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Bean day and a possible new-ish computer, and the Feed

One of the people at my church has a computer that has been infected with a rather nasty version of a virus that causes virus scanners and removers to crash and has declared that computer “quarantined”. Since I work with an OS that is not affected by that virus, and in the process of installing that OS I even erase and re-write the Master Boot Record to eliminate MBR virii while running from a separate media. So basically I’m getting a much newer computer because I can cure what ails it, but the cure is as bad as the disease to the people with the computer now. They can’t use the computer now, and they won’t use it after I fix it, so if I can fix it it’s mine. There may even be a monitor included with this transaction, which would be good because the monitor I’m currently using is more than 12 years old. It was one of the first things I got after I started working as a help desk operator supporting Windows back in 2000 and it has been in near daily use since then and lets just say that it lacks a little brightness as it has aged. I have the contrast and brightness cranked up as high as they go, and there are web comics I can’t see because the contrast in dark areas (blue text on a black background, for instance) is too low.

Up first a left cross in CA. VALLEY CENTER: Bicyclist hurt in collision with car The car slowed to “only” 35 MPH when it made the left turn into the cyclist. No mention of cyclist not having lights or reflectors so they must have been there, this media outlet loves to bring up even imaginary violations of the laws when cyclists are involved to make the cyclist seem at fault. Intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Looking at the wreck site from Google Earth it appears to be a mixture of Suburban residential and rural agricultural which would be boundary between segregated and mixed use in the Dutch infrastructure model. More Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Valley Center Collision

Updates on another wreck in CA. Cyclist Killed in Newport Beach Hit and Run I’m not sure if this was the cyclist that was killed riding in the bike lane or just riding in the street where there was no bike lane, this is the cyclist that was killed by the idiot in the pickup truck. More Second Cyclist Killed in Two Days; Police Seek Pickup Truck Driver Who Fled Scene and Two bicyclists struck, killed in separate accidents

A cyclist is hit-and-run in RI. Teen riding bicycle seriously injured in Providence, SUV driver arrested The link does not call it a hit-and-run, but the facts as stated make that pretty plain. The mode of the wreck was not released by LEO, but from the location it could be intersection-related. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Teen hit by car in Providence Google Earth shows a residential area that would be shared space or the boundary between segregated routes and shared space under the Dutch model of infrastructure.

A 10YO girl is incidental in this report of two wrecks at nearly the same time. McLean County woman dies in early Sunday morning crash OMG! SUV rollover, and BTW someone hit a girl riding a bike. And now even that is gone from the article. TANJ!

A MA driver is charged with homicide in the death of a cyclist. Financial District restaurant co-owner charged with killing cyclist while driving drunk Not a wreck that a human cyclist could possibly avoid. Infrastructure might prevent a wreck if that infrastructure does something to prevent drunks from getting behind the wheel of a car.

Lots of links to wrecks north of the United States, like this one in the Great White North. Cyclist struck by vehicle, seriously injured and Cyclists injured in separate morning collisions Could they have less information and still have anything to post? The first article had a picture of the wrecked bike and the back of the weapon vehicle. I couldn’t tell anything from looking at the back of the weapon vehicle but the bike was pretty mangled. The frame was twisted and the fork was broken at the steertube where it exited the head tube of the frame, and the front wheel showed signs of a heavy impact from the side, possibly the left but as the fork was no longer intact and I couldn’t tell which way the fork was raked from the picture I’m not sure of what direction the wreck came from, which means I can’t tell from the picture which way the cyclist was going and since I can’t see the front of the weapon vehicle I can’t tell where the impact happened on it either. Infrastructure probably would have prevented this wreck but until more information is released I can’t tell you how to avoid it with the current (lack of) infrastructure. More Cyclist hit, King Edward closed

More from the Great White North. Cyclist in critical condition Nothing in the article about the mode or location of the wreck, and I couldn’t see the damage on the bike or weapon vehicle clearly.

And this is one of the reasons why riding a bicycle on the road is so dangerous. No jail for suspended driver who killed Waterloo cyclist I’ll let the article speak for itself.

A wreck report from the Bahamas that seems to blame everyone for existing. Cyclist Dies In Accident I can’t tell what really happened because of the paper reminding people about what to do and not do in a wreck with a cyclist.

Infrastructure! from DC. What drivers should know about sharing the road with bicyclists (and vice versa)

Infrastructure from Cleveland OH. Sharing the road with cyclists

Infrastructure from Canuckistan. Cycling advice insults riders

Infrastructure from the UK. The London Cycling Campaign has asked TfL to take back comments about the Olympic Games Lane where cyclist Daniel Harris died It seems there were no signs directing the cyclist where he was supposed to be so because it is generally against the law to ride on sidewalks in the UK he was not riding on the sidewalk, which was the temporary bike path.

LifeStyle from Cleveland. Cleveland Heroes Run and Miles Coburn Memorial Ride I’m sure this is a worthy endeavor.

And that is it. Those are all the links that gave me fits (except for the hit and runs from the UK that don’t have anything in them).

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