Day 3 of what’s going to be a very busy week, and the Feed

Thanks to a tight schedule at church this week I’m going to have a very busy rest of the week. I have a class on ethics tonight, a session helping a widow woman get over her dead husband on Thursday, a church board meeting on Friday that I need to attend because as the last person left on the Social Justice committee I am the de facto chair of the committee, and RPG on Saturday. So, I have lots of bike trips into Downtown, at just over 7 miles per trip. Last night I had Ritual Planning and of course service on Sunday. And I just remembered we are going back to two services on Sunday this week, which means as a ritualist I have to ride in twice on Sunday, until we get back to summer and the AC bill starts getting astronomical again. Wheee!

More links about the NYC hit-and-run. Cyclist killed in Bushwick hit-and-run Nothing new, just another report of the same information. More Brooklyn drummer riding bike struck and killed in hit-run accident

For some reason jurors in NM have a problem convicting a driver that left the road to kill a cyclist on a nearby but not really adjacent bike path. Suspect in fatal bike crash in court This bike path was separated from the road by a hill that the vehicle had to climb after it went off the road. As far as I’m concerned that fact alone makes this a criminal act, when combined with the fact that a motor vehicle is a deadly weapon (which is why you have to have a license to operate one). If you leave a road you have lost control of a deadly weapon that can kill at many times the rate of a machine gun…

More on the LA woman killed hit by a drunk driver. Allegedly drunk driver hits bike; rider knocked to pavement, dies Again the article refers to the cyclist not having reflective gear on when she was killed. Not blaming the drunk for driving drunk (again!) and hitting the cyclist from behind, blaming the cyclist for not wearing a glow in the dark clown costume. Also they now seem to be blaming the road for killing the cyclist, somehow. She didn’t die because the cars hit her after she fell, she died because she hit the pavement. THEN the cars ran her over coming from the other direction.

A ninja salmon in NV. Man on bike struck by vehicle That’s right, riding at night, without lights or reflectors, and salmon. Hello, Darwin Awards? It wasn’t mentioned if the rider was wearing all black and a head cover to hide his face. This one definitely earns the Stupid Cyclist tag for this post. I mean usually there was something a cyclist could have done but didn’t that makes me add that tag to the post, but this one deserves to be called out for it and mentioned in the paragraph.

Back to NYC for a celebrity texter riding a bicycle. Valentine Hurt After Reading Text Message on Bike Reading a text instead of watching the road and almost hits two pedestrians (don’t hit the pedestrians!) and then slides off the road. BRILLIANT!

A wreck in OR. Bicyclist crashes into curb avoiding car Other than the fact that the cyclist was avoiding or run off the road by a car that was not described or otherwise mentioned, I have nothing on the mode of this wreck. That front wheel looks like toast, but replace the rim and it should be usable again, perhaps even with the same tire. But how to avoid a similar wreck, I haven’t a clue. The cyclist appeared to be competent so far as appearances go, so I can’t say what you should do with the current built environment. I can say that the current built environment has to go and infrastructure needs to be rebuilt to accommodate all modes of travel.Or in fewer words, get the infrastructure right.

A CA cyclist injured in a single vehicle wreck. Pasadena cyclist injured in crash in Sierra Madre I much prefer wrecks like this to wrecks involving multiple motor vehicles and a cyclist in the middle. To avoid just ride slower.

Slight Justice in the Great White North. Road-rage cabbie who hit cyclist jailed 2 years This was the cab driver that backed into a cyclist and pinned him against a concrete pillar causing the loss of one leg more than 4 years ago.

More reports on that wreck involving 3 cyclists in the GWN, but no new information. Cyclist killed in Mariposa Township crash and Mississauga cyclist killed in Mariposa Twp. |UPDATE LEO! The driver hit THREE cyclists, killing one of them. This was not an “accident”, this was either an assault with a deadly weapon, or this driver needs to be kept off the roads for everyone’s protection. Just the mere fact you can’t immediately blame the cyclists for their own demise means this was at the very least the fault of the driver in a civil sense. It could be much worse than that! Exclamation points! CAPS LOCK!! INTERNET EMOTIONS RUN AMUCK!! GAHHH!

A MO Ghost Bike. ‘Ghost bike’ marks wreck site RIP cyclist. I have to say this is one of the nicer ghost bikes I have read about.

LifeStyle about a bike movie filming in CA. Filmmakers visit site of cyclist’s death on Highway 1 as part of their cross-country journey examining bicycle safety

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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