Halloween was a disappointment, and the Feed

Well the local All Hallow’s Eve celebration was a disappointment for this Pagan. Slightly more than half the trick or treaters wore some kind of costume, and many were slightly upset that I only handed out one fun-size candy bar per visitor to my door. Many did thank me for asking about peanut allergies before handing out Snickers bars, so it wasn’t all bad. My costume? I wore my yellow Postal Service Cycling jersey and a pair of bike shorts, which was identified as an “Olympic runner” by one visitor and not even recognized as a costume by most of the people that came to my door (but to be honest except for the kind of jersey what I wore was not all that different from what people normally see me wear in public). What really bothered me was the number of kids that went door to door riding in an SUV or mini-van, but after getting out and looking at how few houses had porch lights on on my block (3 out of about 20 houses), I can kind of understand why they did that because getting a decent haul would require walking for miles at night in costume, with people that drive like their parents out on the roads.

A couple of TX links up first, with another link to the group helping the severely injured Austin rider heading the list. Support Group Founded For Brian Lindquist, Cyclist Hit By Intoxicated Driver As I posted yesterday he will need all the support he can get just to navigate the maze that is the system Texas has set up to compensate victims of hit-and-run.

Just a bit further down the road, a hit-and-run killer is finally charged in the death. Driver charged in highway death of Spring girl Situations like this are why hit-and-run needs to be made as serious a crime as any crime you could be convicted of had you remained at the scene. Also, extend the death penalty to DUI homicide.

From CA a drugged-out driver is given the maximum sentence allowed for almost killing a cyclist when she drove into a peloton. Driver sentenced after striking cyclists The victim is barely alive and unable to communicate exactly how aware he is of his surroundings. The driver will be out in less than 5 years. She hit half a dozen cyclists injuring 2 and one of those has been in a “twilight state” since the wreck, or unconscious, and will be for the rest of his life.

In AZ another “blind driver” hits a child in a crosswalk. Child on bike hit by car, critically injured The child and her parent waited for traffic to come to a stop for the crosswalk before crossing, but the driver failed to notice other vehicles stopped on both sides of the road and continued at speed to run over the child.

From OH a driver that ran a cyclist over from behind and had the bike stuck upright in the grill of the weapon vehicle is charged with homicide and manslaughter in the case. Driver charged in bicyclist’s death You can see the picture of the bike stuck in the grill in the video that went with the link. Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The video showed the driver in this wreck was so overweight that he could barely walk, he could use a bike commute… just sayin’.

The cyclist who died in a hit-and-run with a drugged-out driver has been identified in the Great White North. Canadian hit-and-run victim identified by authorities OK like seriously, drunk and on drugs? And what good would a plastic foam hat have done against a 2005 Dodge Charger weighing nearly 4000 pounds moving at highway speed? That is the equivalent of the projectile from a 6″ naval rifle or a 155mm howitzer hitting your body. It doesn’t matter very much where on your body you get hit, it’s pretty much unsurvivable. More Police release name of cyclist killed in hit-and-run incident

From the UK the victim of a near-fatal hit-and-run speaks up about the ridiculous sentence handed down to the driver that nearly killed him. Seriously injured cyclist slams driver’s £95 fine As was pointed out in the link this is not even a week’s wages at minimum wage, almost no deterrent at all to others that might commit the same crime… I mean look at the litany of injuries the cyclist went through and is still going through after all this time. He’s permanently disabled from a brain injury for one thing, and to an extent that my brain injury looks like a walk in the park in comparison, and my brain injury left me unable to find work at all. TANJ!

Infrastructure! news from just down the road in SA TX. Share the road is more than a slogan Hold people accountable for their actions while in control of a weapon of mass destruction? How communist!

Infrastructure news from NYC. NYPD: 1,324 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 14 Killed in September Remember though, it’s those cyclists that have to be controlled because they scare old people crossing the street.

Final link the people that removed a bicycle from the scene where a cyclist was killed by a second vehicle while he was exchanging information with the driver of the first vehicle to hit him finished fixing the bike and returned it to the family. LATEST NEWS: Killed cyclist’s bike returned They really did take the bike away to repair it for the cyclist, only to have him killed by the second driver just seconds after they left.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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