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Facing another huge day, and the Feed

I have a couple of trips I have to make on the bike today, with stuff I have to do, and we are out of beans in the pantry so I have no idea on what I’m making for dinner tonight. I only have a limited repertoire of recipes I can make, with beans and rice being my best one from both a taste standpoint and economy standpoint, and besides I don’t have a full ingredients list for any recipe I know. So tonight’s dinner is going to be an “adventure”. I think maybe I have enough lentils and I know I have enough brown rice to come up with something both edible and nutritious. Edit to Add: and no I don’t have any brown rice because it was used in another dish and I wasn’t told about it so when I went to make dinner tonight I came up with raiding the fridge for leftovers.

Up first are links to a cyclist killed by a drunk driver just down the road from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Cyclist killed by drunk driver and Update: Cyclist dies after being rear-ended by driver charged with driving while intoxicated also Cyclist dies after hit by car And the victim blaming gets an early start. Hit-from-behind protocols might have made this an avoidable wreck but reports are the victim was already well-versed in the protocols and was applying most of them at the time of the wreck. Infrastructure could prevent a similar wreck insofar as it provided a barrier between the drunks at the controls of the WMD and the vulnerable road users. And I personally find it utterly abhorrent that the driver staying at the scene merited a positive mention in the reports. Is that how far we have fallen as human beings that actually hanging around after you kill someone is news-worthy?

And practically right in my back yard is a wreck involving a minor local celebrity. Mavs TV broadcaster injured on bicycle Nothing on the mode of the wreck, other than it was bad enough to keep him from sitting behind a desk and watching a basketball game and talking through it. Notice the game of musical chairs to replace this guy went all the way to the Spanish-language AM radio broadcast. 😛

From CA aftermath of a drunk driver killing a cyclist. For Sonoma cyclist’s widow, meeting husband’s killer changed her life I know I could not forgive the driver that killed me, I still have fantasies of wearing out a pair of steel-toed boots on his crotch as I kick his junk over and over until he has a taste of the suffering I went through. I’m happy that she could forgive the driver that killed her husband and the father of her children.

A wreck in CA where they don’t even know the direction of travel for the cyclist… Corte Madera Woman Hit By Pickup At this point not enough is known about this wreck to even say what happened, much less how to avoid it.

An OR cyclist is killed in a wreck that reeks of SWSS. Corvallis cyclist dies after collision Again since I can’t see the crime scene and the only surviving witness is the killer, I take the entire report with about a 2 ton block of sodium chloride. Assuming the report is accurate, you could avoid the wreck by remaining in control of your bike and not crossing the centerline. Getting the infrastructure right would prevent the conflict that resulted in the wreck, regardless of what really happened in this wreck. More Corvallis woman killed in bike crash

Another OR wreck that has the markings of a deliberate attempt to kill a cyclist. Northeast Portland woman seriously injured in bike-vs-pickup crash in Manning The driver went all the way across the road and pinned the bike (but not, fortunately, the cyclist) against a steel fence in front of the restaurant the cyclist was trying to enter. Very little question about who was at fault in this wreck as the cyclist was not even on the road when hit. Intersection protocols for what they are worth to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, the trial of an accused drunk driver that killed a cyclist is put off again because the prosecutor was injured. Carlos Bertonatti’s Latest Trial Delay: House Arrest Extended Until January Personally I would be just fine with revoking his bail for drinking again (which he has been reported to have been doing which is a violation of his release). Fortunately for the accused, I’m not a judge. But “stuff” like this is part of the reason why FL is so dangerous to walk or ride a bicycle.

A MA cyclist is hit-and-run. Boy, 13, on bicycle injured in hit-and-run in Leominster They found a mirror from the weapon vehicle but have not been able to identify the kind of car it came from. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from TX. Bicycle passing law needs vigorous policing Yeah I think they will start enforcing the passing law when a cop gets killed, or as in most of the cases so far a cop is the one passed too close.

Infrastructure news from Boston, MA. Settling the War Between Bikers & Drivers: The Official Rules of the Road The list is longer for bikes because there are lots of things that don’t normally get covered in discussions about bikes that are generally understood about driving, like how many people you can put in your car, where you can put them and other things that people just don’t know about for bikes. Also there were some equipment rules that just don’t come up for cars because cars come from the factory with all the required equipment and that doesn’t change from state to state like bicycle required equipment does. There really needs to be a Federal regulation that over-rides all the different state laws so that you can buy a bicycle that has all the shit on it you need to be road-legal without having to buy extra stuff from the bike store to cover the stuff that is different for your state.

Infrastructure from CO. 28th St. in north Boulder to get new striping, signs in wake of two cycling deaths It would be nice to get bicycle infrastructure before multiple people get killed for the lack of it.

Interesting infrastructure news from the UK. Road Haulage Interests Must Wake up to Cyclists! Yes, there are other things on the roads besides cars and trucks that are much squishier than your trucks…

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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