Allergies getting better and worse at the same time, and the Feed

Now about that headline, some of my symptoms have abated, like the dry throat in the morning and the stopped up nose that causes it, and some have gotten way worse, like the eyelids glued shut by dried secretions from my “watery” eyes. I literally had to pry my eyelids open to be able to sorta see this morning, and it hurt to do so (just the once per eye though). I’m still taking the allergy pills at night, 2 before bed, and one every 4 hours during the day. I have felt much worse than this though, and I still manage to ride my bike without much problem so while it’s not ideal it’s survivable for the long term.

Up first by virtue of proximity to WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, a cyclist is hit during broad daylight in Austin TX. Car hits bicyclist on MLK Boulevard Nothing about the mode except noting that it was in an intersection, also the physical evidence on the bike shows a sideways impact from the front of the bike, possibly from the left of the bike. Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And from some of the comments on this link there possibly should be a ticket issued for not passing with 3 feet of clearance (this may have been a right hook).

A cyclist in OR is hit and LEO can’t tell which one ran the red light. Salem man injured in bike-vs-van crash One thing is certain from looking at the scene in Google Street View is that one of them ran the red, and there are bike lanes on both streets so the driver should have known to be looking for bicycles if the van was the vehicle that ran the red. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And especially don’t run red lights when there are other vehicles coming on the cross street.

A cyclist riding between the KS and MO sides of KC is hit avoiding a glass strewn bike trail. Cyclist Injured While Crossing HOA Bridge This is an area that needs frequent cleaning and also making throwing glass bottles the same as placing caltrops on the motor vehicle side of the wall. I place most of the blame on this wreck on the infrastructure maintenance and also suggest that hit-from-behind protocols be used to avoid a wreck like this when the segregated infrastructure is not usable by bicycles.

More on the hit-and-run death of a cyclist in KY. One killed in hit and run crash on Grade Lane As before hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The reports from yesterday indicated that there are few routes to take that can avoid this road and still get to the same locations near either end, making this wreck one that screams for infrastructure to keep the fast motor vehicles away from the slower moving bicycles.

From LA a cyclist is hit 4 feet from the road. Local teen hit, killed while riding bike The article looks rather silly for blaming the teen for not having a reflector on a bike that was hit 4 feet from the road. I mean how far off the road do you have to be to not get blamed for being hit?

From Oz a cyclist is just one of many killed this week. Bike-fall death caps horror week on roads Apparently the cyclist got tangled up during a group ride and fell, breaking major bones that eventually led to his demise. I can’t tell you how to avoid a wreck like this except to allow following room and sufficient lateral space when riding in a group, which is kinda useless if you are trying to practice riding in a peloton under close conditions. Even the required-by-Australian-law helmet did not protect this cyclist.

Infrastructure! news from LA. Let’s fight this tragic trend The overall death rate has gone down but the rates for people not in cars has skyrocketed, 45% in the case of bicyclist deaths. The obvious answer is that cars have gotten safer but LA drivers have not, instead of killing themselves and maybe one or two others the bad drivers are surviving but killing people not in cars.

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits. There were lots more links that gave me fits but they weren’t about bicycles, so you won’t see them in this blog.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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