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What is this @#%$? and the Feed

Another mule duty day as we go grocery shopping.

Up first, not even the winner of the Tour de France and Olympic gold can survive the roads of the UK unscathed forever. Olympian cyclist Bradley Wiggins injured in car accident during first post-season ride Can we just ban or sharply restrict the use of private motor vehicles now? I mean if someone with the road sense that Wiggo has after all those thousands of miles training and racing can’t keep from getting hit, what hope do we mere mortals have? More Van driver who collided with cycling champion Bradley Wiggins to be interviewed by police A good picture that demonstrates the relative vulnerability of cyclists vs motor vehicles. And less than 24 hours after Wiggo was hit, his coach was in the hospital for brain bleeding after getting hit-and-run. Wiggins’ coach in bike crash

Close to home I finally get a link on the local minor celebrity who had a bike wreck and had to miss work as a broadcaster because of it. Recovered from bike wreck, play-by-play man Mark Followill returns Turns out he was taken down by bad pavement around local cycling hot spot White Rock Lake, causing him to take a header that broke teeth and cut and scraped facial skin, in spite of his Magic Foam Hat. Fix the infrastructure to prevent. And if you’re really afraid of ending up like this do what I do and wear a full-face helmet. I don’t find it unbearably uncomfortable even in 110°F weather, but I do need to take more fluids than I do with a regular helmet.

Update on the DUI homicide of a cyclist just down the road a bit from WOAB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Driver who hit, killed cyclist named I hope they throw the entire library at this waste of human skin. The only saving grace he had was he didn’t leave the scene. He still needs to watch his car get recycled from behind the steering wheel. LifeStyle article on the same wreck Austin cyclists take to the streets to remember biker killed by suspected drunk driver

Update on the MA cyclist killed by a pickup truck driver earlier this week. Coaching legend John Kurty, 86, killed by pickup truck while riding bicycle in Westfield And for some reason they are still refusing to blame the driver that hit the cyclist from behind… TANJ!

More on the CO cyclist that “fell over” and was run over by a truck. Cyclist killed in Cherry Creek North was Denver woman I’m starting to get a little miffed at the DP for adding a paragraph of text to the headline that I have to delete when I’m trying to send them page clicks. Still nothing on what caused the cyclist to fall under the truck in the first place, but now we know she did not hit her head in the fall. More Gelseigh Karl-Cannon, recent Columbia grad, ID’d as cyclist killed in Cherry Creek North

Charges are finally filed in the assault of a PA cyclist riding in the bike lane. Charges filed in hit-and-run that badly injured bicyclist The charges were not spelled out in the article, just that there were a mix of felonies and misdemeanors. Not a wreck that a human cyclist could avoid, and if you aren’t human why are you riding a bicycle?

From LA another person is seriously injured by a LEO at the controls of a motor vehicle. UPDATE: Two teens injured after collision with SPD patrol car identified They didn’t show the bike and the only damage I could see to the weapon vehicle was the driver’s side mirror missing. I did see that at least one of the riders was hit hard enough to knock him out of his shoes. Since salmon riding was not mentioned in the text and I can’t hear the audio I have to assume the bike was traveling in the direction of traffic, making the geometry of the wreck scream driver inattention. A small bit of blame has to go to the cyclist and the passenger riding on the handlebars, though. An unencumbered cyclist might (small chance but not vanishingly small) have been able to avoid the wreck. But then that would have left the passenger stranded wherever the cyclist picked him up. Infrastructure would have prevented this wreck as it was in an area that would have called for bicycles and motor vehicles to be segregated under the Dutch model.

A cyclist is injured in AL. Bike rider injured (updated) The cyclist had serious injuries and LEO can’t decide if a motor vehicle was involved? The reported injuries and the lack of bicycle damage indicate a “buzz job” that got a little too close. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And train LEO a bit better in accident investigation, because these guys suck at it.

A sidewalk cyclist is hit in CA. Bicyclist Injured in Collision with Vehicle in Santa Maria Looking at the geometry of the wreck the cyclist was riding south on the east side of the road so riding against the flow of traffic in the road, driver was pulling out of a parking lot, the cyclist dodged when the driver pulled out in front of him, but not far/fast enough and the driver still hit him. Driver failed to yield to traffic on the sidewalk and the cyclist was the one that got hurt. Intersection protocols as every driveway is an intersection, an uncontrolled intersection at that, and get the infrastructure right as every sidewalk cyclist is a symptom of failed infrastructure.

From far West Canuckistan, a BMW driver almost kills a cyclist, then hits a tree. Speeding BMW clips cyclist, hits tree, bursts into flames The cyclist escaped death by inches as the back wheel was destroyed on his bike but he managed to walk away with a few minor injuries. Not a wreck that a cyclist can avoid, and I don’t know that fixing the infrastructure could prevent it except by making drivers drive slower or placing a barrier between bicycle and motor vehicle infrastructure. Also make getting a license much harder to do than current standards.

LifeStyle from CA. Family Mourns Steven Kane, Cyclist Struck By Car In Calverton Senseless waste of human life…

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today. As you can tell from some previous posts, I do have a life beyond bicycles, and you wouldn’t want to see some of the shit I see nearly every day trying to keep up with what’s important to me beyond bicycles.

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