Hope to get done early today, and the Feed

Yesterday was a nightmare as the links I was trying to open from the Feed almost all had some kind of ads that were bolluxing up my browser. Actually I think it is the crippled version of Flash I have to run because I have a trashed sound “card” integrated with the MB and I can’t bypass it or turn it off and when I have any kind of Flash that uses sound it crashes the browser eventually. Yesterday there were a lot of those and other things in the links that caused a crash an average of 45 minutes, with several that happened in an interval of 25 minutes each. I need a new computer, along with a bunch of other things I need replaced.

Opening up is another reason why we hate the Dutch here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Spectacular New Floating Cycle Roundabout We can’t even get a plan to put paint on the streets and make residential areas 20 MPH, and they get a circular suspension bridge to keep bicycles separated from motor vehicles in time and space that costs more than our entire bike/ped program. As a result they have a 33% bike mode share and 45% commute share, we have a 0.5% mode and commute share.

A hit-and-run in OH. Troopers searching for Grand Am after teenager injured in hit-skip Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid and fix the infrastructure to prevent. Crush the cars of hit-and-run drivers and that will stop in a big hurry.

A MA cyclist is killed in a somewhat strange wreck. Bicyclist killed in Wellesley and Cyclist killed in Wellesley crash Friday is identified At this point it hasn’t been released if this wreck was hit-from-behind or a right hook or a hybrid between the two. Since the Intersection protocols cover all three cases those protocols might have helped the cyclist avoid the wreck if the driver would allow it. This was a wreck I reported on yesterday that I didn’t understand because all I could see was the wheels with a part of the rear triangle attached to one, well I still don’t understand this wreck.

A MD cyclist is hit by a bus. Cyclist dies after being hit by bus in OC As the wreck was near an intersection intersection protocols might have helped, or the bus could have run over the cyclist while pulling in to a stop. I can’t tell you how to avoid it until LEO releases their report on the geometry of the wreck.

In the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike 8 years in a row a working cyclist is killed in a hit and run as he was working. Cyclist struck, killed by hit-and-run driver Yep he was riding one of those upright tadpole trikes that are used to sell food on the street and he was hit and run. It’s not like the driver a) didn’t see the cyclist on a vehicle the size of a small car or b) know he had hit a vehicle the size of a small car. This is another one of those cases that I thinks merits the death penalty for the driver.

Update on the CO cyclist hit-and-run by a drunk in a Subaru. Cyclist In Lakewood Hit-And-Run Dies This was the cyclist hit in an intersection earlier this week.

Update on the CA kid in a tank Escalade that killed two cyclists on the sidewalk. Concord teen pleads not guilty for crash that killed bike-riding father, daughter in April The charges were reduced and he still pleads not guilty…This is the perp I wast curbstomped outside the courtroom.

A cycling priest in WI is laid to rest after a fatal wreck. Funeral services scheduled for priest killed in bicycle crash and Holy Family priest killed in bicycle crash Apparently the good father failed to yield to traffic as he crossed the highway. That makes this an intersection wreck use the intersection protocols to prevent. fix the infrastructure to prevent, because in this case you have bicycles crossing that are not separated by either time or space from motor vehicle traffic.

A cyclist is assaulted in the UK. Morons! South Yorkshire cyclist badly injured after push from car yob Buzz job by the driver compounded with a physical assault by the passenger. Unavoidable for the cyclist. Get the infrastructure right to prevent, plus charge both the passenger and the driver with assault with a deadly weapon.

Also from Jolly Olde a really blind driver killed a cyclist. Chirk driver who killed cyclist in crash had degenerative sight condition I have nothing I can add to the story. A person driving while fracking blind. Since 2004.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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