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Just crank out a thousand words or so and you’ll be OK, and the Feed

Some of you may have noticed a new page at the top of the blog. That’s a temp thing I put up to test how my recent life would work as a standup routine. It isn’t roll in the aisles funny, but you can be the judge of that. Just remember it will depend heavily on the delivery besides the actual words, imagine it in a Texan version of Rodney Dangerfield (“I don’t get no respect”). Anyway that was eating at me so I threw a thousand or so words up on the screen and now I feel better.

And I know today is talk like a pirate day (R) but besides making this post rather dated the day after it goes up, can you imagine the confusion Pirate-speak would create in a blog about land transportation safety? (R) And for my readers (R) is about as close to Pirate-speak as I’m going to get. So says First Mate Phil the Pegleg, and how the Pirate Name Generator knew I have a bum leg I’ll never know… 😉

Up first a cyclist is hit-from-behind in broad daylight just a few miles from WoaB world HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. BikeTexas Board Member Iris Stagner Killed While Riding Home Monday and Cyclist killed after being hit by truck near Mineral Wells more Cyclist killed on U.S. 180 at river bridge The cyclist had to take the lane on a narrow bridge and got hit by an idiot driving a truck. Blind driver defense has already been invoked by LEO for the driver. Hit-from-behind protocols would not have avoided this wreck as I’m sure this rider was all too aware of them, and we “can’t afford” bike infrastructure in TX because we are too busy building roads and highways we “can’t afford” to maintain. Blame this one on Perry and the Tea Party.

Another TX SWCC, this time in Houston. Bicyclist killed while trying to cross northwest Harris County road I can’t see the bike in the picture well enough to establish directionality in the impact, but I seriously doubt the veracity of the report. I can’t say for sure how to avoid but I would place bets on hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the freaking infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is killed on his way to school by an entitled NY driver. Cops: 14-yo central NY cyclist hit, killed by SUV I’m sure whatever the driver was doing was much more “important” than this kid surviving to graduate high school and then college.

A CA driver suspected of killing a cyclist is arrested. Man arrested after hit-and-run that killed bicyclist Well he is off the streets for a few hours at least, and they have his vehicle. And from links in the comments we know that the suspect had 2 prior DUIs which makes this one a possible murder charge if the driver was impaired at the time of the wreck. Given that he hit the cyclist from behind in the bike lane in broad daylight on a straight stretch of road, DUI was a distinct possibility. When they shred or crush the weapon vehicle they should make sure the driver is there to witness it from the inside of the vehicle. More Community Mourns Newport Doctor Killed in Bike Accident and Police: Arrest made in hit-and-run that killed doctor another Man arrested in fatal hit-and-run of Newport Beach cyclist and the good part Driver in Crash that Killed Cyclist Set To Be Arraigned

Why old-time mobsters are spinning in their graves. Driver sentenced in cyclist’s death Just think, you can get away with murder if you just use a car when your victim is a pedestrian or especially a cyclist. Probation for killing, and not even a particularly long probation.

More on the other SoCal bike death over the weekend. Girlfriends Describe Cyclist Killed on PCH as ‘Extraordinary’ And the loss just makes me sick, particularly the total lack of any penalties for the driver. More Recent deaths shake cycling community

Actor and sometime cyclist Jon Cryer has a wreck riding the road during a triathlon. Jon Cryer Recounts Bike Crash: ‘I Left A Lot Of My Skin On The Pacific Coast Highway,’ Actor Says The actor got a bad case of speed wobble and went down at near-motor vehicle speed. I don’t know how to prevent speed wobble except to remain under the speed that the wobble sets in and crank your headset really tight to damp the oscillation out before it gets a chance to build.

More on a wreck in MA that killed a cyclist. Bicyclist struck and killed by truck in South Boston It has been revealed that the truck was there illegally as in way over the weight limits for the street the wreck happened in, not to mention the left cross that killed the cyclist. As mentioned before, intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid. From this account it seems like the cyclist did not get the chance to use the intersection protocols when she was hit. As the driver was already ignoring infrastructure rules as they existed nothing short of bollards defining bicycle space would have prevented this wreck. More Southie woman riding bicycle hit, killed by truck

Aftermath of a cyclist hit in OH. Businesses help teen injured in bike crash This was the cyclist hit by a truck that failed to yield to traffic before entering a street.

It just wouldn’t be a blog post without a dead or injured cyclist report from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years running. UPD seeks information on how cyclist was injured It looks like a buzz job to me, a cyclist hit by the passenger side mirror on a car that failed to allow the legal 3 feet of clearance required by FL law. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Also make any contact with a vulnerable user where the driver fails to remain at the scene the same as a hit-and-run, because it is a hit and run from the victim’s perspective.

More on the cyclist killed by a semi in the Great White North. Cyclist hit by truck in Lachine dies The classic right hook, made worse by the huge difference in GVW of the involved vehicles. Another link with some interesting added information. Safety questions after teen killed on Lachine bike path The cyclist was killed by a semi while riding on a bike path? That is a serious infrastructure problem there.

Something sort of infrastructuralist from MA. Why Are So Many Cyclists Dying on the Street? Good question, I don’t have an answer.

LifeStyle from CA. Hand Cyclists ride around Lake Almanor Handcycles are fun and a good upper body workout for the able-bodied, and fun and the only way to ride for the below-waist impaired.

And those are all the links I chose to share that gave me fits. The ones about people riding motorcycles I don’t share unless the speed and other factors of the wreck make it similar to a bicycle wreck.

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