Another Monday with warming on the horizon, and the Feed

I realize that temperatures in the 40s are not that cold, but the contrast between the highs in the 90s to all of a sudden lows in the 40s for several days after spending 5 months with temperatures near or above 100, well those 40s feel a bit on the chilly side. Basically what many would consider “summer” weather starts in mid- to late March here, and runs through October, sometimes mid-October. This year we had a rather abrupt change to fall weather in the first week of October, usually we get a gradual decline in temperatures from September into October with average temps getting into the high 70s. This latest FROPA had people scrambling for warmer wear.

More on the Chicago “door prize”. Bicyclist Struck, Killed By Semi Again this was a wreck that could not be avoided by a human rider as the margin for error was just too small. Get the bike lanes out of the door zone. Another link UK graduate dies in Chicago bicycle accident and West Side woman wants to liberate residents Have I mentioned I hate the Trib’s paywall on certain articles?

Another IL wreck near Chicago. Man on bike in Cicero killed when struck by vehicle Basically this was a Breaking News post that never got updated.

Another cyclist is killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years in a row. Bicyclist killed in car accident Hit-from-behind at this point, but where the bicycle and motor vehicle were on the road hasn’t been released yet. So maybe hit-from-behind protocols would help, maybe not. Getting the infrastructure right would have prevented the cyclist and motor vehicle from ever getting close enough to impart harm one way or the other. Interesting thing that the first thing after establishing that the bike was allowed on the road was questioning if the driver was texting.

A SWCC is injured in CA. 12-year-old cyclist hurt in Vista crash While implied it was never stated the motor vehicle had the right of way, only that the cyclist “rode into the intersection“. Intersection wreck so intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Start by assuming the person with the deadly weapon was at fault in injuring or killing the person injured or killed by the deadly weapon and work backwards from that to prove otherwise. Or in other words treat motor vehicle wrecks with vulnerable users the same way you would treat any homicide scene and assume the person with the weapon that did the damage is at least partially at fault.

From Oz a cyclist is hit and while exchanging contact information with the driver a second vehicle came through the wreck site and hit the cyclist again. Cyclist hit by two cars in Liverpool and Cyclist critical after being hit by two cars Apparently the cyclist was talking to the first driver on the traffic side of the car, which violates one of the cardinal rules of behavior after a wreck, get out of the road. No mode given for the first wreck, so I can’t tell you how to avoid that one, but to prevent both the wrecks they need to get the infrastructure right.

A cyclist is injured in Enn Zed as their cycling season starts to heat up with the weather. Cyclist killed in Northland crash No mode given as the wreck was still under investigation at the time the link was posted. But it was a “tricky intersection” so intersection protocols might have avoided the wreck, and getting the infrastructure right certainly would prevent the wreck. It sounds like the motor vehicle was moving at a fair clip as the occupants had to be treated at the scene for minor injuries, plural. More Cyclist dead after Northland crash A more recent link with more information Cyclist dies in crash with 4WD The cyclist was hit from behind by a driver that didn’t react until after the wreck, which caused her SUV to roll over and cause minor injury to the occupants. The cyclist was apparently hit from behind in this wreck which was near but not actually in an intersection.

Serious Infrastructure! discussion to take place in CA. Cycling Discussion on Speak Up Newport’s Oct. 10 Agenda

Smart infrastructure discussion for the current built environment. ‘Look’ aims to save lives

Stupid infrastructure discussion from the Great White North. Why aren’t bicycle helmets mandatory? See what I mean about stupid?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. Just a FYI, that link about the glow-in-the-dark clownsuits being pushed by a Portland transit agency has been burning up the comments over on BikePortland. It’s almost as bad as when the ‘Couve passed an all-ages helmet law.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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