Mrs. the Poet is home, and the Feed

Well the daughter and grandbaby are doing fine, so Mrs. the Poet decided that it was time for her to return, for which I am very happy, deliriously happy. Also I seem to have won a contest over on BikingInLA, and get some Clifbar Mojo bars. I never tried that particular bar, so this will be a learning experience in the good sense as opposed to the “Oh no, not another learning experience!” sense.

Up first, everybody rides a bike: Fashion Friday: I’m a Barbie Girl in a Biking World You go Barbie!

First wreck, a woman high on meth when she killed a cyclist gets the maximum penalty you can get for killing a cyclist in NM. 9 years for woman in death of Albuquerque cyclist Yep, just 9 years for using a kinetic weapon of mass destruction to kill another human being, with aggravating circumstances including hit-and-run and being under the influence of a controlled substance. That was all they could do… More Stoned driver sentenced in cyclist’s death

And from down the road a bit in San Antonio, the guy that ran over 2 cyclists riding a tandem bike that wasn’t even on the road is told “gee, you must feel so bad,” and let go. Driver cleared in cyclists’ deaths My personal thoughts on this matter are not printable in several states and may violate the TOS for my WordPress account. Let’s just say that “die in a fire” would be a complement in comparison to what I really want to say to the jury. More Man charged in death of bicyclists found ‘not guilty’ and Not guilty verdict returned in fatal cyclist crash trial also Not guilty verdict in tandem bike deaths

A CA cyclist dies in an “accident”. Modesto bicyclist, 50, killed in Modesto collision with BMW Supposedly the cyclist “didn’t stop” at the 4-way stop, just like the person driving the 2 ton kinetic killing machine. Only the cyclist suffered for it though. OK to avoid treat all drivers like they are really homicidal maniacs and shoot firs… OK still a little upset after the previous links, use intersection protocols to avoid the wreck and get the infrastructure right to prevent one like it in the future.

Still in CA, a salmon cyclist is injured. TEMECULA: Cyclist injured in collision And I really don’t understand the geometry of this wreck. The cyclist was riding salmon on one street, the driver made a left turn onto the street and hit the cyclist after making the turn. Did the driver just drive into the cyclist on the side of the road or what? Anyway to avoid ride with traffic and use intersection protocols, to prevent get the infrastructure right. More UPDATE: Teen on Bike Struck by Vehicle, Injured, in Temecula

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years running (and trust me, this is not an honor) Disney settles a suit for one of their buses running over a kid. Mother of boy killed in 2010 Disney bus crash settles lawsuit against company, bus driver Don’t know how the boy got hit, don’t care. the driver is responsible for not hitting things in front of the vehicle, as demonstrated by the lawsuit.

Last link, “real” food for the ride. Candy Corn Oreos To Arrive Monday, September 10 Mrs. the Poet loves candy corn, I love Oreos. and with any luck we’ll have the $4 on hand before they’re gone from the local Target.

Ans those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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