Another day of time constraints, and the Feed

Today’s time constraint is first I got up too late after visiting the grandson in Sanger because I got home late, and second I’m going to address the Garland City Council again to try to get them off the dime on drafting a Master Bike Plan. I’m pushing for a MBP that includes Dutch-style infrastructure. with residential areas that have slow streets with lots of room for bikes and cars to mix (which will take a change of law from the legislature) that feed into bike arterials just like the roads now feed into car arterials. Garland (aka the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell in this blog) is mostly flat, so there is no reason why more people aren’t riding bikes except that it’s dangerous as hell out here because of drivers being insane. Since getting insane drivers off the roads is an even larger task than getting the legislature to reduce the speed limit in residential areas, we have to get the bikes away from the insane drivers. That’s what I’m going to try tonight, version I Lost Count Years Ago.

Up first, an update on the condition of the cyclist who was hit by an impaired driver that drove off with the bicycle still stuck under the car for several blocks. Mother of cyclist injured by hit-and-run driver wants more cyclists wearing helmets The cyclist is about 50/50 on survival right now, and even less optimistic on recovery. Again this was a wreck that the cyclist could not avoid because of the excessive speed of the weapon vehicle (he hit a car in the same collision that he hit the cyclist, which knocked a wheel off the SUV that was the weapon vehicle). And also infrastructure would not have protected the cyclist unless there was something like a Jersey Barrier between motor vehicle and bicycle traffic, not a notable feature of Dutch bicycle infrastructure.

Another link to the Reno cyclist hit by a SUV. Bicyclist versus SUV accident leaves one injured And why can’t it ever be the driver of the SUV being the only one injured? Anyway, still a red-light-runner, still intersection protocols to avoid, and still get the infrastructure right to prevent.

An IN cyclist is injured while Being Stupid. Teen seriously injured after riding bike into path of semi on U.S. 30 The cyclist was above the legal limit for BAC%, underage for consumption of alcohol, riding at 0300, and not paying attention to large objects moving at high speed on the road. With the existing infrastructure that is a recipe for a dead cyclist, which he was lucky not to become. Getting the infrastructure right would have guided this drunk cyclist to a safer place to ride his bike, maybe.

A GA boy dies from getting hit by a truck near his home. Waycross boy dies from injuries after being struck on bicycle Saturday And they fixed the headline after I filtered the link to include it. The previous version left out the word “boy” between Waycross and dies. This could have been prevented with Dutch bicycle infrastructure because they would have never placed a 45 MPH highway through a residential area. Kids do stupid things because they are kids and don’t think the way we do as adults, the infrastructure should protect them until they are capable of adult reasoning. I lay this entire thing at the feet of whoever put the highway in the middle of the residential area or failed to reduce the speed limit when it became a residential area. Minor quibble, the driver claimed to lock his brakes and swerve to avoid this wreck, which is a physical impossibility. Once the front wheels are locked there is no steering control over the vehicle any more.

Another cyclist killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle for 8 years running. Wycliffe senior VP killed when car hits him on his bicycle in Avalon Park This is an update on an earlier story, the impaired driver hit the cyclist from behind in the bike lane. more Wycliffe Bible Translators’ VP Forrest Flaniken Killed While Riding Bicycle Also FHP: Teen likely high on K2 hit, killed cyclist

Update on an earlier story about an AZ cyclist death. Neurologist killed while cycling in Fountain Hills This was a wreck where the cyclist was also hit from behind in the bike lane, at such a speed as to crush the bike frame. Pictures from the scene showed the top tube of the frame broken and the down tube broken in 2 places. When a bike is hit from behind damage to the front triangle of the frame means the weapon vehicle was moving at extreme speed or had a large amount of mass. Given the light pickup truck that was the weapon vehicle I think we can probably establish the extreme velocity.

More on the cyclist killed by being run over by a bus in CA. Bicyclist killed after collision with MTA bus in Malibu and from BikingInLA PCH fatality may have resulted from bad roadway; LACBC issues call for safety; and former UCLA neurologist killed in AZ hit-and-run the wreck seems to have been caused by a longitudinal seam with a ledge the cyclist was caught with her center of gravity on the left of, and her tires on the right and the tires could not get past the seam, causing the cyclist to fall to the left. IOW the road itself caused the wreck. There are many streets and roads in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell that have long longitudinal cracks and ledges in the road surface that I would like to report but since I lack both short-term memory and a cell phone, I can’t get the information to the people that can do something about it.

In AL they found the driver that killed a cyclist riding to eat at a local restaurant. Driver identified in fatal Baldwin Co. hit-and-run When I filtered this link they hadn’t found the driver, just the cyclist’s body and broken bike, so in the space of a few hours they found and arrested a killer. A better rear light might have avoided this wreck, but a better driver with better infrastructure would have prevented this wreck. Going out for a bite to eat should never be a life or death proposition.

A cyclist is injured in East Canuckistan. Cyclist in serious condition after being hit by car And that is almost the entirety of the story, 82 YO cyclist hit by 64 YO driver, both transported one with serious injuries the other with psychological trauma. Nothing on the mode or anything except a mention the wreck may have been in or near an intersection. So I’m just flat-out going to blame this one entirely on the infrastructure. Get the infrastructure right.

A cyclist is killed by a truck in Enn Zed and they can’t figure out how. Family find teen cyclist killed in tanker crash The cyclist and the tanker truck were traveling in opposite directions when the truck struck the cyclist in the middle of the lane. Someone is being obtuse here as the cyclist was on the correct side of the road for Enn Zed, which means the tanker truck was over the centerline. The mental gymnastics of the police trying to blame the cyclist for getting hit on his side of the road are astounding.

LifeStyle for a PA cyclist injured while walking with his bike. Church sponsors blood drive for injured cyclist I didn’t see this in my Feed when the incident first happened, but apparently the person with the knife had a real dislike for cyclists and attacked him because he had a bike in a pedestrian area even though he wasn’t riding it.

Lots of links to a report from the Great White North that cyclists that died from road wrecks weren’t wearing helmets. Bike Helmets Cut Risk of Fatalities And bullet-proof vests reduce my risk of dying when I’m shot, but that still doesn’t change my likelihood of getting shot. More links to the same report Helmets can prevent fatal head injuries in cyclists, Ontario study shows Also Cyclists without helmets triple their chance of death by head injury

How not to get hurt on a bicycle, with all the onus on the cyclist. The Cyclist’s Guide to Injury Prevention You know the “funny” thing about this guide is it focuses on road cycling but the lead picture is a wreck on a MTB on a trail…

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Injured Shropshire cyclist in calls for improved safety The article mentions prosecuting drivers that hit cyclists and punishment suitable for the results of the crime, some physical infrastructure changes, all of which are going to be needed to get the UK back on 2 wheels.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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