Rant post: I hope Bexar county never needs to ask me for any favors

I think I spelled that right, but to be perfectly honest I don’t give a damn if I didn’t.

This post is about the recent jury decision that it’s perfectly OK to drive off a highway at a speed between 14 and 25 MPH over the speed limit and kill someone riding a bicycle. Never mind that the 2 cyclists killed in this wreck were riding a bike the size of a small car. Never mind the fact that the cyclists were wearing those garish yellow-green high-visibility jerseys that stab you in the eye they are so ugly. Never mind the cyclists were not even on the same road as the driver that killed them but were on the shoulder 11 feet away from the road.

Never mind any of that, because the victims were cyclists and the driver was driving an F-350, which automatically gives him much greater right to the roads because he has a bigger penis substitute vehicle than the victims.

Basically what this jury said was the deaths of the cyclists were as a result of their having the temerity to ride a bicycle on roads “built for cars”, and that any person not in a motor vehicle deserves to die a violent and painful death. What I’m saying is “Same to you” to the jury.

PSA, Opus


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