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Woo-Hoo! I’m flying on the Internets, and the Feed

Well since you’re reading this you know I have configured the “new” computer to use Ubuntu and have it up and running. The “new” computer has a 2.6 GHz Celeron with 1.5GB of memory and 80 GB of hard drive. Compare that to what I was running until yesterday: 750MHz PentiumIII with 512MB of memory and 10 GB of hard drive. I can watch video now, but I still can’t listen to it because the sound on this box of rox is out also, but for a different reason. From using the onboard diagnostics that come with Ubuntu it seems that this box has a dead output amplifier on the sound card, which would cost more to fix in parts than buying a new PCI sound card. And yes it is more than a little screwed that repair parts cost more than buying an entire new unit. At least I’m not crashing every 20 minutes and generating 75-150 MB of trash files every time the computer crashes. Not that that is an issue any longer, with the new computer I have more than 60 GB of free space, unlike the old one that had less than 1GB free before I had to reload the OS and managed to get rid of a lot of useless files.

A PA woman was injured by a vehicle that pulled out in front of her leaving no place to go. Tuesday’s Sentinel police log Every driveway and parking lot is an intersection, but this one looks to be unavoidable by the cyclist. Perhaps a vision check at the DMV for the driver as I’m sure he or she is going to attempt to invoke the “I didn’t see her” defense.

A cyclist is charged with assault and a ridiculously low speed limit is set on a MUP after a wreck in NYS. Cyclist charged with assault on Rail Trail Nothing specific was mentioned about the wreck aside from the participants being a cyclist and a pedestrian, but unless they’re going to start charging people in cars with assault when they hit a pedestrian or cyclist the assault charge is going nowhere.

Am I really linking to another one of these again? Cyclist Hit, Injured By Brown Line Train In Albany Park Cheezus, people! This is the easiest kind of wreck to avoid in the entire world. Just don’t be there when the train is there, and don’t cross the tracks when the guard arms are down and the lights are flashing. Sometimes there is a bell that rings, too. There was an old safety campaign that went “Stop, Look, and Listen at train crossings”, and it really is just that simple.

More on one of the weekend wrecks in CA. Prominent Orange County Doctor Killed In Newport Beach Hit-And-Run I don’t know how you can realistically avoid being run down from behind if the driver does it on purpose, or is so drunk that they can’t process a cyclist in front of them as a hazard to avoid. When they catch the driver they should crush his stupid penis extension truck, with the driver at the wheel on the Highway to Hell. And Yes, as a matter of fact I’m pissed about this wreck.

A MN kid is killed by a semi. Winthrop boy dies of injuries and 13-year-old boy dies of injuries suffered when his bike is hit by a semi also Winthrop boy, 13, dies from injuries in accident another 13-Year-Old Minn. Boy on Bike Killed by Semi The victim was reported to have “crossed in front of” the semi. One thing that just aggravates the spit out of me was every outlet reported that the driver of the semi that weighed 26,000 pounds empty was not injured by running over a child on a bicycle. Really!?! Is that news? That sounds about like “Man in tank shot at with BB gun survives attack”. And get the infrastructure right so that 13 YO boys can ride their bikes without having to fight for space with semi-trucks.

What looks to me like a possible assault on two cyclists in MO. Man riding bicycle in critical condition after being hit by a truck Two cyclists hit from behind, that’s not suspicious at all [/sarcasm], hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A MA wreck with almost no mode information. Teen injured in Norton bicycle accident Well it was probably a hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I really wish there had been more information about this wreck, because the cyclist survived for one thing, and had only minor injuries for another. That information could be important for refining the protocols to further reduce your chance of injury or death.

Another MA wreck kills another cyclist. Bicyclist killed by truck in South Boston Nothing on the mode, something which even the internet comments seems to find odd. It seemed like the media outlet was trying to not blame anybody for the wreck.

Remember that link from yesterday where the SUV rolled over and a 10 YO girl died riding a bicycle in a separate wreck that disappeared from the link between filtering and finishing the link? Well the 10 YO gets a separate link for her separate wreck. Identity released on Roanoke girl killed riding bicycle Another SWSS as the driver claimed the cyclist “made a u-turn” just before he struck her. I really need a blind driver protocol, but until then hit-from behind to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to keep idiots in cars away from kids riding bicycles.

A cyclist is right-hooked in the Great White North. Cyclist hit by truck in Lachine dies The truck was passing the cyclist as they both turned, which makes this the fault of the truck driver for failure to complete a pass safely. Intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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