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I’m back up and running, and the Feed

As I was going through the e-mails yesterday morning I was alerted to a critical security update for my OS, Ubuntu. Unlike MS the people taking care of the various Linux distros have people working day and night to find a way to break it, and when they find a way to break it they tell someone exactly what they did so that what they could break gets fixed before someone else can take advantage of that. So when I get a security update I’m reasonable sure it isn’t something that will cause me troubles tomorrow, but it might next week or so if I don’t use it (black hats watch the security updates and craft attacks based on that in the hopes of finding someone that doesn’t get updates as fast as they come out). So I downloaded the update and something went wrong during the process because when I rebooted the computer after I got a resolution error from the computer and then nothing worked. I had to go back to my recovery disc, wipe everything from the computer and then reload the OS and all the fixes. The good part is that I went from 1.8 GB free space to 5.3 GB free, so no more “out of space” errors in the near future, and hopefully there will be no more crashing browsers as the patched version has been replaced with a fresh download with all the fixes installed directly, no old code to deal with. Still having issues with Flash though because I still have a borked sound card that chops up the sound and makes the opening music for Ubuntu sound like the drum solo from “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” and that messes with the timing of everything else and gives me isolated frames instead of video when there is a video. I think I mentioned I need a newer computer with a working sound card (or the equivalent on the MB) and a bigger than 10 GB hard drive? It doesn’t even need to be all that recent, right now I’m running a 2000 PentiumIII 750MHz with a half a GB of memory. Ubuntu is so lean that it really covers up the lack of speed in a CPU. I have run it on a straight Pentium from back in the late 1990s with no problems at all. That computer had a working sound card so it even ran Flash reasonably well. I mean if a 500MHz Atom can run Flash, why not a 500MHz Pentium, right?

A cyclist is killed on the same road another cyclist was killed on at the beginning of the year in Baton Rouge LA. SUV strikes, kills bicyclist Monday night From the comments this seems to be an infrastructure related problem as there is no other route through that part of town forces cyclists to mix with fast traffic to get from one side to the other. So even though the cyclist might have been at fault in this wreck (not determined yet), the real cause was the infrastructure that didn’t allow any other way for the cyclist to go.

An OH cyclist is killed. Female Cyclist Killed After Being Struck By Vehicle Hit-from-behind at night. According to the link there was no taillight on the bike but a back-channel report I got said there was a taillight bracket. So either the taillight went bye-bye in the wreck, or was stolen or fell off before the wreck. Mox nix, the driver had headlights that should have made the cyclist visible in the dark had they been aimed according to the law and had the driver been driving so that she could stop in the distance she could see what was in the road in front of her then this link would not be there and I wouldn’t be typing this.

A bad bike wreck in MA. Cyclist hit by car Left cross, use the intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Also carry some kind of wearable ID like a dogtag or RoadID, available through the BikeJournal.com store.

A wreck report that reads like it was posted in the UK, but it is really from CT in the USA. Bicyclist hit by car on Dixwell Avenue in Hamden All I know about this one is it was an intersection wreck, and the cyclist’s helmet was pretty much useless as it didn’t cover the part of his head that got injured. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A MI wreck via S.F. CA. Driver charged with being drunk, killing cyclist Don’t know the mode, but it was not a wreck a cyclist could have avoided from the rest of the description. keeping drunks off the roads would be the best infrastructure solution.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for the 8th running, they killed another one. Palm Beach Gardens woman identified as cyclist who died last week in PGA Boulevard crash Hit from behind in the bike lane and another driver is absolved of any responsibility for hitting a vehicle operating lawfully in front of him because the victim was a cyclist. This seems to be mostly infrastructure related as the bike lane was between two lanes of traffic that had to cross the bike lane as a slight angle to get from one road to the other as there was an on ramp on one side and the through lane on the other side of the bike lane…Not the brightest bit of road design.

A wreck from Canuckistan demonstrates the reason why you shouldn’t ride on a sidewalk. Senior cyclist killed by truck The cyclist was riding salmon on the sidewalk When he entered the intersection and was hit by a right-turning vehicle that the driver was not looking in the direction of travel when she hit the cyclist. Intersection wreck use the intersection protocols to avoid including riding with the flow of traffic and not on the sidewalk to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to make sure old guys don’t feel the need to ride on the sidewalk.

From the Great White North is another dead cyclist. Cyclist killed in collision on Innes Road near St. Laurent Boulevard From the witness descriptions the cyclist left-crossed the pickup truck. Intersection wreck, use the intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. From the description from the driver there may have been something screening the cyclist and the vehicle from each other’s view, but that’s unconfirmed.

More than one link to this wreck in Oz. Cyclist killed on Princes Highway and Cyclist dies in accident at Nar Nar Goon Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

LifeStyle in GA. Midnight Garden Bike Ride packs Savannah’s streets with cyclists of all ages Sounds like a fun ride, even if the writer didn’t know what a recumbent bike was.

LifeStyle from KY as soccer players try to help one of their own after a bike wreck. Lexington soccer community helps player injured in bicycle accident

A mom in AK gets it wrong. Mother of Severely Injured Cyclist Urges Parents: Make Your Child Wear a Helmet Don’t mitigate the effects of a wreck, prevent the wreck from happening. Take the Dutch example.

More somber kind of LifeStyle from the PGH Bicyclists take to streets to honor 2 killed on Penn Avenue Comments were closed from the get-go on this article.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. London’s road safety action plan Fewer dead people in cars, more dead people in foot and riding bikes. that sounds like cars are safer for people in side them, but the roads and cars are less so for people not inside a car.

And (finally) those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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