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I’m back and not hung over, and the Feed

Well, this was a disappointing B-Day. Basically it was Saturday, with cake, no ice-cream. I forgot to get the paper so I can’t post my year-in-advance horoscope on my monitor this year. I got a Cars2 Pez dispenser for my only gift, of the 2 cards I got one was from a car dealer thanking me for all the customers I had steered their way (and they are welcome, my last car was that make of car). Oh and I got a broken computer that I had to fix to make it usable, the box I’m currently abusing.

I also got warned that next year will be more abusive as I turn 55 then, and the day falls on a Sunday that will be celebrated just because it’s a pagan holiday and my church celebrates those in a big way. Also Mrs. the Poet is looking to get back at me for the “Flaming cake o’ death” I did last year when her B-Day fell on a Sunday. Did you know that when you put 116 birthday cake candles on a cake you can make the frosting burn? I didn’t even know cake frosting was flammable. The joke was I was trying to make with the doubled number of candles was “time flies when you’re having fun, so this is how long you really lived while you were having all that fun…” What that was all about was the church was showing their appreciation of what Mrs. the Poet does for the church by having a celebration of her birthday during service. well next year is going to be my turn, I have been warned.

Up first is a blotter notice of a hit-and-run wreck down the road a day’s ride from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. The Blotter: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run; Resident injured in apartment fire From the location I can presume this was a hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the freaking infrastructure right to prevent. From the amount of water and detergent cleaning up the blood from the wreck (human blood is a hazmat situation here in TX) I would say this was a very messy wreck. And from what little else I could read in the article it looks like LEO is going to allow the blind driver defense if they already haven’t. TANJ!

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for the last 8 years running, a bike ninja is killed. Bicyclist dies after being hit by two cars in Pasco County Ordinarily I would point out the drivers either had improperly aimed headlights or were overdriving their headlights, but this numb-nuts was riding around in black clothing at night on a bike with no reflectors. Don’t do that. Reflectors are cheap and do not require batteries to work, only properly aimed headlights on the cars behind you. More Bicyclist killed on Pasco County road identified

Another blind driver in FL. Panama City Beach Man Killed in Bike Accident I can’t say for sure but it looked like there were reflectors on the back of the bike that was hit, so yeah, blind driver syndrome strikes again. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent, and start throwing drivers that can’t see a cyclist in the road in front of them in jail, or crush their cars with the drivers inside.

From CA a cyclist injured in a left cross wreck has finally died from the injuries sustained. CYCLIST DIES FROM INJURIES IN VALLEY CENTER COLLISION And nothing will happen because the driver has already been absolved from the wreck because he was blind… More Bicyclist injured in Valley Center crash dies also Triathlete Riding Bike and Hit by Car Dies Sunday and Cyclist dies after being struck by car

Another OR wreck between a bike and a train. Police identify cyclist in fatal train accident I have said it too many times, this is the easiest kind of wreck to avoid, even with headphones on. All you need to do is LOOK before crossing the tracks. It’s not like the train is invisible even if you can’t hear it…

A wreck in rural WA that so far hasn’t even generated a ticket. Bicyclist struck by pickup killed near Brier Once again if you aren’t impaired and remain at the scene of a fatal bicycle/motor vehicle wreck you can pretty much get away with murder. No mode given for this wreck, but since they were so nice as to give an intersection as the site of the wreck I’m going to assume that intersection protocols would have helped avoid this wreck, and getting the infrastructure right would have prevented it.

A wreck in KC with no mode given, but it seems like it’s probably a hit-from-behind. Two Girls Injured After Being Hit by Vehicle AFAICT this was 2 girls riding on one bike with one girl standing on the stunt pegs while the other pedaled. This is not an invisible thing, if anything the rider standing on the pegs is even more visible because of the added height. I mean seriously, this shit about not being able to see people on the roads has got to stop. If you can’t see a 9YO child standing in the road in broad daylight you need to stop driving. If you can’t see an adult riding a bicycle you need to stop driving. And let’s face it there are a lot of people out there that seriously need to stop driving.

From the Great White North a pedestrian with a bicycle (walking the bike) is hit with a car. Police investigate after cyclist, 20, injured in hit-and-run crash No clue on how to avoid a wreck like this, once you get off the bike you’re a pedestrian and I don’t know what to do to keep cars from hitting you on the sidewalk where this wreck happened. Fortunately the car left paint on the scene of the wreck (probably on the curb it had to cross to hit the pedestrian on the sidewalk). More Cyclist struck in hit-and-run crash

The reason I don’t do more UK reports is this is the only time they actually say what everybody was doing in the wreck, after the trial. Almost four times over the limit drink-driver Christopher Hogan jailed for killing OAP cyclist The cyclist was hit from behind by a driver with a 0.135% BAC which is 4 times the UK limit and almost twice the US limit. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent including making DUI that kills the same as murder with the same penalties. Personally I would add “depraved indifference” to the aggravating factors of this wreck, because the driver was riding on the rim for quite a distance before hitting the cyclist, which severely impaired his control over the car above and beyond his being drunk.

Infrastructure! of the legal kind in GA. Are Georgia’s Cycling Laws Adequate Protection for Motorists and Cyclist? Don’t read the comments

More infrastructure from LA. Attic Salt for Sept. 23, 2012 Two dead cyclists and another that might as well be dead because he’s never going to get out from under his medical bills that are pushing $500K. All because someone decided that bike lanes cost too much, that “someone” needs to be paying the injured cyclist’s medical bills right now…

Infrastructure news from CA. State report: Newport rates high in bike accidents It’s a bit of a slog to read, but worth the words… Something less wordy but the same subject Back-to-Back Bicycle Deaths Shine Spotlight on City’s Fatality Record

Lifestyle from CA. Public Invited to Saturday Memorial for Cyclist, Shape-Up Nutritionist Sarah Leaf

LifeStyle from AZ. Chandler festival all about bike safety Amazing, an article about “bike safety” and no mention of the word “Helmet”.

A bit of LifeStyle from the UK. Hall for Bridgwater cyclist killed earlier this year

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, plus or minus.

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