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More WTF moments, and the Feed

It has become an interesting phenomenon in my life, the right-hand pass at a stop sign or red light by a car in the same lane as my bike. What used to be unknown is now almost common. As the weather conditions and the increasingly heavy motor vehicles on my regular bike routes have turned the outer ¼ to ½ of the lane to unridable ruts and ledges I have to ride the driver’s side wheel track, rather than the passenger side like I normally did. With the “pass them where you catch them” mindset of drivers around here this means that when I stop at stop signs (you know that thing that bicycle riders “never” do?) I’m on the left side of the lane, so they just pull up on the right and maybe stop, usually don’t, and just keep on going. And some drivers pass even when there’s no road to pass me with, as the 2 drivers that passed me by driving their cars on the (occupied) sidewalk Saturday…

First up is more on that cyclist hit on a golf course in CA. Old dude runs down bicyclist and Oakmont man arrested in road-rage assault on cyclist I seriously can not believe the comments that were attached to both articles. The driver went off the roads more than 100 yards (the 100 yard description only applied to the distance he drove on the golf course, not the amount of distance he went off the road) trying to hit a guy riding a bicycle, and he was driving with a suspended license from a previous road rage encounter with a different cyclist, and had a third previous run-in with a cyclist that didn’t result in a conviction. This guy needs to be locked up big time, and as a condition of his release he needs to be prohibited from owning or riding in a motor vehicle other than emergency services. Plus he needs to get his backside kicked at least once per day by a cyclist… wearing a steel-toed boot. Safety first! more 81-year-old arrested for allegedly running down Santa Rosa cyclist and Santa Rosa cyclist recounts painful encounter with road rage

Also in CA a cyclist is left-crossed. Upvalley Cyclist Dies After Collision with Car more Sheriff releases name of cyclist killed in collision The initial link had a bit about the guy chased on the golf course, but that paragraph seems to be missing now. Intersection wreck, use the intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent including taking licenses and cars away from about 2/3 of the people making comments to the first linked article. Seriously, do people not read the laws before they complain about people riding bicycles breaking them?

Another motor vehicle/bike wreck in CA. Walnut Creek: Bicyclist killed in collision with SUV and Bicyclist struck by SUV on Bancroft Road dies of injuries Still nothing on the mode of the wreck, if the cyclist was riding salmon or if the driver crossed the centerline of the road.

A wreck down the road from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Family mourning teen killed in bike accident Hit-from-behind wreck, possibly as the cyclist was getting ready to turn onto a different street, use the protocols to avoid, and fix the freaking infrastructure to prevent. The kid was going less than a mile from his house to a friend’s house, there’s no reason why there was a 60 MPH highway on the only route between the two. This wreck boils down to an infrastructure failure caused by poor planning.

Update on a KY bike wreck. Update on condition of teen hit while riding bike Salmon cyclist hit in an intersection, the place where such behavior is most likely to cause a wreck. Intersection protocols to avoid, fix the infrastructure including education to prevent.

From NYC a pedestrian steps in front of a bike and gets hit. Woman Badly Injured After Bicycle Slammed Into Her On Queensboro Bridge and Queensboro Bridge Pedestrian Struck, Injured By Speeding Cyclist AFAIK at this point the pedestrian stepped in front of the cyclist just feet before he hit her, much less than even the ¼ second needed to identify a hazard, much less to actually make a move to avoid it.

A cyclist is hit not too far from where I used to live, Utah edition. Bicyclist, 52, killed early Sunday after being hit from behind and Bicyclist killed in car accident also Cyclist killed after being hit from behind Everybody wants to blame the cyclist for not wearing the glow in the dark clown costume, did no-one think to check the car’s headlights for proper aim and brightness? Anyway, hit from behind use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Cyclist is hit near where I used to live TN edition. Cyclist dies after crash with truck The sub-head with this is what screams “win” to me, getting any charges filed against a driver in TN is almost as hard as getting a wreck investigated by the NYPD in NYC. There was nothing the cyclist could have done in this wreck except not be there. I mean, seriously, the driver was so out of it that he was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide, you have to be seriously messed up to get charged with that. I would say infrastructure, but the driver was sooo… It might have helped for this wreck, maybe not depending on how far off the road the driver would have had to drive his truck to get to the infrastructure and how many and what kind of barriers he would have had to drive through to get to the cyclist. This is a driver that needs to watch his vehicle getting recycled from the inside…

A cyclist is killed in Canuckistan. Vernon cyclist killed in morning commute I can’t decipher the mode of the wreck from the damage visible on the vehicles shown in the picture, the front of the car looks like it hit a cyclist from behind or directly head on. But the bike looks like it was tapped lightly from the back then the front was run over, or the cyclist was hit from the left front. I’m just glad I don’t have to figure out how this wreck happened for a living.

A wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist struck and killed in Mississauga and Driver charged after cyclist struck & killed by vehicle in Mississauga Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and fix that infrastructure to prevent.

LifeStyle news from the UK. Cyclist gets tattoo to pay tribute to nurse who saved his life after crash I never heard of an “internal decapitation” before, I wonder if that’s anything like the basal skull fracture that killed Dale Earnhardt Sr. at Daytona.

And (finally) those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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