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With luck like this who needs lottery tickets?

On the way home from church tonight I saw my fifth serious/fatal wreck at the DART station when a train hit someone on the tracks in the station. I knew the guy was dead because they weren’t moving very quickly getting him(?) off the tracks and into an ambulance. As I stated this was the fifth time I was either first on scene, saw the wreck happen, or got there before the body(ies) was(were) removed.

Don’t I have great luck, or what?

PSA, Opus

A rush job, and the Feed

This is going to have to be a quickie, because I had mule duty today after a gig of being a crying towel this morning and making a run to the hardware for a flush arm for the master bedroom bath toilet. So basically I spent more time away from the house than in it today, and since the house is where the office and the computer are, the blog had to wait.

Up first a cyclist is hit just down the road from WoaB World HQ, a cyclist is hit by a speeding driver. Police: Cyclist struck and killed by teen driver This was the wreck where the driver screamed at the dead cyclist for getting in his way. I’m sure he also swore at the telephone poles he hit after the cyclist, too. I would say hit-from-behind to avoid but this was not an avoidable wreck, and fixing the infrastructure would only work if “fixing” meant getting idiots off the roads like this driver… More 17-year-old driver arrested in crash that killed bicyclist identified as Devin Smith The driver was released from jail before the victim’s body was cold. And Northeast Side crash kills bicyclist Also Cyclist blindsided in fatal crash; family says he knew the dangers

Another reason why every driveway is an intersection. Girl injured after riding bike into side of moving vehicle It was never elucidated if the cyclist was right-hooked or if the cyclist ran into the side of a vehicle already on the street she was entering. Intersection protocol to avoid with existing infrastructure, get the infrastructure right to prevent, in the Dutch model the school would have been served by a bike route that was completely separate from the motor vehicle access.

A MA cyclist is hit-from-behind in broad daylight. Man on bicycle struck by car, injured on Rt. 169 in Charlton Not much to say here, the cyclist was hit from behind, obviously the driver’s fault for hitting the vehicle in front of him, driver loses license permanently and gets to watch car crushed. If the cyclist dies the driver gets to watch the car crushed from behind the steering wheel. Now in the real world the driver probably won’t even pay for the cyclist’s medical bills…

A driver deliberately hits a cyclist that he thought was a child molester, real child molester already in jail/ Man charged in crash that injured cyclist This is why people should not be taking the law into their own hands, while the driver was trying to kill the cyclist, the real person he wanted to kill was already in jail. There is so much Stupid in this wreck Gigi would just laugh and point (however it is she does that without hands).

Infrastructure! news from NYC. The ‘Boulevard of Death’ must be transformed, say slain cyclist’s kin and New York City campaign warns taxi passengers of danger of opening doors in path of cyclists (+ video)

Not sure how to classify this link from the UK. Road deaths rise in Great Britain: get the data More people getting killed walking, about the same killed while inside the cars… While drivers get worse, cars get better at protecting them?

And infrastructure-ish from Shampoo-Bannana (as one of my friends refers to it). PE teacher’s students bringing their bicycles to school — to learn on This needs to be done at least once a year until high school, twice a year in high school. Cover the simple stuff at first like this class, then get into the actual laws as the kids get older. And for crying out loud, stay off the sidewalks!

And that’s all I have time for today, I’m off to the showers and then clean clothes and off to another church function.

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