I have another busy day ahead, and the Feed

I have a busy day ahead with a belly dance class from 1800-2000 and a crying session with the widow woman after she gets off work tonight and I still have to get the blog post done, and tomorrow is Mule Day as we are running out of everything here. The time constraint forced by having to go to class is the big driver for the blog today, so I can’t do the 2600+ word 13 hour slogfest I went through yesterday. Fortunately I pre-filtered one folder from the Feed last night and only had one usable link, and hope to get done before the 4th folder gets dropped in my inbox this afternoon.

Up first a KY cyclist is hit by a blind driver. Kevil man injured in car vs. bicycle crash How I managed to drive for over 19 years without hitting anyone (except for that one time in an ice storm where the road was only partially cleared) because I couldn’t see them I’ll never know… Hit from behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And pull that driver’s license to save another cyclist or pedestrian. To add insult to injury the cyclist was cited for DUI, while the blind driver gets bupkiss.

A 4YO girl was riding her bicycle in the cul-de-sac in front of her home when she was hit by a truck. Girl was riding bicycle when hit by truck at sub base and killed, state patrol says OK this was not actually a bicycle story, it was a report on how drivers can’t see what’s behind their vehicles when they are backing up. But still, sad. To fix, require back up sensors and rear view cameras on all vehicles, including retrofits to older vehicles except antiques may forgo the devices if backed up with spotters when reversing. And yes I’m serious. Tests have shown that some vehicles currently for sale in the US have 60 feet behind them where a person less than 3 feet tall can’t be seen. This is criminal negligence on the part of manufacturers and must be stopped.

Another cyclist is hit by a train, this time in MI. Albion man critically injured when hit by freight train while riding bicycle From the article and comments left by witnesses it seems the cyclist was wearing headphones with the volume up as he crossed at an unguarded crossing. He did not have signals that a train was coming, and could not hear that a train was coming. To avoid, look both ways when crossing an unguarded grade crossing, and as an added layer of security do not wear headphones. I don’t see this as a wreck that could be prevented with changes to the infrastructure as many crossings do not have the level of traffic from trains to warrant an automatic crossing guard, and making all crossings not-at-grade would be prohibitively expensive. I say that and I’m the bike nut… You’re just going to have to use your eyes at the very minimum to avoid getting hit by a train.

I was mistaken about yesterday’s link to this case being in WI, the wreck was in MS and I should have remembered that the cyclist was hit twice by the driver. Injured cyclist says court ruling should be warning to motorists Part of the problem is that I think there is a Clay County in WI as well, Clay being a rather common name for counties in this country, and there were several wrecks in that county recently…

A Limey cyclist is hit-and-run by a school bus as he was only 65 miles from completing a 3100 mile ride for charity. British cyclist on 3,000-mile charity ride across America is hit by a schoolbus just 65 miles from the finish line Right hook, use intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from CA. After deaths, Newport council OKs bicycle safety funds Gee, matching funds for bike planning. I wonder how many bake sales and fund-raising drives they need to hold to make the streets safe for cars in Newport Beach? That’s right, none! Cars get safe streets as a matter of course, without having to come beg and offer money for them. This link earns special recognition for the “Stupid Politicians” link for today’s blog post.

Infrastructure from the Great White North (you didn’t think Canada was going to get away from today’s post without at least one swipe, did you?) Why ripping up bike lanes in Toronto will hurt students and cost lives

A helmet article that actually makes sense. Tech Tuesday: DH Helmet vs. Motocross Helmet: Which is Safer? The article is slanted towards DH Mountain Bikers, but still pertains to us who wear full-face on the street. I personally wear a Bell Sanction BMX/DH helmet that also has enough ventilation for “all-mountain” use. IOW I can ride all day wearing the helmet and not be any worse off than if I was wearing a regular bicycle helmet as far as heat control is concerned. For winter riding I used to wear an old full-face motorcycle helmet with lots of venting in the chin bar, until the lining crumbled away. Incidentally I still need a winter helmet, DOT full-face with lots of ventilation in the chin bar that I can make a seal over the top to prevent fogging my glasses.

Another helmet article that backs up previous studies about the effectiveness of a helmet. New study details why helmets prevent injury Please note that I have never said that helmets are bad. Helmet laws are bad, helmets should be rider’s choice after 18 YO.

And after 4 hours and only a third of the size of yesterday’s marathon blog post, those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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