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The Clif bars came in the mail, and the Feed

Those Clif bars I won from BikingInLA arrived in the mail, and I tried one after mowing yesterday. Not bad taste, a little sticky on the texture from the stuff that stuck all those nuts and things together but overall not bad at all, much better than most of the granola bars I get from the store. Also from reading the nutrition information they are a heck of a lot better for you that grocery store granola bars in terms of vitamins and minerals per Calorie. Also much bigger than the grocery store bars to resupply Calories burned during exertion.

Speaking of mowing the lawn, the leg that was injured in the wreck is complaining mightily about the effort required to walk the moonscape terrain that is my lawn during a drought. Seriously I have cracks in the soil you could lose a Yugo in, or at least a moped. Wrangling a mower across those cracks takes a lot of core and upper body to keep the mower moving in the right direction, and leg strength to keep the mower moving, period. And the bum leg is complaining about the level of exertion required to move the lawnmower over that mess. Riding a bike is much less effort, seriously. I can ride 21 miles and not get the kind of after pain I get just from going to the local c-store to get the gas and mowing the lawn.

Up first we find out the real reason the DA decided not to prosecute the “driver” that killed 2 cyclists on the sidewalk as an adult. Teen driver admits killing 2 bicyclists When tried as a juvenile the perp can be held until 21, or basically 3 ½ years. If tried as an adult he could get 7 years and be out in 1 with no guarantee that he would even get the 7 year sentence. This way they have him off the streets for that 3 ½ years and also have a hold on his license so he can’t drive for an extended period when he gets out.

Also in CA a cyclist is hurt outside San Diego. Cyclist seriously injured in San Marcos crash The cyclist pulled out in front of a car when leaving a parking lot. This wreck would have been the same no matter what vehicle the cyclist had been using. Intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And don’t be stupid…

A SWSS between a motor- and bicycle in NH. Motorcycle, bicycle collide in Wilton; two injured Seriously, unless we can do something about narratives like this, where an unsafe pass by a motor vehicle is blamed on the cyclist for “swerving”, we aren’t going to get very far in preventing wrecks between bicycles and motor vehicles. Hit from behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From the Great White North, a basic misunderstanding of what a fixed-gear bike is. Tyrell Sterling riding brakeless bike in fatal accident The bike in question did not have a separate mechanical brake, that’s true. But the braking system was included in the drive system that made the bike go. Calling fixies “brakeless” actually makes about as much sense as calling them “motorless”.

Infrastructure! from Oz. Melbourne cyclists plan protest against Australia’s compulsory helmet laws Another politician trots out the “88%” figure that has been repeatedly discredited but refuses to go away. If that figure was true then wearing a helmet would also result in 77% fewer broken legs for cyclists, which everyone knows is impossible.

And light day today, those are all the links that gave me fits, and very nearly all the links in the Feed.

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