California cyclist says the state can just die because that’s what Brown told cyclists, and I have coffee. Also the Feed

That was a very long headline, which I guess means the caffeine is starting to take hold. The first thing Mrs. the Poet brought home after the check cleared was coffee fixings so I could have my coffee and she could have her cuppa tea. I feel almost human now. My head still hurts but that is the grass pollen that has kicked up today because of all the wind. I still feel like my eyes will pop out of my head and roll around on the desk or floor if I blink wrong, and that is with the allergy medicine I’m allowed to take with my BP meds. Just imagine what it would feel like without, on second thought don’t imagine what I would feel like without medication. The thought is too gruesome to bear.

That cyclist’s response to Gov. Brown was sent to BikingInLA and related in this post .

Our first wreck report, I was alerted to this by the mother of the victim 2 days ago but just got the link to work today. New Mexico man pleads guilty in Ringtown bicyclist’s death And by “pleading guilty” they didn’t mean accepting the state’s version of the story, the driver still insists the cyclist swerved in front of him instead of the weapon vehicle being more than a foot and a half in the shoulder where the cyclist was riding. A blood sample taken about 12 hours after the wreck showed no drugs or alcohol in the driver’s system, but he could have been over the limit drunk at the time of the wreck and still showed dry 12 hours later. Still waiting on the sentence which under the statute he was charged with can’t be much, but I’m hoping they throw the book at him and make him serve every day possible.

Another NM wreck “justice” story. Woman who hit, killed cyclist is sentenced The “maximum” the judge was allowed to administer was not very “maximum”, 90 days and $300. TANJ!

More from CA, as a teen cyclist is seriously injured on his way home from school. Teen bicyclist hit by car, seriously injured Looking at the geometry of the wreck from Google Maps, the cyclist had 2 lanes and a median to cross to get to where he was hit, with his vision obscured by the large bush planted in the median that prevented him from seeing cars entering the street at the traffic signal a short block away. He could have entered an empty street, and been completely unaware of the weapon vehicle and vice versa for the driver, until just before impact. I place blame on this one on the infrastructure, specifically that bush/small tree in the median. So either way this becomes an infrastructure fix to avoid and prevent.

Justice as the parents of a killed cyclist sue his killer. Santa Cruz: Cops and Courts: Oct. 25, 2012 The driver is denying the very charges he plead guilty to a few months ago in the criminal case. This one won’t take long to adjudicate as they admit the testimony from the criminal case.

A wreck in MA not too far from where I used to live in RI. Fall River police investigate bike crash that injured two girls The level of damage to the car and cyclists indicates a wreck at a high rate of speed, and two victims and nobody knowing about a second bike indicates an overloaded bike that may have exceeded the ability of the brakes to slow the bike (or they could have just not bothered to use the brakes because going fast is fun). Infrastructure to prevent, but I don’t know how to make kids not be kids so they can avoid a wreck like this, except perhaps education?

Update on a “red light running” MO cyclist death. Police: Bicyclist who died ran red light Now that I know the geometry of this wreck there is a high probability that the cyclist entered under a stale green or even as the amber phase began, as the truck driver started up when the light changed to green on his direction and the cyclist would have had to cross several lanes to get to where he was killed. More “Ghost Bike” Honors Springfield Cyclist Killed This Week

Real justice in the Great White North. Apology ‘means a lot,’ widow says after SUV driver pleads guilty in cyclist fatality The cyclist was hit from behind by a sleeping driver. The cyclist’s widow says she’s not looking for a stiff sentence and the prosecutor is only looking for the max fine and no jail time.

From Kenya comes the first serious sentence for the killing of a cyclist. Lorry driver to spend life in jail for causing cyclist’s death And by “serious” I mean on a par with other means of killing people.

LifeStyle from WV as one university comes to the aid of a student from another university. MUCC hosts spin-a-thon for injured local teen The teen in question was run over by a dump truck at Ohio State last month, and suffered devastating injuries as a result. Most of him will live but he lost a leg at the hip and will be a long time recovering to a “New Normal” which will be a long way from what he was before the wreck.

A “duh” infrastructure story. Study: Separated Bike Lanes Reduce Injury By 90% There not being much actual separated bike infrastructure in North America to study the data set is rather small but still the findings are significant.

What passes for legal infrastructure in NYC is crap at best, and this wasn’t “best”. NYPD Snafu Means No Justice for Bronx Cyclist Left to Die in the Street I don’t think that the point can be driven home too firmly that NYPD sucks at prosecuting drivers that kill. No matter what mode of transport the victim was using, even hit by a car while walking down the sidewalk, NYPD is like the honey badger: “honey badger don’t care”. And neither does NYPD.

Infrastructure from CA. Menlo Park Funds Bike Lane Improvements This road was one where a cyclist died after getting hit by with a semi truck a few years back. The improvements don’t go as far as where the cyclist was hit.

More infrastructure from the Great White North. Cyclist killed on Bronson Avenue, Street design comes into question in wake of Krista Johnson’s death No place to cross for a kilometer in the wrong direction, high speeds and a lack of space on the road, all combined in a “perfect storm” of boondoggle to kill this cyclist. To place this in context for my metric challenged readers the cyclist would have to ride a mile and a quarter just to get back to where sh was but on the correct side of the road for the direction she wanted to go.

And those are all the links that gave me fits that were bicycle-related. You don’t want to see the ones that gave me non bicycle-related fits.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

One response to “California cyclist says the state can just die because that’s what Brown told cyclists, and I have coffee. Also the Feed

  1. The driver who killed my son on Laguna Pueblo had a blood sample taken and it was stored in the clinic on the pueblo for 5 months before it was sent to a lab out of the state to be tested. The most he will get is 6 months and we would have rathered a trial than a plea deal so the truth can be heard. There is plenty of evidence but if a jury isn’t given the opportunity to hear it…how could the truth be heard. My son was riding cross country for breast cancer with his group the Pink Pedal and his case in my opinion has not been treated fairly for him and us as the victims.


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