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Blinking away tears, and the Feed

First of all, no it’s not what you think. Unless you were thinking that I had to mow the lawn when the grass was blooming and the pollen was causing my eyes to water copiously, then it’s exactly what you were thinking. I’m hoping this was the last time I have to mow the lawn what with the fall usually being fairly dry in this part of the state. I don’t understand the people that water their lawns all summer long (even when it’s been banned) and into the fall just to have green grass. Just plant a different species of grass, dummies. You can hardly tell the difference between my lawn that never gets watered and the lawn across the street that gets watered as often as the law allows and mowed twice a week because it would be too tall otherwise. If the grass hadn’t decided to bloom after this last batch of storms came through I wouldn’t have had to mow it because it just wasn’t that tall except for the stems for the blooms. Actually just between you and me and the fencepost, if I had had my ‘druthers I would have allowed the lawn to go to see to cover some of the bald patches without having to make a trip to buy grass seed and without having to spend the extra money to buy the seed. I’m not sure I can even buy that species of grass any more, even if I could remember what the species was.

Up first another GA cyclist is hit with (by) a car. Bicyclist Struck by Car at Canton, Piedmont Intersection Absolutely nothing about the mode of this wreck as it was still being investigated when the link was posted.

Another hit-and-run death in NYC. Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Cyclist in Queens No mode given, not even an exact location but what little information given suggests a hit-from-behind wreck since it was “near” but not “in” the intersection. Also that particular road is known as a haven for speeders with cars sometimes reaching more than twice the 30 MPH speed limit. NYPD has little enthusiasm for traffic enforcement, perhaps tying the pension fund to receipts from traffic tickets would change that attitude. More Father of 2 Killed in Hit-Run on Birthday

A NH wreck that shows why you need to know and use the ABC Quick check. Two cyclists injured in Durham crash OK the wheel falling off is totally preventable by just paying attention before you ride. Seriously, just use the ABC Quick Check . It only takes a few seconds and could save your life, or at the very least a nasty scrape and a bump on the head…

A VA wreck reported by a Boston paper with no mode of wreck given. Army secretary injured in bike accident I’m starting to really hate articles like this…

Infrastructure! from NYC as cars become safer but kill more pedestrians and cyclists. Cars Keep Killing People in New York City More people dying on the streets, fewer of them inside cars means more pedestrians and cyclists dying because NYPD can’t be bothered to do traffic enforcement. Even when there is ample evidence in the form of piles of dead bodies around town.

Update on a KS wreck I had links to yesterday. McPherson College student killed in bicycle accident Nothing new in the link, except it explicitly named the state where the wreck happened.

Update on a bike wreck in the Great White North that I linked to yesterday. Elderly bicyclist killed by mail van So while we still don’t know the mode of the wreck, we at least know both vehicles involved. ETA: since I filtered and created this link the mode has been declared as a SWCC as the cyclist made a u-turn in front of the van. Very convenient considering the only witness to the wreck that can still talk to LEO is the driver of the van…

Infrastructure from CA. Commentary: In light of cyclist deaths, invest in safety Perhaps a lawsuit filed by the survivors of wrecks and the survivors of the deceased in bike wrecks would re-align priorities?

Lots of infrastructure, even from the farthest reaches of the US. Bike accidents poorly tracked in Anchorage I could not believe the most recent data on bike wrecks they had was 2004.

BAD infrastructure in SC. Bluffton bike riders hobbled by May River Rd. rumble strip Needless to say this would be a great article to not read the comments?

Infrastructure in Canuckistan. Cyclists call for bike lanes on Whyte Avenue I saw a number of comments that cyclists should just ride one block over, but I never saw any mention that drivers should just cede the entire street and drive someplace else. That would be silly to ask, but it seems to be par for the course when discussing bicycle infrastructure.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today…

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