OK who turned off the heat? and the Feed

I rode home from the church board meeting last night after the FROPA wearing my usual shorts without tights, and “My knees was freeze”. Seriously it went from high 80’s to 60°F in one day, a drop of almost 30 degrees. My shorts and long sleeve jersey were comfortable on the trip out, on the way back, not so much, because there was a 13° difference in temperature from the ride out to the ride home. Part of the problem was forecasters did not know exactly where the boundary of the dry air after the front and the moist air in front of the front was going to lie, and there was a marked difference in the cooling after sundown between the two as the moist air held on to the heat much better than the dry air did, and I was on the dry side of that boundary on the way home last night.

Up first we find what it takes to get quick pursuit and arrest of a hit-and-run against a cyclist in TX. SUV hits off-duty officer riding bike, drives away Hit from behind in the bike lane, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Arresting a driver for hitting a cyclist in the bike lane is a small start towards getting the infrastructure right. Taking his car and banning him from driving ever again or going to prison if he’s caught behind the wheel would be a second step in fixing the infrastructure.

An update on a hit-and-run fatality in CA. Driver Pleads Not Guilty in Cycling Crash That Killed Newport Doctor I don’t understand these pleas when the physical evidence is so strong.

A right hook in the bike lane in CA. Man Critically Injured When Knocked from Motorized Bicycle The article doesn’t say much, I had to infer the mode of wreck, the “motor” on the bike was not specified, and they aren’t naming the driver because of his age. They did note the driver committed hit-and-run but was not charged for it, because the victim was after all “Just” a cyclist. Anyway, right hook, intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right, especially about arresting hit-and-run drivers, to prevent. I think this driver needs a 5 year “time out” from driving…

A ME girl left-crosses a motor vehicle and gets severe injuries. Teenage Holden girl hurt in car-bicycle accident Kid didn’t look for cars before making the left turn, and got smacked. intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

More on the door prize “winner” in Chicago. Bicyclist, lawyer killed in traffic remembered at candlelight vigil Yep, reconstruction has shown that the cyclist could have avoided this wreck if he perfectly threaded the needle between the door and the semi, he had almost a full inch of clearance. Realistically though no human cyclist could have avoided this wreck except by pure luck, and the responsibility for the death is equally on those who designed and built the bike lane in the door zone and the driver that threw the door open in front of the cyclist. Again, not avoidable by humans and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And for the comments saying the cyclist should have just hit the door, it is obvious they have never ridden a bike. More Dozens gather to remember bicyclist killed on North Side and Is biking less safe, or does it just seem so? I am strongly annoyed by the Trib’s paywall on this last link.

Even in bicycle-friendly OR a driver only gets 6 months for killing a cyclist with a motor vehicle. 6-month sentence in death of cyclist The driver had been in two prior wrecks that he failed to avoid because he believed he had the right of way in the wreck. At least the judge has permanently banned this person from ever driving again.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. Judge Slams NYPD For Stonewalling Family Of Killed Cyclist Mathieu Lefevre and Judge Faults Police for Delays in Providing Records of Fatal Accident If they want to start getting things fixed in the NYPD they should make those settlements come from the police pension funds… The first time that happens, cops will start minding their shit, and everyone else’s on the force, too

Infrastructure from Canuckistan. Cycling to catch up And the sad thing is while Quebec has fantastic province-wide bicycle infrastructure by North American standards, it would be razed and rebuilt immediately in the Netherlands. But it is still orders of magnitude better than what people in BC have, and cyclists in the Beautiful Suburbs if Hell look covetously at BC’s bicycle infrastructure. So there you have it, something is better than nothing, sub-standard looks better than crap, and if you want the good stuff, go to the Netherlands. Or just bypass the crap and sub-standard stuff and go directly to the good stuff, and build dutch-style infrastructure here.

A bit of infrastructure news from the UK. Parliament to debate British Cycling’s call for Justice Review This would be a start to getting things right. Either charge drivers with something that echoes the severity of the damages to the victim, or pay the $$ required to prevent any more victims.

The solution to drivers using their vehicles as deadly weapons against cyclists in Enn Zed? Limit the number of cyclists in a group. Cyclists soothe road fury And I suppose that there will be a similar regulation against large groups of cars or trucks?

Another report on using onboard video to provide evidence for your side of the story when you’re in a wreck and can’t speak for yourself. Cyclists Use Video Cameras to Document Collisions I’m looking for a pair of video cameras to document the idiots I see on a daily basis. What will probably happen is as soon as I get the cameras up and running I’ll never be bothered by a driver again for as long as the cameras are operational. 😛

Last link, a subject near and dear to my heart, electric assist cargo bikes. The Electric Cargo Bike Revolution! [VIDEO] What people don’t realize is that cargo bikes are a safer alternative to using huge semis to get things to neighborhood retail locations when you aren’t hauling tons of stuff. Most deliveries are only a few hundred pounds per stop and could be done by a fit person riding a cargo bike, or an almost-fit person with an e-assist cargo bike. Employment would be up, fuel use and pollution would be down, and most importantly the risk to citizens from trying to get huge vehicles through city streets would be completely eliminated. There would be a slight bit of infrastructure change required, basically freight depots at outskirts of towns for transferring cargo from huge semi-trailers to cargo bikes. but the upside would be the reduced congestion from having huge semis parked everywhere and only delivering a small amount of merchandise to each location, reduced pollution from all the gear changes required to get trucks through city and suburban traffic and the heavy throttle required to get the load moving, and reduced danger to other roads users from the large trucks with even bigger blind spots that can and do kill thousands every year.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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