Still nothing on the person hit by the train, and the Feed

OK you would think that two people getting hit by trains in the same small city run by the same transit agency in the same day would have merited at least an article in the only daily paper covering that county. You would think that, but it wouldn’t be true. Apparently this blog is the only media outlet that covered the wreck, and had I known that was going to be the case I would have covered it a bit better. As it is right now I was there and I don’t even know if the victim was a man, woman, or large child. I don’t know if the victim was standing in the track, fell, or was pushed. About the only thing I’m halfway sure about is the high probability that the victim did not survive the encounter, and I base that on the posture and general lack of hurry of the people attending the victim and the fact that I was close enough to be able to hear cries of pain and I did not hear any. Either this victim died, or was only superficially injured by getting hit by a train.

Up first is another hit-and-run on a cyclist in NYC. Brooklyn cyclist run down and killed as driver flees and Police: Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run In Brooklyn also [UPDATE] Cyclist Killed In Bushwick, Pedestrian Killed On Queens Sidewalk not done yet 26-Year-Old Bicyclist Killed in Brooklyn still more Cyclist killed in B’klyn hit-and-run: police Gawds, there’s still more Brooklyn Drummer Killed in Cycling Hit-and-Run OK from the pictures of the wreck scene with the blood everywhere and the nearly pristine bike this looks like a buzz job by a truck or other vehicle with overhanging mirrors, especially with the way the injuries were described (“massive head trauma”). Or in other words, hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The problem with this kind of wreck is the driver may not even know he hit the cyclist, and is probably hundreds of miles from the scene by now as it appears to have been a large truck that killed the cyclist. Also note that another pedestrian was killed by a car being driven on the sidewalk. That fact tells me that getting the infrastructure for cyclists so that NYC drivers won’t kill cyclists is going to be a very tall order. Pedestrians already have segregated infrastructure in NYC and cars still kill pedestrians on segregated infrastructure an average of once a week in NYC.

A LA woman is hit by a drunk driver and killed by a second driver after the drunk fled the scene. Cyclist killed late Sunday on Gardere Lane Notice that the woman victim was faulted for not wearing a glow in the dark clown suit in spite of being hit by a drunk first and being on the ground the second time she was hit. Also don’t cars have headlights? And aren’t drivers required to only drive as fast as they can see to stop?

A cyclist in the closest thing to Nirvana in the US is killed by a car. Bicyclist killed in SE Portland crash No mode given for the wreck as LEO are “still investigating” as the link exists as I write this. More Bike rider struck, killed in southeast Portland And “suzie” from the comments needs to die in a fire, after being hit with a truck. I mean seriously, she wants all cyclists to die because some run stop signs? Yeah, die slowly in a fire.

A MI cyclist is injured by a rare source of problems for urban and suburban cyclists. Ingham County Sheriff’s deputies kill pit bull after boy, 6, attacked while riding bike I don’t know what to tell you to do about territorial dogs roaming the streets. I used to carry dog repellent, but I don’t any more because of how hard it was to actually hit the dog with the chemical and not get any on myself. Also even when I did hit the dog unless it was a direct hit to the muzzle it was about as effective as a squirt from a water bottle.

From the most deadliest state in the US to ride a bike or walk for the last 8 years in a row, a reason why. Convicted hit-and-run driver sentenced to jail for suspended license He’s banned from driving because he was in a hit-and-run that left a cyclist permanently crippled, he’s caught driving and instead of going to jail for life for being in illegal possession of a deadly weapon he gets 60 days in jail… And is pending trial on another hit-and-run.

From the 49th state, a cyclist is hit by a driver pulling from a parking lot. Fairbanks bicyclist badly hurt in crash with SUV Every driveway is an intersection, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. One thing to do towards getting the infrastructure “right” is holding driver responsible when they hit people using the sidewalks. Like “lose your car” responsible.

In the Great White North a cyclist is killed and two other people not driving a car were injured… Cyclist dies in Mariposa crash OK this report has me wondering: How many cyclists did this guy hit? Which way was everyone going? Lots of questions, not many answers. More Mississauga cyclist killed in Mariposa Twp. |UPDATE And that makes two almost word-for-word identical articles from 2 different outlets with no new information in the updated link.

Another cyclist hit in the same town as the previous paragraph. Mississauga cyclist dies after being hit by car Another SWCC wreck that blames the dead victim for his own demise. Intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid, infrastructure to prevent.

Still in the GWN, a cyclist walking her bike through a crosswalk is killed by a dump truck. Cyclist killed by dump truck loved to learn For all those people that are always telling me to walk my bike through intersections: This. Also, “Bite me douche knuckle,” Sydney Scoville, Jr. Even walking with the signal is no guarantee of safety around weapons of mass destruction used as transportation.

A wreck in Canuckistan. Olympian injured in confrontation with motorist while cycling The cyclist was assaulted with a motor vehicle while on a training ride, resulting in multiple broken bones and blunt-force trauma. When the driver stops and yells at you before hitting you, it ain’t no accident…

Infrastructure! from CA. Police Maintain Focus on Reducing Bike Related Accidents Here’s a clue: Cars kill more people than guns. Hold people that kill with cars responsible and fewer people will get killed with cars and will have to die from old age.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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