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Well I’m going to assume you read the rant I posted about the “fine people” of Bexar county, if not go read that first. I got time, go ahead… Things are not going well around here. I mentioned the OS problems I’m having as well as the other computer problems like FF crashing frequently and leaving between 75 and 150 MB of trash files on the hard drive. Also I just discovered (was told) that I might be going blind in my right eye. Peachy, innit? If I had health insurance and if getting me health insurance didn’t take almost as much money as Mrs. the Poet makes from her job then I could get a simple outpatient procedure done that would prevent my loss of vision, but since we be “P'” as in can’t afford a vowel poor, to po’ to be “Po'” I’m up the unsanitary tributary without visible means of locomotion for my canoe. What the Lab Rat Keeper is thinking is I might be having a detached retina in my right eye that is causing me to see flashing lights and floaters. Does anyone else feel up for a chorus of “Gloom, Despair, and Agony On Me”? :

Gloom, despair, and agony on me
Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all
Gloom, despair, and agony on me

OK that’s out of the way, now time to be concerned about other people and how to fix things for them.

Up first is a strange kind of wreck as a cyclist tries to avoid a pothole and goes over a low guardrail into a river. Cyclist killed in crash off side of Wyoming bridge and Bicyclist killed in 35-foot fall during Utah-to-Wyoming race also Bicyclist dies in Utah-to-Wyoming race more Bicyclist dies, 2 others seriously injured in Utah-to-Wyoming race another link Bicyclist dies, 2 others seriously injured in Utah-to-Wyoming race OK I can’t tell you how to avoid potholes at speed and also not fall off a bridge that only has knee-high guard rails. Be careful out there?

A cyclist is hit in an intersection in MA. Bicyclist hit by car in Boxford All they say about the car is it hit the cyclist from the right, which could mean either a left cross or a right hook, but from the looks of that roof collapse I’m going to say left cross. Intersection protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent. I can’t use Street View on this computer, but it looks like this was an uncontrolled intersection from the satellite view. So this would place blame on the vehicle making the turning movement, not the cyclist. Also the geometry of the intersection seems to make left crosses easy to do and hard to avoid.

Not far from that wreck is a wreck in CT on a cyclist “Making a U-turn”. One dead, one injured in separate New Haven accidents on same street The only verification I can find on this wreck is that the cyclist is still critical from a report I can’t make a link for. I still can’t say the wreck wasn’t a hit-from-behind wreck as I can’t see any pictures from the wreck.

A SWSS wreck from OH. Bicycle, Motorcycle Crash On Highway Near Athens Bicycle “swerved” from the shoulder and got hit by the motorcycle? And the Road Fairy is going to fix all the potholes? Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent, including educating LEO about cyclists’ rights and also about not believing drivers when they are the only conscious witnesses to the wreck they were involved in.

Infrastructure! from TX as cyclists “hog the road”… Cyclists hogging up streets in Olmos Park police say This is completely unlike cars hogging the road then?

From Oz a humanitarian cyclist is killed. Refugee advocate killed in bicycle crash Not knowing the cyclist involved, I can’t say anything about the salmon riding accusation against the deceased cyclist, but I can say that the lack of a helmet had nothing to do with causing the wreck and should not have been listed with possible causes for the wreck.

I have a link to an infrastructure article about NC looking to build bicycle tourism. N.C. officials envision Outer Banks as cycling mecca I can’t believe people are balking at $1 Million/mile for bike infrastructure but not even blinking at costs of $100Million/lane/mile for Interstate highways.

A little LifeStyle for a cyclist injured in a wreck I never heard about and I just live a few miles from the wreck. Fort Worth cyclists rally for injured rider I can state with full assurance that hit-and-run sucks. There is supposed to be a fund to compensate victims of hit-and-run but it is usually drained for the year by June. This is mostly because there are so many hit-and-run wrecks in TX (and everywhere else for that matter).

Another “helmet saved my life” story. Cyclist injured in Boise crash says helmet saved her life “I yell at people, ‘Wear a helmet!'” said Little. There is no believer quite as fervent as a recent convert. Someone else said that many centuries ago, but that does not render the message untrue.

Last link, a woman liked this bit of fiction about her mother so much she repeated it verbatim 2 years later. The hit-and-run Lycra louts: How thuggish minority of cyclists are terrorising our roads with one elderly pensioner being hit twice in a month Notice how they called her on this in the comments section with links.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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