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Still working, and the Feed

While I’m waiting for that first cup of coffee to kick in I am just more or less typing words at random here. Verbs, nouns adjectives and adverbs thrown up in semi-random order as I wait not for inspiration but for that flow of consciousness that comes when I’m in my “writing zone”. It’s like meditating with a keyboard, the “monkey mind” shuts up and what is really important to me comes through unfiltered by the monkey. Unfortunately I have to keep at least one of those monkeys on hand to correct the typos and other mis-spellings or nobody (even me) would understand what I was trying to say. Think of that as my monkey J. Jonah Jameson (and is he even in the movie version of those stories?).

One thing that comes to mind on this day is how berserk we went over 3K people and some private property that was heavily subsidized by taxpayers were destroyed in a single act. An apt comparison would be that 5K pedestrians and cyclists are killed every year by motor vehicles, and aside from people that know the victims personally and people like me trying to stop the CARnage nobody even notices it. Almost 2 9/11 per year gets ignored, but we start wars over cheap oil for our gas-guzzlers? Excuse me, but I think I’m the sane one, can I get out of the asylum now?

Up first, the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years running gets even deadlier as people are taking pot-shots at cyclists. Man shot, killed while riding bicycle identified by Jacksonville police Can’t tell you how to avoid one like this, and as for protective gear I don’t think they make a wicking body armor. Maybe getting the infrastructure right could prevent it, but haters gonna hate, knowhatimean?

A hit-and-run in AZ. Truck hits, kills NAU student riding bike in Flagstaff Hit-from-behind use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. When Police found the weapon vehicle the owner was examining it for damage and claiming to not know how the damage got there. Isn’t there a law against lying to LEO? As this was a hit-and-run recycle the weapon vehicle, and as the victim of this hit-and-run died allow the driver to watch the recycling from the most intimate vantage point possible, chained behind the steering wheel. One visual I’ll never forget is from Monster Garage when they destroyed a failed build in a shredder. They placed a grill-sized bottle of propane in the inside of the vehicle that erupted in a giant fireball as the shredder consumed the doomed vehicle. I think for a slight additional fee for the driver, he or she could get that service to go out in a blaze of “glory”. More information including how locals trapped the weapon vehicle in the neighborhood. NAU student cyclist killed in hit-and-run identified

A PA man hit from behind gets a ticket. Bicyclist injured, cited in accident with SUV Yep, if you’re not riding a bike covered in lights and reflectors and wearing a glow-in-the-dark clown costume when you get hit from behind in the dark, it’s your fault, not the driver that was over-driving his headlights.

A SWSS wreck in the Great White North. Boy on bike injured after being hit by car in Sydney This was Sydney NS not in Oz. Because of the poor investigation and reportage, I have no idea what actually happened in this wreck, other than I find the listed cause both rather generic and unlikely. Also “not wearing a helmet” was listed with the causes of the wreck again! Helmets do not prevent wrecks, and in some cases can actually cause them (drivers tend to not give as much room to cyclists wearing helmets).

From Oz, the comments on the rider killed last week have left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. Vale Vikki Riley – “a beautiful woman lost” … and still the trolls come out to play I was disgusted at the number of comments to the effect that roads were made for cars. Umm so what did the roads do from 2000 BCE to 1900 CE? “Don’t mind us, we’re just waiting for cars to be invented”?

Infrastructure! from NYC. Increase in Cycling Collides with Pedestrians and Traffic Laws I must point out that the article mentions the most recent person killed by a cyclist in NYC, a hit-and-run (sort of) where the victim initially walked away from the wreck but died a few hours later from a blood clot on the brain, in 2009! The most recent person to die from getting hit with a motor vehicle while walking on a sidewalk died last week, and since the last person killed by a cyclist died, more than 150 people have died from people driving motor vehicles on the sidewalks.

LifeStyle from CA as people come to the aid of the victim of the attempted murder by motor vehicle. CHRIS SMITH: Oakmonters help to lift up injured bicyclist And jjalequa16, Gigi is watching you! You had better not ever even buzz a cyclist with the comments you have left on various sites and about various cyclists’ injuries and deaths. You have demonstrated pre-meditation by your comments and there is no way you can claim it wasn’t deliberate if you even buzz a cyclist.

And that’s about all the “fun” I can stand.

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