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Just trying to keep things moving here, and the Feed

Grass needs cutting, blogs need posting, and yr fthfl svnt is running low on energy because the coffee ran out and nobody put any on the grocery list when I went shopping. Add to that I have a part-time gig as a sponge for a woman to cry on and >BLEAH!< Just trying to get focused here on the big picture and to put everything in perspective, then move on. Add to that the reason the grass needs mowing is because it's blooming and trying to seed, and I'm deathly allergic to grass pollen, so there's another energy drain. I went to the local c-store and gas station to get gas and a lottery ticket, and now I feel like warm jello, not very substantial. Add to that I have a meeting to attend tonight that will require riding my bike to… Well I guess you get the picture.

Up first is a hit-and-run in OH. Bicyclist hit in Boardman I don’t recognize the picture of the weapon vehicle shown in the article, but I do know a headlight when I see one and that vehicle hit the cyclist with the driver’s side of the vehicle. In my eyes that makes this an assault with a deadly weapon, not a hit-and-run. From what little I could pull from the article LEO may have been thinking the same thing as the vehicle was impounded. From the bare-bones description of the wreck and the impact marks on the vehicle I’m going to place this wreck in “unavoidable with current infrastructure” category and demand that the infrastructure be changed to prevent homicidal maniacs from driving deadly weapons of mass destruction.

From CA a cyclist is hit in an intersection that had 7 stop signs, making knowing who did what when , where, and why almost impossible. Cyclist hit by car in San Clemente It was noted in the comments that there are 5 streets intersecting here and 7 stop signs controlling them, so it’s entirely possible the cyclist was legal and the car didn’t wait until the cyclist had cleared the intersection (or maybe even the stop sign before the car left its stop sign), another case of blind driver syndrome. There was a picture of the bicycle under the front of the weapon vehicle on the driver’s side and the final stopping point of the wreck was several feet past the intersection.

I’m not certain but I think this wreck was in KS. McPherson College Student Killed In Bicycle Accident No mode given, nor even a location that can be narrowed down to a specific street, because LEO are sitting on the story.

A cyclist is killed in the Great White North, but the driver was severely shaken up needs time to come up with a good story so there has been nothing released about the mode of the wreck. Cyclist Killed on Grate’s Cove Road Nothing to see here, move along…

From the UK a cyclist hit by a drunk driver is having difficulty collecting from the driver’s insurance… Simon Richardson in court battle with insurers after hit and run At this rate the driver will be out of prison before the cyclist can collect on the wreck.

Infrastructure! from TX after a cyclist is killed. APD tracks cyclist-versus-car crashes In most wrecks drivers were at fault more than cyclists to the tune of 21% cyclists, 79% drivers. TX drivers are idiots, whodathunkit? I mean aside from anyone that has ever ridden a bike in TX traffic more than a mile per trip.

LifeStyle for that slain TX cyclist. Candlelight vigil for biker killed on Congress LEO have charged the driver with intoxication manslaughter, which is more severe than a straight manslaughter charge but not as strong as murder. And it was a hit-from-behind wreck as I guessed when the story was first released.

LifeStyle and common sense from the PGH. Cycling commuter advises patience to all motorists Slow down and we’ll all get there…

And those are all the links that gave me fits not involving a motorcycle. There were a few left-crosses that involved motorcycles instead of bicycles and they blamed the motorcycle rider for those, just like they blame cyclists…

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