Well that was unpleasant, and the Feed

I wouldn’t go as fas as to say that yesterday was “doubleplus unfun”, but I have had days that were better. Because of some issues I mentioned from earlier in the month I had to hang around the office for longer than anticipated and I missed the cattle call (my agent said not to worry, he was there with another client and I was not what they were looking for in the slightest, they didn’t even interview unless the meat was mostly bald and totally white-haired), and I didn’t get someplace with food until after 1600 (4PM). I then spent the next roughly 45 minutes stuffing my face, with a woman flirting with me for about 20 of those minutes (hey I did say I worked as a model, there’s a reason for that). Also I got confirmation of my high metabolism, I weighed 198.0 when I got to the office, but 196.2 when I left and I didn’t give that much away in specimens. Apparently when I’m hungry I go into fat metabolism with a vengeance, but I don’t think I had enough activity to burn 3600 Calories an hour.

After I got done with that I had to get to a meeting of the Faith Development committee for the upcoming Full Moon this Friday, and the installation of the new Patron and Labor Day service. As the full Moon coincides with the 11th anniversary of my death, I will lead part of the ritual where we celebrate Life and Being Alive, because I may have died, but I’m not dead now, Woo! Also as part of the Labor Day service we will devoke the service with music from The Call, “Let the Day Begin”. Read the lyrics and you can understand why we chose that ditty to honor those who work and earn a living.

Up first because I got to it first is a report on a cyclist that left-crossed a speeding car who was then left for dead. Lakewood cyclist injured in hit-and-run near Cleveland’s West Boulevard Eastbound cyclist making a left, westbound driver hits her an keeps on going. I suspect the driver either was a sociopath, or had some other reason to not hang around (no license, no insurance, registration not paid, you know all those things that drivers do to “pay for the roads” that don’t actually pay for the roads). The irony of this is the cyclist was at fault in this wreck, had the driver remained on scene there would have been no repercussions against the driver unless there was some reason to ticket the driver not related to the wreck. To avoid use the intersection protocols paying particular attention to making sure you can clear the intersection before making that left turn. To prevent make it so cyclists and drivers are not trying to occupy the same space at the same time, i.e. get the infrastructure right.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years running, they killed another one. Jacksonville bicyclist dies of injuries suffered in Saturday accident Until LEO release the directions of travel for both vehicles in this wreck I can’t say what happened or how to avoid it. At this point there are two scenarios presented: 1) cyclist “turned left” and was hit from behind aka SWSS, 2) Cyclist turned left in front of vehicle coming the opposite direction AKA “left cross” only the cyclist left crossed the other vehicle. Either one could be prevented with getting the infrastructure right and the second one could be avoided by using the intersection protocols.

A PA wreck that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Bicyclist killed in crash on Creek Road What this reports sounds like to me is there was a powerline touching the truck where the cyclist couldn’t see it and when he “came in contact with the truck” it electrocuted him.

More information about the cyclist hit from behind in OH. Bike Community Rides To Remember Bicyclist Killed in Crash Still nothing about which direction he was in relation to the intersection, and lots of really stupid comments about cyclists “asking for it” by riding in the road. More Family of bicyclist killed Tuesday: ‘People need to be careful watching out for bikers’

From The Great White North a bike wreck that almost killed a 2 YO that wasn’t even riding the bike. Child escapes serious injury after bicycle carrier run over in Cambridge Driver turning from one street to another fails to yield to the bike that was already there and hits the bike and the trailer behind it carrying the 2 YO victim. Driver arrested. To avoid use intersection protocols, to prevent use Dutch infrastructure models.

Still in the GWN a US cyclist is injured. Cyclist critically injured in Niagara Parkway crash At this point they don’t know why the cyclist crashed, but they do know what didn’t make him crash: he wasn’t hit by a car and he didn’t hit the other cyclists he was riding with. They are also pretty sure it wasn’t excessive speed because the other 2 cyclists he was with didn’t have any problem and the cyclist used that route regularly without any problem. As a guess I would say that flying insects are the most likely cause for the wreck, getting hit in the face by a bug will cause a startle reaction that can cause a wipe-out. Add speed to the startle and you get a major wreck.

More from Canuckistan on the cyclist that hit the driver’s side view mirror and went under a cement mixer. Cyclist killed on Whyte was U of A track athlete and Cyclist killed in mishap on Whyte Avenue today also Edmonton cyclist loses control, dies under wheels of cement truck I would really like to see a picture of the pickup truck from that wreck, because this story just doesn’t make a whole lotta sense without it. Just how far out did it extend and how much further than the standard mirror for the truck? how high was it from the ground? The reports have mentioned it hit him in the head and that he was trying to duck under it when he went under the cement truck. So many questions, so few answers.

A cyclist is killed in Guyana, but the article is behind a paywall… Good Hope cyclist killed on the spot From what I can read of the article the cyclist was hit from behind and died immediately, or the cyclist was hit head on and died immediately. Either way this is a dead cyclist we are dealing with and almost no information about it…

An unusual brake design has a manufacturing defect that may cause the brakes to lock unexpectedly and the rider to fall. Eecycleworks Recalls Bicycle Brakes Due to Fall Hazard The design looks sound to me, but brakes that break when they are supposed to be braking is “doubleplus ungood”. And a really bad pun.

LifeStyle as two cyclists train for the Paralympics. Cycling pair riding toward gold It’s not about racing, it’s about two guys riding a tandem bike.

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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  1. Bike lawyer Steve Magas happened upon the OH crash and posted photos to the “Cyclists are Drivers” Facebook Group. The guy was run down from behind as he either hugged the fog line or perhaps the driver wandered onto the shoulder. Either way, the passenger window on the car was smashed in and the car came to a stop partway on to the shoulder.


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