In a rush, can’t talk long, and the Feed

Lots of stuff in the Feed I haven’t filtered yet, running late from the having my shoulder cried on gig and I have to do Mule Duty today, so severe time constraints combined with massive info dump equals harried blogger just throwing up links with a little comment.

Up first though is a moment of clarity from Bikeyface. The Myth of the Open Road Those drawings tell the story much better than I could with mere words. Cars ‘r’ Coffins and trap your soul…

LA County Sheriffs are covering up investigating why one of their vehicles killed a cyclist. Sheriff launches probe into bicyclist fatally hit by patrol car This was the cyclist that was “brandishing” a gun at cops that was never found (too many people watching to plant one). Link via BikingInLA .

Also via BikingInLA is a link to the driver that hit a group of 4 cyclists dying in a driveway. Two Sonoma cyclists hit, injured on Highway 29 They are not sure what killed the driver but are awaiting results of an autopsy. Why can’t this happen to every driver that hits a cyclist? ONLY about half serious on that statement.

An OK cyclist is hit-and-run. 71-Year-Old Bicyclist Killed In Hit And Run Crash In Broken Arrow Actually a 71 YO cyclist is more than OK… Hit from behind, use the protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent… More Bicyclist killed after hit-and-run in BA last night (UPDATE)

A cyclist killed in NC is identified. UPDATE: Highway Patrol identifies bicyclist killed in wreck on NC 179 Another SWSS wreck. Not enough information to make a recommendation for avoiding, but proper infrastructure would have put the cyclist someplace else and not on that road. More Bicyclist killed in traffic accident

Infrastructure! news as sharrows have been placed by the DIYDOT in Dallas. Bogus bike lanes appearing on Dallas streets Someone needs to tell people the difference between sharrows and a bike lane. We know because almost all of my readers are serious bike wonks (since I lost the 200 or so followers from Facebook). Anyway, the DIY sharrows are up in a location that has been planned for the installation of sharrows for over a year now, the DIYDOT just saved years of waiting and money for the City of Dallas… And why the DIYDOT is putting up sharrows. When bikes and cars share the road, everyone has to follow the rules

LifeStyle in MA. Cyclists in Concord come together to raise scholarship funds A worthy cause…

LifeStyle from TX Injured cyclist still able to tune up for ride

LifeStyle in the Great White North. Cyclists honour memory of Danielle Naçu This was another fatal door prize “winner” who has a ghost bike marking the spot.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today…

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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