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I’m hungry and in a hurry, and the Feed

As I mentioned yesterday I have a trip to the Lab Rat Keeper today, but what I didn’t know was they are taking a fasting blood test for lipids and blood sugar among other things. My appointment isn’t until 1330 (1:30 PM for the 24 hour challenged) which means I sit at this computer with stomach growling and not even so much as a cup of coffee, just water as I kill the time until I hop the bus to the doctor’s office. I fear for the levels of snark in the blog today, they may go supercritical.

Hit-and-run in MD. Cyclist Struck On Massachusetts Avenue Left ‘Unconscious and Bleeding’ and Hit-and-Run Leaves Cyclist Reluctant to Ride, See Friends Hit-from-behind by a driver that just merged right into her the cyclist had no time to react, so no way to avoid. Getting the infrastructure right might prevent this but as it was in what is described as suburban residential this would be mixed use in the Dutch model.

“Idaho stop” does not meant just ride on through, it means you stop if there is anyone there to stop for. Boulder police: Cyclist injured after running stop sign, colliding with car Seriously, at least slow down and look before you go through a stop sign. Yield to oncoming traffic (stop). This is an infrastructure failure between the cyclist’s ears.

A PA cyclist is hit by a driver looking at his cell phone? SUV hits 17-year-old bicycle rider in Hereford Township Gee I wonder what could cause a driver to look at his cellphone long enough to hit a cyclist so hard it sent him into a row of trees?

In MA a young cyclist is hit by a landscaping truck. Foxboro boy struck by truck while riding bicycle The kid was hit in a residential area right in front of an apartment complex, 200 feet from an intersection. The pictures from the scene show a cyclist struck directly from behind while riding in the passenger side wheel track of the street. Nothing the cyclist could have done, and as this is already shared space under the Dutch model the only changes to the infrastructure would be a drastic lowering of the speed limit for the area and eliminating motor vehicle cut-throughs.

A CT police officer who killed a cyclist while off-duty is sentenced in the hit-and-run. Koistinen Receives 5+ Years For Killing a Teenager Riding a Bike OK as I read it he has 15 years where he can be sent back to prison after he gets out after the 5 years and 4 months, during which he will be subject to random drug tests and required to put a breathalyser interlock on the ignition of his car when he is allowed to apply for a new license. Not so happy about him getting to drive, very happy that for the next 20 years he will be subject to drug tests and forced to stop drinking or spend a very long time in prison.

From TN a cyclist is hit head-on by a drunk driver. Crossville cyclist struck by pickup in White County Yeah, not much chance of avoiding a salmoning driver at speed. The driver is charged with vehicular homicide only because they can’t prove he did it on purpose to raise it to murder, because from where I’m sitting it really looks like murder.

A “freak accident” in Canuckistan kills a cyclist. Edmonton cyclist dies in ‘freak accident’ The cyclist hit the mirror of a parked truck with hit forehead as it hung over the bike lane, and fell under the wheels of a concrete truck. Just how big was that truck that he hit it with his head? Blue has a seat height about 6″ lower than a regular bike because of the crank-forward design (both feet on the ground when stopped, full leg extension when pedalling) and most pickups are right at my shoulder height, about mid-chest when on a “regular” bike. I noticed in the comments section a little dig about “small penis syndrome” for the truck.

From Oz, a cyclist killer gets just over 5 years in prison. Hit-run driver sentenced over cyclist’s death and Drunk hit-run driver jailed for five years for death of cyclist in Cottesloe A violent death, compounded by a total failure to render what comfort the victim could get. Only 5 years 3 months maximum, probably out in 3 years. Words fail me.

From NYC a “person” has riled up some strong emotions. At Least 24 Cyclists Were Killed In NYC Last Year, But Gawker Wants More The “Gawker” in this case refers to a movie review that had the headline “First kill all the Cyclists”. The movie was gawd-awful, but the review was even worse, comparing cyclists to terrorists, etc &sf.

And those are all the links that gave me fits.

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