Another Mule Day, and the Feed

Time to go to the grocery store again and make like a mule (with Blue’s help) and schlep the stuff home. It won’t be very hard as this is another week with Not Much Money for food. I’m taking the ruck because eggs tend to ride better on my back than in the kitty-litter buckets.

And I didn’t win the lottery last night. That would have been bad for the blog short term but good long term for me to win, because I would have bought a laptop or other such computing device with cellular Internet access and a keyboard and just started riding with a tent, sleeping bag, and a change of clothing to wear while the other clothes were washed; and posted the blog from other locales than the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Also I would have knocked down this pile of deferred maintenance and put up a better house with new stuff that needed replacing on the current house and a few upgrades (replacing the leaky roof with solar shingles as an example).

I’m not sure about anything on this NV wreck except there was a bicycle and another vehicle of some kind involved, and the cyclist was transported by ambulance. Bicyclist injured in accident at College Parkway The cyclist was not even identified as to gender or type of bike, the weapon vehicle may have been a truck, if the wreck was a hit-and-run or did the driver remain on the scene was completely left out. Considering that the wreck was reported to 911 around 1515 and the post filed at 1538 it wasn’t a bad effort. But they really should have filed an updated report as soon as more information was known.

A CA teen is hit riding a bike by a car coming the other way. San Leandro: Teen bicyclist injured after being hit by car It can be reliably assumed the cyclist was not riding salmon because that would be in the headline or the first 2 sentences of the article and it wasn’t. It was at an intersection so it was probably a turning movement on one part or the other. If it had been an adult cyclist I would have automatically assumed a left cross wreck caused by the driver “not seeing” the cyclist, but with a teen cyclist that could go either way. Intersection protocols to avoid the wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent it. OK the link has changed and we now know the wreck was in fact a left-cross by the Neon driver. Same precautions and remedies apply. another link Teen On Bike Slightly Injured In Car Accident

Another article on the NYC hit-and-run cyclist death. Family mourns death of son killed in bike accidentTechnically police are calling this an accident but to the family it’s a murder after a driver hit their son and left him there to die.This is truth.

A MA cyclist is injured in what appears to be an infrastructure-related wreck. Boy Suffers Minor Injuries After Bicycle Crash I direct your attention to this quote:”it appeared as it the woman who was driving the vehicle and the boy on the bicycle did not see each other and it was simply an accident.” This speaks to me of obstructed vision, you don’t get 2 people in 2 different modes of transportation who “don’t see” each other without it. Another problem is this report had nothing on how or where the 2 vehicles came in conflict. Since there was no mode given I can’t tell you how to avoid the wreck, but with the information given I can say that getting the infrastructure right would prevent another wreck.

An OR cyclist is right-hooked by a driver that then leaves the scene. Bicyclist injured in NE Portland hit-and-run crash, driver sought by police Right hook, intersection protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent. And make hit-and-run the same penalty as assault with a deadly weapon, if the victim survives, murder if the victim dies.

Another fatality from the LOTOJA race/ride. 2nd cyclist dies after crashing in LOTOJA race Technically the cyclist didn’t die from the wreck but from complications of injuries after the wreck, but since those injuries came from the wreck… And the cyclist died of head injuries in spite of wearing a helmet.

Infrastructure from the UK, as London’s Mayor really bolluxes statistics. Boris Johnson admits to getting cycling accident statistics massively wrong In fact the error was huge, of an order of decimal magnitude, stated as 67% when the actual figure was 6.2%, or to use fractions 2/3 when the actual was 1/16. When you state it in fractions the error looks even worse.

The helmet “debate” rages on in Oz. Bike helmet critics not using their heads

Cyclists get upset at the improper use of Ghost Bike imagery in a political cartoon. Cyclists decry ghost bike in cartoon

And those are most of the links that gave me fits today. There were a lot that I couldn’t put in my blog either because of TOS with WP, or because they just did not belong with the other information I put in my blog.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


3 responses to “Another Mule Day, and the Feed

  1. encephalopath

    A question or two regarding lights:

    You’ve made various lighting systems for your bikes and I wonder if you’ve ever read or written anything about

    1) Target fixation when using a blinking rear light. Drunk people are particularly susceptible to looking at things and driving into them which is why they frequently hit police cars at traffic stops.

    2) Strobe effect on the front light. The flashing of the front light can make it difficult for people to judge speed and distance. Like the failing fluorescent light in horror movies, the flashing light makes it difficult to tell how fast the monster is closing until, “Oh no it’s right on top of me.”

    3) White-out effect on a continuously lit front light. It requires some contrast between the moving thing with the light and the background in order for people to perceive an object in the light. At what point does the brightness of a light turn into a white blind spot?


    • Opus the Poet

      1) I have read about that and that is why I only run steady lights at night.

      2) I don’t have a white blinky so I’m not aware of this issue.

      3) I’m aware of the issue, but I haven’t seen a bike light even approach that kind of lumens. That would be a light with greater than motor vehicle lumen output. I have heard rumors about such lights being made for bikes but not seen any in the wild nor read of any being made in production quantities. I had a rally car that might have approached that level of light output back in the 1980s, but the engine would sag audibly at idle when I turned on all the lights. This was with halogen lighting and a total light electrical power of about 8KW. That was a whole lot of 100W driving lights and white “fog” lights, the actual yellow fog lights only having 35W bulbs. At any rate I had less problems seeing the roads at night than I did during the day.


  2. My headlight is brighter than typical car lights if turned to the high setting. See for the proof. I never run it in “blink” mode because it makes even me feel a little queasy.


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