Woke up too early again, and the Feed

Coffee not ready yet, mind no work, write more in a bit…

Up first is an update from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years in a row now. 11-year-old hit and run victim recovering from accident What angers me about this is not the hit-and-run, it’s that the girl was injured and in the street for at least 5 minutes after the wreck before anyone stopped to help, in rush-hour traffic. That means at least 30-50 vehicles drove by her body and bike in the street without stopping to render aid. This is also a violation of FL law, one that is almost never prosecuted as it is impossible to prove and almost has hard to set up a sting for.

A Canuckistan rider is (almost) hit in an intersection and gets injured avoiding the wreck. Cyclist hurt after motorist cuts in front Intersection wreck, whether it was a left cross or a right hook you still have to be vigilant for idiots in multi-ton killing machines. Get the freaking infrastructure right to prevent.

From the UK, a major reason why drivers are not worried about hitting cyclists. Eaglescliffe driver spared jail after causing cyclist’s death If it wouldn’t change the driver’s mind to spend some time in jail then shoot him and get on with it. The judge didn’t even ban the killer from driving for very long, just a single year with no enhancements if he’s caught driving during that time, TANJ!

From Oz, LEO are getting aggressive on the victims of car-on-bike crime. Police plan blitz on cyclists in bid to cut death toll Yeah, never go after the people in the deadly weapons that actually kill and maim people, go for the easy tickets. The guys riding bicycles that can be caught by a quick sprint on foot are much easier to catch and place imaginary tickets for failure to wear bright clothing (the glow-in-the-dark clown suit) than the people driving the deadly weapons that have a kill ratio of up to 100% (never quite gets that high but not too far from it). More Police target cycling safety Similar, but from the UK Steer Clear cycle safety campaign launched by Hampshire police All the HiViz garb (glow-in-the-dark clown suits) in the world will not make any difference until hitting a cyclist or pedestrian is treated the same as shooting one.

LifeStyle for a CA cyclist. Hundreds Mourn Novato Child Killed on Bike Still no mention of the mode of the wreck aside from the driver remaining at the scene. Which virtually assures the driver of absolution even in a head-on collision because the other witness is dead…

And see how quickly that went? That was all the links that gave me fits except for the motorcycle wrecks. They weren’t very helpful today. And a bunch of different links to the same UK story, I didn’t share those either since I already linked the original report.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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