Now I’m going to go kill monsters with my Warlock in D&D.

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