Not feeling particularly chipper today, and the Feed

I woke up this morning with a very dry mouth and throat, a touch of a sore throat, and a voice that resembled 5 miles of dry creekbed it was so gravelly. Now the dry mouth and throat are gone, but the sore throat and gravel voice remain. This is unfortunate as I have a speaking engagement tomorrow. Also I’m supposed to help get groceries today but as the available budget is somewhere between $2 and $3 I don’t see this as particularly burdensome to haul home. Now eating with a grocery budget of between $2 and $3, that’s going to be a problem that will probably include beans, frequently.

Up first is a hit-and-run in Baton Rouge LA. Bicyclist in critical condition after Tuesday hit and run LEO have a very good description of the weapon vehicle, which ran a stop sign at the time of hitting the cyclist on the through street. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Interesting to note the ratio of anti-bike to pro-bike comments was heavily skewed pro- rather than anti-, this time. Another link Mid City cyclist outraged at hit and run accident that injured rider

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years in a row, they got another one. Cyclist struck, killed by driver First of all that the fact that the driver remained at the scene had to be mentioned prominently says a lot about society, none of it very good. Second that bike was hit on the driver’s side of the vehicle at high speed, notice the hole in the windshield right over the steering wheel and the broken front triangle on the bike. Third, it looked like this was a wreck in the left-turn lane where a slower than speed limit speed should be in effect because of getting ready to make the turn and the limited room available. IOW the cyclist was doing everything right and according to law, and the driver just ran him over without even slowing down with the cyclist right in front of his face. That also says a lot about our society and culture that is equally bad

A UGA student is left-crossed by another student on campus with an all-student witness and assistance group. UGA student bicyclist transported to hospital after striking a car Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Seriously, why do you need a car to get around the campus of the University of Georgia at Athens? This is a small school with a compact campus, unlike say UT or USC. Even the town the school is in is Not That Big, perfectly suited for getting around by bicycle. Since the article didn’t specify if the facial injuries were upper or lower I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if a helmet had been worn the injuries might not have been as bad. I mean I know that most people are not going to wear a full-face helmet like I do, hell if I hadn’t had my face ripped off and sewn back on I wouldn’t be wearing a full-face helmet. I would be wearing one of those “urban” or “city” style round helmets with the hard shell and some coverage to the back of the head. More Bike Rider Injured

A child riding on a sidewalk is killed. Child killed on bicycle identified There should be no question about this, the child was riding on the sidewalk, the weapon vehicle was crossing the sidewalk, vehicles entering a sidewalk MUST yield to traffic (pedestrians and cyclists) on the sidewalk. Even in areas where riding on a sidewalk is not legal, bicycles on the sidewalk still have the right of way over other vehicles crossing the sidewalk. I don’t know if this was an area that prohibited riding on the sidewalk, but I don’t think it was. Intersection wreck (every driveway is an intersection) so intersection protocols to avoid, and as the child was already on segregated infrastructure that was being crossed by the weapon vehicle that was required to yield to traffic on that infrastructure, the only changes to the infrastructure that will “help” are severe penalties for those causing harm when crossing the infrastructure… Take the weapon vehicle and recycle it, then a steep fine and/or jail time. For the very rich jail time is “worse” than a steep fine as they have lots of money but not much time that isn’t spoken for already.

More on the WI teacher killed while taking the “scenic route” to school. Belgrade wrestling coach killed while biking on highway Again, I see blaming the cyclist for being there to get hit, not the driver of the deadly weapon for over-driving his headlights and not avoiding the other vehicle in the road in front of him. The “dark highway” was mentioned more than once, the weapon vehicle’s headlights never…

A cyclist is hit from behind in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in East Garafraxa The cyclist was blamed for not wearing a glow in the dark clown suit, the driver was let off for driving without functional headlights. There seems to be a theme developing in today’s post…

A UK wreck with death and injury that seems to be a case where the dead victim was in a wreck either solo or with another vehicle and was then hit by a vehicle of some description while first aid was being administered by a passer-by. Man who died in road collision near Craven Arms was a cyclist I am including this wreck because it was strange, not because there is anything useful to be gleaned from it besides hoping Yehuda Moon is one of the first 1-3 people on scene.

Infrastructure news from the UK. British Cycling secures meeting with justice minister and Justice minister agrees to meet British Cycling to discuss justice review If they can do something about drivers getting 100 hours of community service and a few weeks to a year ban on driving when they should be getting a year or more in lockup and a permanent ban on driving with more jail if caught, then good on them.

Someone is desecrating a shrine to the dead in SC. Who’s Stealing the William Wilson Ghost Bike?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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