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Up all night, and the Feed

All the computer not working business and other things going on in my life (mowing lawns, cooking, going to meetings) has seriously disrupted my sleep schedule. I was tossing and turning up past 0400 this morning, which kind delayed my getting up (I’m going to set the alarm for tomorrow so I’ll be more productive come Saturday). That also put me behind on the composing the post part of the day, which then stretches the day out on the evening end of things.

A MA cyclist is hit. Andover cyclist injured in Ipswich Oops, sorry about that. Make that “hurt” rather than “hit”. The injured cyclist overlapped wheels with another cyclist and went down, suffering injury. To avoid, just use a safe following distance behind the bike in front of you.

A SWCC wreck in IN. Cyclist injured after being hit by vehicle in LaGrange County The cyclist was hit when the driver went off the right side of the road to miss him? And the cyclist was removed from the scene with massive orthopedic and brain injuries? Since I can’t see the bike to establish directionality of the impact I have the sneaking suspicion that this was a case of not seeing the cyclist until you hit the cyclist and then running off the road near an intersection. I’m not going to say the wreck didn’t go down exactly as reported, just saying I can’t see the evidence and I have seen too many “crossing” cyclists hit squarely from behind to find this report 100% plausible.

Another link to the DUI hit-and-run in MI. Hit-And-Run Driver Charged With DUI, Killing Cyclist The driver was so blitzed he couldn’t maintain control to flee the scene… and the most he could get if they “stack” everything is 15 years. TANJ!

A wreck in OH. Student Critically Injured By Truck While Riding Bike at OSU Nothing on the mode or location of this wreck so nothing I can say about how to avoid getting crushed by a dump truck on the roads. As of the posting of the original link there was nothing released about the wreck. More Two Bicyclists Struck in Two Days at OSU Seriously, do they even test drivers in OH before they give them a driver’s license? Or is it a matter of being able to pay the fee and getting the license? Because where I’m sitting it doesn’t look like they are paying too much attention to making sure drivers don’t hit vulnerable users on the roads. The second cyclist was hit while riding with the right of way in a crosswalk.

And in TN another blind driver gets away with nearly killing a person. Bike-riding teen struck by vehicle: Boy, 13, sustained minor injuries after collision at busy intersection near I-65 The driver “didn’t see” the cyclist in the road in front of her that the truck driver in front of her had no problem avoiding. Also a hit-and-run: “Smith told police she circled back to the intersection to see if the teen was OK, the report said.” Circling back to check on the victim is not the sane thing as stopping. Since the direction and lane position of the cyclist was not mentioned it must be assumed the cyclist was riding where he was supposed to be in the wreck. That makes avoiding the wreck pretty hard to do.

A wreck in IA caused by a driver not watching the road, again. Ernest Phillips injured in bicycle-pick up accident Hit from behind by a distracted driver, use the protocols to avoid, and fix the infrastructure so that freaking blind drivers die in a raging fire don’t actually get behind the wheel and drive. Also the article blames the cyclist for not having a flag (not the law), not wearing hi-viz clothing (not the law) and not having a taillight (not the law, a reflector visible from 300 feet in lawfully aimed low beams is required), and no mention about if this was an AM or PM wreck.

I’m having a serious Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot response to this link from the Great White North. Shot cyclist was also victim in Danzig St. shooting OK, after reading the entire article the cyclist was shot because he was selling crack cocaine in another seller’s territory, his riding a bike just made him easier to shoot than if he was driving a big SUV.

Another GWN death that does not make a whole lot of sense after seeing the scene and the vehicles. Cyclist killed in Innes Road crash The weapon vehicle is almost pristine, to the point that I can’t identify a point of impact. And the bike is equally pristine except for the fork being broken and the downtube having a couple of bends. Since the cyclist was not mentioned as riding salmon, I’m going to assume that he wasn’t (because MSM outlets like the CBC just love to mention every possible law and a few imaginary ones broken by cyclists, see the previous paragraphs), so this one looks like the cyclist was forced off the road into an immovable object that resulted in blunt force trauma to kill him. One thing is for sure, that bike was not hit from behind. I don’t know how to avoid with the current state of infrastructure, but separating cyclists from motor vehicles away from residential areas would have prevented this wreck.

I have a LifeStyle link to a ride in Charleston SC. Charleston Preservation Society Preservation Pedal Running with the Paul Revere theme, “The tourists are coming, the tourists are coming!”

More lifestyle from OH. Cyclists Take Ghost Ride To Honor Man Hit and Killed on Bike

And last link, what do electric bikes and Pamela Anderson have in common? Eurobike Report: Electric Bikes and Pamela Anderson

And those are all the links that gave me fits (bicycle related) today.

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