A delicate situation, and the Feed

I have been invited to a party where we are all supposed to wear our sexy underwear, with no white cotton briefs allowed. I have some time to prepare for this party as it is for NYE this December. I think I mentioned the issues I have buying underwear that I can get over my legs, I do good just to be able to find white cotton briefs I can wear. So question for the readership, do you know of any “sexy” underwear that fits a 38″ waist for a cyclist with sprinter’s thighs. I don’t even know what is considered “sexy” underwear for men these days hence the quotation marks. I seldom get invited to parties so I would like to be allowed to attend this one, as I don’t mind hanging out at a party in my underwear, so long as everyone else is, too. I know #firstworldproblem, but like I said as often as I get invited to parties this is a problem for me.

Also I have been asked to bake some bread for the potluck tonight, but I am unsure about the viability of my yeast. I’ll do the bloom test to see if the little bugs are sort of alive and maybe get them to reproduce a bit before time to bake, but I have no backup plan if they don’t as we have no buttermilk for making soda bread. So, actually we have two delicate situations.

Up first, they may charge the man that chased a CA cyclist off the road and on to a golf course with attempted murder. Cyclist recounts Oakmont road clash Now we know that the driver hit the cyclist once but did not knock him down, that the cyclist retaliated, and the driver then told the cyclist he was going to kill the cyclist before chasing him on to that golf course. Things are not looking good for the driver. Thank [DEITY].

A WA cyclist survives a close encounter of the third kind with a van. Bicyclist Hit by Ford Van, Driver Cited All we know about this one is the driver was wrong and the cyclist got hurt, and it was in an intersection. Intersection protocols to avoid, but as this is a residential area this would be shared infrastructure under the Dutch plan so the driver would be at fault with that infrastructure plan, too. Looking at the scene with Streetview this was a T intersection with the cross of the T being through and the other street having a stop sign. From the description the driver ran the stop or stopped but failed to yield to traffic on the through street (the cyclist). Kudos to LEO for recognizing that just because the through traffic is a bicycle that does not remove the requirement to yield at the stop sign. This link earns the “Smart LEO” tag for my blog today.

More on the cyclist killed this week in IL. Man Riding Bike Struck, Killed By Car In Skokie So now we have another SWCC wreck, Intersection wreck even though we don’t have a trustworthy direction of travel for the cyclist, so intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right so cyclists don’t have to be stuck in stop-and-go traffic where stupid or inattentive drivers can hit them to prevent.

From the Great White North a horrific tragedy is made worse by insensitive police actions. Cyclist killed in collision, belongings end up in trash Nothing on the wreck itself, but some of the items that were thrown away should have been kept as evidence for any possible criminal actions against the driver. Especially the “pieces” of the helmet, a helmet that is not intact is a great prop to use against a driver that killed a cyclist, showing the violence of the impact (“he hit the cyclist so hard that his helmet was blown to bits by the force of the impact.”)

A cyclist is mangled in a wreck with a truck in Oz. Cyclist couldn’t be saved after crash The truck driver failed to yield to the cyclist as the truck pulled out of a driveway and struck the through traffic (cyclist). Intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A “Ugh!” infrastructure report from Boston MA. Boston goes aggressively after helmetless bicyclists A totally insane effort to make people wear something that is of limited value in a wreck and no value before one.

LifeStyle from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle for 8 years in a row. Memorial ride planned Sunday for cyclist killed in Sunrise crash

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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