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Getting (more) stuff done, and the Feed

I’m still trying to take care of things around the house while Mrs. the Poet stays with our daughter and new grandson and gets them both settled in. I actually did laundry yesterday, cooked a couple of meals from scratch this week, and did other “domestic” types of things needed to keep body and soul together and the stench down a bit. It has negatively impacted the blog (and the computer deciding to crash in the middle of this hasn’t helped matters any), but I still managed to get a post out every day the computer was running.

Up first, the 13 YO “driver” that appeared to deliberately run over a cyclist is being treated for a possible mental illness. Teen girl charged in crash that killed cyclist ordered to seek treatment OK can we all just agree on this one thing?: A 13 YO driving a car is nuts. Now the question of is the girl as nuts as the situation has yet to be resolved, but the preliminary answer seems to be “yes”.

A MA cyclist is injured after what may be a door prize incident. Man injured after riding bicycle into parked car I used to wonder about reports like this until I found out that many LEO report door prizes as “hitting a parked car” to the media. To avoid ride outside the door zone, this will prevent all “hitting parked cars” incidents, even the ones where the cyclist really runs into a parked car.

A MN man is injured by a train. Man injured when train, bicycle collide [Pulling hair and incoherent ranting] Pay attention when crossing train tracks! [More ranting]

A CT cyclist makes an unsafe lane change. Elderly Cyclist Hurt in Accident with Car At this point I don’t know how much of this was the cyclist actually making an unsafe lane change and how much was “Why is that cyclist slowing me down? Ima gonna hit him”. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you have a big enough hole in traffic to get established in the lane well before the next car in line gets to you, and to signal your intentions well in advance. To prevent get cars away from cyclists and other vulnerable users of the roads.

Updates on the cyclists hit recently in and around OSU in OH. Student struck by construction truck in critical condition, father says and Group Urges Ohio State Bicyclists To Stay Safe After Crash OK the cyclist hit by the dump truck was hit by a driver backing out of the construction site without a spotter, a very bad move on the driver’s part. And the second link says he was pulling in to the site? Either way the driver failed to yield to an occupied sidewalk… BTW don’t ride on the sidewalk, it’s dangerous. more cyclists get hit on the sidewalks than riding in the road, see the MI infrastructure link at the bottom of the blog post.

Drivers be crazy in the PGH. Bicyclist Stabbed In Apparent Road Rage Incident This was not road rage, this was attempted murder. And how do you avoid someone who chases you up stairs? To prevent get the infrastructure right including keeping psychopaths from getting driver’s licenses.

An injured CA cyclist is helped by a semi-famous person. The Game Rescues Injured Cyclist I had never heard of this guy until I read this article. This was an apparent hit-and-run because there was no mention of another driver being there to assist. No mode of wreck was reported so I can’t tell you how to avoid with current infrastructure, only that getting the infrastructure right will prevent another wreck.

A driver admits to killing a cyclist in Canuckistan. Motorist pleads guilty in crash that killed cyclist And now we shall see the sharp stinging slap on the wrist he gets for killing with the most commonly used weapon in North America.

Another %&$(*&^ cyclist gets killed by a train, in Far West Canuckistan. Cyclist killed by a train in Burnaby Again the cyclist is believed to have been using some kind of device for listening to music instead of looking and listening for a train while on the train tracks. This is too simple, people. Before you cross the train tracks you stop and look for a train. End of message.

The cyclist assaulted by a driver/passenger combination in the UK is recovering. Cyclist recovering This is another one of those things I have no way to tell you how to avoid, but getting the infrastructure right would keep psychos in cars away from people on bikes.

Infrastructure! in the UK. Driving instructors want cycle safety to be part of test This is an effort to replace understanding of the real laws instead of the imaginary ones that drivers believe about cyclists.

A MI media outlet explains why cyclists should ride with traffic on the roads. Riding right is safest To be honest I thought that riding against traffic on the road would be more dangerous than riding on the sidewalk, but drivers just don’t care what’s on the sidewalk any more. That needs to be changed.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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