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Running way late with a busy evening ahead, and the Feed

My part-time gig as a crying pillow for a widow woman went late because she stayed up late crying on my shoulder, and then her meds kept her asleep until 1300. I was awake at 0900 but she couldn’t wake up until much later. The bad thing about that is if she doesn’t wait to let herself wake up when the meds wear off then she’s impaired for several hours after she would have been fine otherwise, and I would have been even later getting home.

Up first is a link via BikingInLA to testimony from the trial of that guy that went on a drunken rampage in a Hummer a couple of years ago running smaller cars off the roads and targeting cyclists in the bike lanes. Ex-Ventura police officer describes trying to save bicyclist At the time I was wondering if the driver had reverted to the “unwritten road rules” of his home country. Some of what I have read about this trial makes me think that this might have happened due to his emotional state prior to getting drunk, and then the massive amounts of alcohol he drank prior to the rampage. This is another driver that I would like to see watch his vehicle get recycled from behind the steering wheel. Infrastructure might have saved the cyclist from this madman but would not have helped any of the other victims. This report earns the “Waste of Human Skin” tag for the post today.

Also from CA is a deliberate assault of a cyclist on Halloween night. Preteen struck by car door on Halloween in Santa Cruz There is no way for a cyclist to avoid something like this, and no way for infrastructure to prevent it either. I hope they keep looking for this pair and charge them with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Still in CA a funeral for a dead cyclist. Funeral Services Set for Teen Cyclist Still plugging the SWSS angle. >sigh<

Just up the Left Coast from all that carnage a little girl is hit-and-run riding to school. Car strikes, injures Kent girl riding bike to middle school | Update From what I can determine the cyclist does not have life-threatening injuries, just really bad ones. Remember every driveway is an intersection and use intersection protocols to avoid a wreck like this one and get the infrastructure right to prevent another one. And lock up all hit-and-run drivers as flight risks until their trials.

From the Windy City come links to a cyclist dying in a right-hook wreck. Cyclist hit by truck, dies and Bicyclist Struck, Killed By Truck In Noble Square also Fatality Tracker: Driver turns truck right in front of cyclist, killing him Shouldn’t the driver have gotten a bit more in the way of consequences for the wreck that a stinking ticket? Anyway, intersection wreck, use the intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And make no bones about it this was an entirely preventable wreck.

More on the wreck that killed a cyclist in OH. Driver charged in cyclist death Serious charges for a serious crime.

A MA cyclist is hit by a drugged out driver with 4 kids in the car. Cyclist dead in Calverton crash; cops: driver that hit him was on drugs, had four kids in car No way for a cyclist to avoid a wreck like this where the driver crosses the entire highway to hit you head on when you’re riding on the shoulder. Infrastructure won’t help much either unless there is something like a Jersey barrier to keep idiots away from bicycles and vice versa.

Another MA cyclist is hit in an intersection. Fall River Police: Bicyclist injured after colliding with car The cyclist was riding ninja not that that would have made a difference in this wreck, as the bike hit the car going through the intersection after coming to a stop. Intersection protocols to avoid, and since this would be shared infrastructure under the Dutch plan, the infrastructure would not need (much) adjustment to prevent.

Another one of those BikingInLA links has an RAF pilot explaining how evolution has ill-prepared us for driving to the detriment of mainly motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. What an RAF pilot can teach us about being safe on the road Basically our eyes were designed to work from a stationary platform up to a speed of about 20-25 MPH. Any faster and we are literally flying blind to a greater and greater degree as speeds increase. What helps prevent massive carnage by motor vehicles is we have changed the roads to accommodate these limitations and armored up our vehicles to mitigate the failures when they happen. Neither of those things work if you’re not riding inside a motor vehicle made in this century.

One of those links that I really needed to get up sooner except I didn’t see it until now. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To: a 1946 Griffon & Howle Rando-Broom Actually brooms are decidedly Old School for witches these days, just ask Gigi (if you can chase her down).

Infrastructure! news from the Great White North, as they seek to discover how to stop killing cyclists and pedestrians with motor vehicles. Bronson speed limits could be cut to promote cyclists’ safety Here’s a hint: Make drivers responsible for controlling their vehicles around vulnerable users like cyclists and pedestrians.

Infrastructure for South Africa. Law may change to assist cyclists One point five meters is a touch under five feet, for the metric impaired among my readers.

I don’t know exactly how to classify this one, because this computer doesn’t have sound to go with the video playback yet. Austin Cycling Community Raises Awareness and Money for Injured Cyclist I’m going to go with a mixture of LifeStyle and advocacy from what I can see.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today/tonight.

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