Living in a world turned upside down, and the Feed

I have been reading the MSN about the election, and you would think that we were only days away from the Zombie Apocalypse from the tone of some articles about gay marriage (now legal in 4 states by popular vote!), legalized pot, the Latino vote (!), and the defeat of the Rape-ublicans. None of which do I have any problem with, by the by. AFAICT none of the issues approved in votes this week could affect me in any way had they passed , and a few could affect me negatively had they failed, so I’m good to go. The one exception to that is of course the Rape-ublicans, had they won the vote it would have had a strong negative effect on my wife, which has a strong negative effect on me. I have a hefty dislike to people that cause harm to my wife, even if that harm is mostly theoretical as the result of a law, and especially if they make laws that are detrimental to my wife. So them losing their elections saves me the trouble of having to hunt them down and kill them in a slow and painful manner over several days.

Just down the road from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, a cyclist is stabbed by a crazed Corvette driver. A Cyclist Was Stabbed by a Pissed-Off Corvette Driver on Lower Greenville Last Night When a driver tries to get out of the car to confront you get out of the area, or use a gun if you have one. This goes from a discussion on the street to assault with a deadly weapon on the part of the driver, and that is before he pulls a knife. Drivers are in control of the most deadly device that the majority of people will ever come in contact with their entire lives, if you live in a “shoot first” state you can bring this up at your trial, that the deceased already had control over a much more deadly weapon than a gun, and had already made aggressive moves with that device.

From CA a LEO is shot not because he was a LEO, but because he was riding a bicycle. Off-duty Fresno Co. deputy shot while cycling identified This is something that you cannot protect yourself against as a cyclist. None of the protective gear that is designed to protect against this is something that can be worn as a cyclist unless the temperatures are low or the cyclist likes heat injury on a regular basis.

Also from CA another cop blames a cyclist for violating a made-up law. Minor Injuries in Collegeville Bike-Auto CollisionPersons riding bicycles should dismount and walk their bicycle across an intersection if they are crossing in a direction where they would not be riding with the flow of traffic.” This is not what the statute says, it says when cyclists are in an area that they are allowed to ride in the sidewalk then the crosswalk is an extension of the sidewalk just like it is for pedestrians. Intersection protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent, including LEO who actually know the law.

Still from CA the @#$% that ran down a cyclist on the cart path of a golf course where the cyclist went after being hit once in an earlier confrontation is going to trial. Trial ordered for Oakmont man accused of running down cyclist This waste of human skin wins the mention of being the tag of the same wording in my blog.

From CO more on that case of assault against a cyclist by a self-professed bicycle-hater. Alleged bike-rage incident pits Byron Nix against Herbert Hoover’s grandson Even though LEO still haven’t charged this “alleged person” with anything more than failure to obey the 3-foot passing law, his previous public statements and sworn testimony put to lie where he said he “didn’t mean to do it. He said he was going to do it and he did it, why haven’t attempted murder charges been filed?

Another cop is going on trial for assault charges after he was videoed running into a cyclist yelling abuse and then leaving the scene of the wreck. Driver on trial after cyclist films truck-bike crash Yet another example of why cyclists need to have cameras on the bike or their helmet. This link has the actual video of the wreck, including the driver slowing to match speed with the cyclist to shout abuse before the assault. If the DA shows the video at the trial then the case is a slam dunk.

An OR cyclist is killed in what has to be the least informative link I have seen from US media in ages. Salem bicyclist hit and killed He was crossing a street. [sarcasm]Wow, so much information there![/sarcasm]

A cyclist is seriously injured in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 8 years running. Cyclist Bertram Ralph, 78, Critically Injured in Collision With Car on Belle Terre The driver did not pay attention to where the multi-ton killing machine she was in control of was going to ensure there was nothing in front of it and almost killed a 78 YO cyclist as a result. Intersection wreck, use the intersection protocols to avoid and fix the freaking infrastructure before you get more people killed/maimed for life because of it.

An IL cyclist died. Cyclist Killed Following Accident in Skokie Not a whole lot about the wreck, other than the weapon vehicle make being a Volkswagen and the point of impact being mid-block. Hit-from-behind protocols until more information, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A rare link from the UK as finally appropriate charges are made against a driver that killed a cyclist. Man charged with murdering cyclist And seven others are charged as well? Mighty strange as Mrs. the Poet says.

Infrastructure! news from SC. New bike corral going up on St. Philip Street Take away one car spot, leave room for 12 bicycle spots and room to get them in and out. That’s a net gain of 11 customers having access to your establishment. Also I think most readers here are aware of just how much cyclists <eat. Restaurant owners rub their hands and salivate over customers like that.

Infrastructure news from CO as cyclists go all the way to the State Supreme Court to overturn the Blackhawk bike ban. High court hears case on bikes on high road Seems that cutting the only route through the area for 40 miles pretty much makes this illegal. Forty miles are a whole lot more than the 450 feet allowed by CO law, and still more than the 5 miles in Federal regulations.

Finally we have a lifestyle article that tops every lifestyle article I have ever linked to for as long as I have been writing this blog on any provider. Polar Explorer Plans To Ride Bike To The South Pole Yes, not only does he plan to ride a bike 1500 miles off road, but he is using a production bike that you can order through your LBS, including all the little bits and pieces for riding that far in that cold of conditions. I think the only non-standard modification would be the studded tires, that would be home-brew in that size tire. Since I don’t have audio on this computer I couldn’t hear any narration or other sound track to the video.

And finally I have posted all the bicycle links that gave me fits today…

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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