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Well you read how I ended my evening, and the Feed

If you saw the previous post you read how I ended my evening yesterday. I still haven’t found anything on the wreck online, but I haven’t looked that hard. Wait a second, and I’ll check again. Nope, there were 2 people hit in Garland by trains, and my victim was only covered by moi. There was a woman that ran into the side of a moving train trying to get the door open and get on so she wouldn’t be late to work (and had to go to the hospital so she was really late, like more than 24 hours) but that was 3½ hours earlier than the wreck I saw.

Other stuff, I’m still trying to find something to replace the sound card on this computer, I can see the videos now but still not hear them, which does some good but not much. All I need is something with a stereo out jack since all I have on my computer speakers is a stereo in plug, you know the same plug you get on a set of ear buds for your MP3 player. I have a big fancy computer with a Creative 5.1 system that will eventually replace my stereo system when I get the hard drive for it, but right now I need a simple card that will let me plug my speakers into my computer. Or a USB sound device that does the same thing…

Up first, a girl hit by a car has died in CA. Child Bike Rider Killed Heading Home From School Since it doesn’t say the rider was riding salmon when hit by an SUV going to opposite direction, I’m going to assume this was a left cross wreck. That’s the only thing that makes sense, there being three ways this could happen: cyclist riding salmon, left cross, or the SUV crossing the centerline and hitting the cyclist head on. Since either the first or last would have merited a serious comment from the article, that only leaves the left cross (probably by a “blind driver”). That would make this an intersection wreck, use intersection protocols to avoid and fix the freaking infrastructure to prevent. One thing that has to be fixed as soon as possible is eliminating the “blind driver” defense. The reason drivers “don’t see” cyclists is the complete lack of penalty for failure to see a cyclist. I suggest a lifetime ban on driving with a mandatory prison sentence equal to a felon in possession of a firearm should that ban be broken. More 12-year-old Girl Killed in Novato Bicycle Crash

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years in a row, a cyclist is hit riding to school. Student injured after being hit while riding bike to school The girl was hit from behind while riding on the shoulder of the road, and it wasn’t even mentioned until halfway through the article that this was a hit-and-run where the victim lay in the middle of the outside lane for 5 minutes before anyone came to her aid. A cyclist can’t avoid idiots like this, the only way to prevent or avoid a wreck like this would be major changes to the infrastructure including making hit-and-run a major felony akin to attempted murder or murder if the victim dies.

A cyclist in SLC runs a red light. Cyclist injured after getting hit by car Yeah, don’t run red lights.

Another red light runner in AZ. Man on bike hospitalized after he’s hit by truck Second verse, same as the first.

A mixture of LifeStyle, Infrastructure!, and economic activism. A Cross-Country Crusade Against Pointless Bike Deaths

LifeStyle in AZ. Widow hopes to raise bike safety awareness at event Ain’t it a shame when going to funerals is considered part of the bicycle lifestyle.

More LifeStyle in PA. Bicyclist In Erie Ride to Raise Awareness

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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