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Light day, and the Feed.GO VOTE NOW!

I’m going to take a break from composing this post some time today to go exercise my right to vote, even though the local ballot is dreadful in its lack of choice with most of the local offices having unopposed Tea Party candidates and most of the national races already decided for Texas. (We have more registered Democrats and Greens than Republicans but somehow the vote comes out Republican). The choices are vile, between corporatists and extremists, and finding a candidate in favor of transportation choice is like finding hen’s teeth. I would desperately support a “None of the Above” selection, with the provision that if NotA wins a plurality of the vote all parties have 28 days to submit new candidates for an election to be held 6 days later or 5 weeks after the main ballot, and that no candidate that was on the main ballot for the contested office can be run again for this election. Actually I would like to see this provision for all the elections. Hold all the primary elections on the same day, 30 days after allowing submissions for candidacy. The primary could be no more than 60 days prior to the main election, and nobody would be allowed to declare candidacy prior to the opening date for submitting declarations of candidacy for office. That would mean a 120 day (at most) election period instead of the 3 year campaign we all suffer through now with money coming off less important (but still big) than having a party with a strong organization and well-defined platforms. Also I would allow lawsuits against candidates that did not follow through on campaign promises for breach of promise. If you make a campaign promise you had better keep it or lose all pay you earned while in office. Also I would allow the appearance of influence peddling to be enough to allow conviction for influence peddling. IOW if you didn’t make a public campaign promise to do something that greatly benefits a small group, and a large donor gives your campaign a lot of money and subsequently you do something that greatly benefits a small group that the donor is a part of, then you are guilty of influence peddling and go to jail. The way to avoid that would be to admit before the election that as a result of a campaign donation candidate X was going to do Y that was of benefit to the donor and others like the donor. Then it changes to a campaign promise, not a bribe. It’s still bought and paid for but you would have a say in what gets bought and paid for.

Up first a media account of an assault with a deadly weapon is compared to a first person account of the event by a person who was in the group assaulted. Cyclist injured by truck in Jeffco That was the media account, and this is the first-person account. Cyclist hit on Deer Creek Canyon this morning The cyclist was deliberately hit from behind by a known bicycle-hater who has made no secret about his intentions to hit a cyclist, and LEO let him off with a ticket? This was attempted murder, announced in public beforehand, and not even taken into custody? TANJ!

“Loosing control” is the new SWSS. Howard City bicyclist injured after veering into traffic I wonder how many “witnesses” did not view this wreck from the controls of the weapon vehicle? Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And force LEO to radically discount “witness” statements from the person controlling the deadly weapon that injured/killed the victim. IOW in a wreck between a motor vehicle and a vulnerable road user that is seriously injured and unable to make an immediate report, treat the driver’s statement the same as you would coming on a murder scene with the only person left standing the guy holding the gun.

A VA man is killed where a freeway reduced his options for getting to the other side to bad or nothing. Richmond man killed riding a bicycle The location of the wreck is the only crossing point for I-64 for about a mile in either direction, meaning the cyclist had to divert from the most direct route to the through route to get around the barrier of the freeway by taking a route that was filled with high-speed traffic and limited room for non-motorized modes of transportation. Not only that, but the alternative routes around the freeway are no better and don’t connect to destinations that the route taken does connect to. So, long story short this is an infrastructure death when it comes down to it, caused by a lack of bike-friendly routes around the wall of the freeway.

Infrastructure! news from SC. Petition calls for city to allow bikes on J.I. Connector Considering that road is the only way into that area prohibiting bicycles means that cyclists that live on either side of the bridge are effectively prohibited from accessing anything on the other side…

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today. I had to shut down my e-mail to keep from getting links to the other stuff like rampant voter suppression in OH and FL (both of which are states noted for being dangerous to ride a bike, I wonder if there is a causality link in there somewhere?).

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