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New box o’ rox is stable, and the Feed

I did a test yesterday to see if this used “new” computer was going to be stable by leaving the browser open for 36 hours, something the old box could never do. I had multiple windows with multiple tabs in each window open, and had some very flash-heavy pages on them with nary a hiccup from the system. There’s still no “Pending” folder in the Crash Reports folder, and nothing in the minidumps folder that used to have the incomplete crash reports on the old system when the system failed to create a complete crash report. Well this computer has never crashed FF since I installed the new OS. So I’m declaring this computer to be a success, until it crashes. I haven’t installed the FEA program that stress-tests bike frames (and does a whole bunch of other things) before they are built, that one crashed the old box on startup about half the time and as soon as a file was opened to test the other half. I never even got to test my own designs, because I couldn’t even open the example files that came with the program. Since this box has about 4 times the computing HP as the old box, I think maybe this box can do it.

Up first I heard an Internet rumor that some cyclists had recorded a driver that spent 5 minutes tailgating and honking at them and using profane language but since that came out when I was using the old box that could not view video I didn’t pass it on because I couldn’t verify the veracity of the report. Now even with no sound on this box I can verify it. Driver charged with harassing bikers after YouTube video showed him honking for several minutes I still can’t hear the video, but I can see the driver never attempts to pass at any time in the video, and if the cyclists got any further over they would be riding in the grass. I think the driver should also be charged with brandishing a deadly weapon because that is what a motor vehicle that size really is, a deadly weapon capable of taking out a house, forget injuring or killing fragile humans not using an Suburban Ussault Vehicle (yes I know I spelled assault wrong, I was riffing on the SUV) as armor. It’s even dangerous to people riding in a compact car like a Cruze, Sonic, or a Smart car.

The driver that killed a cyclist and left a second to die in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years running, has pled guilty and thrown himself on the mercy of the court. Driver Pleads Guilty in Fatal Rickenbacker Hit and Run Unfortunately the charges preclude handcuffing the driver to the steering wheel of his car as it gets recycled in a crusher or a shredder, he’s not even eligible for life without parole for the killing and maiming attack, because the choice of weapon is not included in those statutes.

A cyclist is injured when he’s rear-ended in IL. Bicyclist injured on Route 66 near Normal The cyclist was making a right turn, leaving the road on which he was hit, when a driver hit his back wheel and sent the cyclist sprawling off the road and shoulder. I’m still trying to process why the driver did not even get a ticket for failing to pass with 3 feet of clearance much less the assault with a deadly weapon charge he so richly deserves. Hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid but it doesn’t look like this was an avoidable wreck for the cyclist. Get the infrastructure right to prevent including filing charges when a driver hits a cyclist like this.

Another IL cyclist wrecks on train tracks. Bicyclist rides down CTA station ramp, winds up on tracks Yep, those wheelchair ramps can be dangerous if you ride a bike, especially if you don’t have/use brakes.

And in another alarming report, a cyclist was hit with a thrown brick in MT. Bicyclist hit by brick in Bozeman; More car windows smashed Notice that as much attention is placed on property damage as the assault on the cyclist. I have no idea how you avoid something like this. Even concealed carry would not prevent something like this, just give you a way to fight back.

Another report on the kid hit on his way to school in Western NY. 14 Year Old Boy Struck And Killed Even less information in this report than the WSJ yesterday.

A cyclist is dead after getting hit from behind in GA. Mother Remembers Son Killed In Bike Accident Another wreck with no consequences to the driver of th weapon vehicle. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent, including charging drivers that hit cyclists from behind with assault with a deadly weapon.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, a light load compared to most days.

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