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Riding in the rain, And what do you get a bicycle blogger for Yule/Christmas, Wreck-free Sunday

We finally got morning services restarted at my church, just in time for me to get caught in a slight rain shower on the way home from one today. I got damp is all, but DANG! at the winds each way. I’m talking steady winds that had me pedaling my uphill gears going down slight hills against the headwinds on the way out, and then a wind shift that had me fighting crosswinds that felt like headwinds on the way back, to go with that shower.

The subject of the morning service today was honoring our Veterans by examining the Way of The Peaceful Warrior. A peaceful warrior is a person trained in violence that strives to prevent violence. We examined ways that those of us not trained in violence can use to deflect or prevent violence, by the use of psychic shields and projections of Love energy.

And once again it is time to prepare my list of material desires for the upcoming season. Aside from some items that need replacing because they are broken or worn out I really don’t need much this year.

One thing I am in dire need of is short and long sleeve wicking shirts in the ANSI safety palette of colors. I find that the orange is better for spring and early summer, while the lime and yellow colors are better for late summer and fall, with either one being great curing the dull days of winter,

Long-sleeve wicking sweats are ideal for riding in winter down to about 30°F with additional layers, I need these in 2X because they run a little to the small side, and also to allow additional layers underneath.

Log-sleeve wicking tees are ideal for the transition periods between cold and hot weather and also as sunblocking garments for high summer wear. I need these in the XL size.

Short sleeve polo shirts with pockets and a regular shirt collar help me look more “normal” for those presentations to the City Council while maintaining wicking ability and visibility for when I’m on the bike getting there. I need one of these in the XL size.

All of these shirts are from the same company I got short sleeve wicking tees from 3 years ago for Christmas and those are still going strong except for some stains from food spillage. Most of the rest of my visibility garments are “of an age” that they are just falling apart like my reflective vest that the reflective tape is falling off of and that the velcro closures are wearing out to the point that they sometimes just fly open in a strong breeze. These zippered reflective vests don’t have either of those problems and have inner and outer pockets besides. I need one in XL for summer wear and another in 2X for wearing over multiple layers in the winter.

Now another thing I need is more light, specifically more light to the rear but being able to see deteriorating pavement and avoid the worst of it would be nice as well. This headlight puts out plenty of light to aim at the ground and also make me visible to drivers and is designed to work with this tail light and this splitter with this extender to make the back of the bike obnoxiously visible at night. Or just get the light and cables without the added battery from Amazon . I don’t want to be another victim of SMIDSY for lack of enough tail lighting. And a pair of these handlebar end lights add side visibility as well as acting like turn signals in blinking mode. The headlight I have now is adequate to light the road at low speed but even my turtle-like cruise speed has me seriously over-driving my headlights to avoid pavement defects at anything less than a freshly-charged battery pack The first ride after charging the batteries I can see and avoid the road defects that can take down my bike but after a week I can only see a tiny ellipse in the road lighted by the hot spot from my light, but the real problem is my home-brew taillight is hors d’combat after the lack of rear suspension and the condition of the roads got to it for a few months. So I need a better light.

And hopefully my kids will see this and maybe get together on getting the stuff from the safety store. Off all the items listed in this post, the clothes are the most pressing need, everything except the polo shirt.

PSA, Opus