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Up too early for two days of busy busy, and the Feed

Yep, the next two days will be interesting to say the least. Today I have the blog post to do, the lawn to mow, a toilet to repair, and a pot of beans and rice to prepare. The lawn and blog post are self-explanatory, the toilet has a broken fill valve that won’t stop running, and today is bean day. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Lab Rat Keeper followed immediately by a cattle call for a modelling assignment. I don’t get many of those any more as I’m starting to reach the age where “mature” bleeds into “senior citizen” and I don’t fit the “look” for the senior citizen jobs (still have most of my hair, still have the broad shoulders and narrow waist that got me the jobs as a “fit mature man”, and I don’t have easily detectable grey or white in my hair). I haven’t let myself go enough to get the “senior” jobs, but gravity is working long enough on my face to keep me from getting the “fit mature man” jobs. I could get the “fit mature man” jobs for several more years if I had a lift, but if I had the $$ for surgery like that I wouldn’t be going to cattle calls, they would be calling me.

Up first is not a bicycle wreck but has many of the same mechanics of a bicycle wreck. Car runs down NH memorial ride cyclists, killing 2 Driver went into a procession of 200 motorcycles, some with large American flags. If they couldn’t hear, or see 200 motorcycles and avoid them, how do they avoid hitting anything?

They found the driver that killed a cyclist in MA. Police interview driver of truck involved in fatal cycling incident in Wellesley Notice I didn’t write “caught”. At this point it looks like the driver of the weapon vehicle in this hit-and-run will get away with out even a ticket. More Neighbors remember Wellesley Cyclist killed in crash This was the wreck that I couldn’t tell what happened because the pictures of the wrecked bicycle were two mangled wheels and part of the rear triangle sitting on the side of the road and no other bike parts visible. I still have no idea what the mode of this wreck was from the little bit of the bike I could see.

A cyclist is hit in MD by a bus travelling in the same direction. Cyclist dies in Ocean City accident At this point that is the only information being released by LEO about the wreck other than the name of the cyclist. There’s a link near the bottom of the blog about the person that was killed, who he was when he wasn’t riding a bike. More Nacho Mama’s Owner Killed in Ocean City

An OH bike wreck where at this point LEO have no idea what happened. Road reopens near airport after cyclist struck I don’t even know if the cyclist was riding on the road or standing next to it or riding next to it. Nor do I know which direction either vehicle was going at the time. None of that information has been released yet. More Bicyclist Serious Hurt In Eastside Crash another link Hamilton Road Reopens After Bicyclist Struck also Bicyclist Struck Near Port Columbus OK after reading all the latest links and seeing the wrecked bicycle, the cyclist was hit from behind near an intersection and was in a lane not near the right edge of the road. This tells me he had either just made a turn or was preparing to turn when he was hit, the information about whether he was approaching or leaving the intersection being left out of the reports. So, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From Jolly Olde a cyclist is injured by a trail booby trap and he’s not the first. Chopwell biker injured in wire sabotage I don’t know how to avoid stuff like this without staying away from the sites that have been booby trapped, which is exactly what this terrorist wants. I don’t know why UK authorities are not treating this like an act of terrorism. If someone placed wires at neck height on a B road (minor road that still gets lots of car traffic) it would be an act of terror particularly if it caused death or serious injury…

The victim of a MD bike wreck is remembered by the community. Vigil for Nacho Mama’s Owner Killed Bicycling Still nothing about the wreck other than he and a bus came into conflict going the same direction.

When the first man to walk on a physical body not on this earth died there was some confusion among the publicly educated. Neil Armstrong Died, Not Neil Young (And He’s Not A Cyclist) Actually I don’t know if that person was publicly schooled, home schooled, or went to a private school. But I would bet they aren’t very old.

Another bicycle “safety” program that begins and ends with “wear a helmet”. Youth in Salem County will be rewarded for practicing bike safety

From WI as the numbers of cyclists goes up, the numbers of injuries goes down and the deaths stay the same. Community Conversation: For bicycling, safety’s in numbers The number of injuries is a good way to track bike wrecks as most bike/motor vehicle wrecks result in the cyclist getting injured. Those numbers are going down. Cyclist counts in urban areas are going up, the combination of the two is a confirmation of the “Safety in Numbers” hypothesis that as more cyclists hit the roads drivers become more aware of cyclists and are less likely to hit one. The death toll remaining flat confirms that even if any individual cyclist is less likely to get hit, motor vehicles are still deadly deadly things and can kill, so the ratio of injured to killed is going down, not a good sign for the infrastructure design. If the infrastructure design is working for bikes that ratio of injured/killed would go up as the wrecks would be less serious and more survivable.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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