Surviving the first cold weekend, Wreck-free Sunday

As regular readers and people watching the TX weather reports know, we had a FROPA and a severe temperature drop here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. We went from low 90s as a high on Thursday to high 40s Saturday morning, more than a 30 degree F drop in a little more than 24 hours. This meant I had to dig down in the bottom of the dresser drawers, and in the back of the closet to find my winter bike gear. The problem is the weather changed first while I was out riding in it Friday. That was really cold because it was mid-70’s on the outbound leg and the forecast for not much lower than that in my area, then the boundary between the dry and moist air went a mile or two south of where I was and as a result the temperature went a lot lower than forecast with me out riding in shorts and a short-sleeve wicking T. Perfect clothes for the ride out, not even close for the inbound leg.

I keep seeing articles about how cyclists and pedestrians need to be wearing glow in the dark clown costumes so that drivers can see them. I guess this is the new version of blaming the rape victim for wearing seductive clothing. TriMet will take ‘Be Seen Be Safe’ message to the streets in November The program will focus on victims and pretty much ignore the actual cause of the problem, drivers that drive with their eyes closed.

I’m still trying to find a sound card that will work for what I have to work with the speakers I have for computers (I have a Creative 5.1 system on another computer that is slated to replace the stereo when I have a hard drive for that box). I have 2 open PCI slots and a bunch of open USB ports and all I need is a stereo out jack to plug these old-school but still good amplified speakers and subwoofer one of my kids left behind when they left home.

I’m watching the fall race in Talledega and these guys are great. I have seen 4 incidents that should have been “the big one” that just resulted in a car losing a place in line. It might get really “fun” on the last lap as about half the field will run out of gas, but nobody knows just where. The fun part will be who runs out first and where they are in the pack when they run out of gas. OK Jaime McMurray just spun out, making the 5th time something has happened that should have resulted in “the big one” and nobody hit anybody, and now maybe there won’t be a “big one” on the last lap. OK they just turned them loose on a green-white-checker and they just took the white flag on the last lap and they’re 4 wide on the backstretch, with “the big one” in turn 3. I saw Tony Stewart upside down and sideways on top of some other cars and then just dust and smoke. Kenseth wins the race as pretty much the last man standing as I only saw 3 cars cross the finish line after the wreck.

Looking at the replay Michael Waltrip was pushed into Tony Stewart by a car I didn’t get the number of, which caused Tony to get sideways in front of the field, when he got hit again and went over Kasey Kaine’s hood and the roof of the 27 car of Paul Menard. I don’t like wrecks, but they do shake up the standings in a race. I like what Jeff Gordon had to say about it, “driving with the pedal on the floor and trying not to wreck,” when someone wrecked in front of him. Helluva race.

And that’s all I have to say today.

PSA Opus


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