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Another long day in the saddle ahead, plus a project, and the Feed

The long day in the saddle is because I have several places to go today that will have me riding all over the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. One place I have to go is the Halloween Superstore down the street a couple of miles, to get a Friday the 13th mask. Now why would I want to by a Halloween mask on Nov. 3 you wonder? Well you read that part of the headline about a project, right? The project consists of taking a pair of busted glasses, that mask, some glue and pieces of foam and making a winter face shield so that my face stays warm and I can still see when I’m riding my bike. The glasses have a single vision lens of my latest prescription, which is still good (it’s the close-up portion of my bifocals that is messed up), so I’ll be able to see traffic around me. And the bits of foam will seal my eyes (and glasses) away from the humid exhaust air from my breathing. It will look a little Darth Vader-ish, but I will be able to breathe and see and not get a cold face.

Up first from OR a cyclist riding on the soft shoulder (not even on the paved shoulder) is hit by a vehicle that crossed a 4-lane highway and a median to hit him. Teen cyclist seriously injured in Hwy 99 crash The cyclist was completely off the road when he was hit as you can see from the blood stains on the gravel shoulder. I have no idea how a cyclist can avoid a vehicle that leaves the road on the opposite side of the road for the direction of travel. No infrastructure can prevent this either, except by barriers that confine everyone to their own direction of travel, and even then there would have to be breaks in those barriers for cross roads and to allow access to the other side of the road for commercial purposes (retail, farm vendors, restaurants, things like that). More Bike rider, 16, hit by SUV on Highway 99E

An AZ cyclist hit by 2 vehicles that failed to stop while she was in a crosswalk has died from the injuries. Girl on bicycle who was hit by car dies of injuries She was hit by one vehicle in the crosswalk after crossing the other 2 lanes in the opposite direction, then hit again while trying to get off the road from the first wreck. I’m still trying to figure out why there were no tickets for hitting a pedestrian in the crosswalk, after the first impact she was walking with a bicycle not riding.

From OK, and update on a cyclist killed after being hit by multiple vehicles, only one of which remained at the scene. Former local man killed in Tulsa while riding bike At this point they don’t know how many vehicles hit the man or what they were, only that when the last vehicle stopped he had been hit at least once previously.

From Far West Canuckistan a cyclist is hit from behind and the driver leaves the scene. Cyclist: Hit and run Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent, including making hit-and-run equivalent to attempted murder in severity. The cyclist in this case was doing everything right, lights, brightly colored reflective clothing, and a helmet, but was still hit by a driver either not paying attention or who decided to “teach a lesson” to the cyclist.

From the UK another example of the “War on the Motorist” as a hit-and-run driver gets fined for leaving a cyclist injured in the street. Motorist fined for driving away after hitting cyclist in CheltenhamA MOTORIST has been fined £220 for driving off after a collision saw a cyclist crashing into the windscreen of her car.” The “war” is being fought with pea-shooters and small arms against tanks and WMDs.

Infrastructure! news from WI. Death By Auto There really needs to be a model VU law in the UTC so that we don’t get another example of piecemeal and spotty coverage for these laws. Right now we have less than 10% of the states that have VU laws, and the laws vary wildly from one state to another where they do exist.

Infrastructure from Enn Zed. Another bike crash stokes call for change

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today. I have shared some of the ones not about bicycles in my Facebook wall…

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