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Bean day again, and the Feed

Once again I get to make my favorite food, beans and rice. During the summer when Mrs. the Poet visits her side of the family and I have to fend for myself I make a pot of these and have dinner for most of the week from two cups of dry beans and a cup before cooking of brown rice. I did a nutritional survey on the web of the ingredients and I could live indefinitely on the dish, and I would probably live quite happily on a diet of coffee with 2 sugars and 1/3 milk for breakfast (and most of the day, a cup at a time until the pot was gone), peanut butter and honey on whole wheat for lunch, and beans and rice for dinner. Throw in a bowl package of ramen every so often to shake things up at lunch, add a burger or two a week to cover the days when the beans run out, and I would live like that pretty much forever. I would spend more on the burger than I would for the beans and rice for 2 weeks. Seriously even in this economy I can get 5 cyclist-size servings a week for 2 weeks for under $5, that’s less than $0.50 a serving. There are still ways of surviving when pay goes down while costs go up.

Up first in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike a sidewalk cyclist is hit by a driver making an illegal right turn. Teen cyclist injured by vehicle in Dunedin crash Again from reading the article most of the way through one would think the vehicle was autonomous, and out for a drive on its own, and responsible for the wreck, instead of the human driver. Intersection wreck brought on by a total failure of the infrastructure to safely accommodate bicycles, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Teen injured when hit by jeep

More on the IL cyclist killed late last week. Bicyclist hit, killed in Skokie Still SWCC, still dead. Again, assuming the report was accurate just because most of the traffic is stopped where you’re trying to cross don’t assume it is all stopped. More Skokie cyclist struck by car, killed

Last week was a bad time to be a cyclist in Skokie. Skokie EMT charged in hit-and-run death of cyclist

Death and destruction along with a tom of hateful comments in CA. Coroner identifies cyclist killed in hit and run on Stockton Boulevard No mode on the wreck, but given the hit-and-run aspect it is highly likely the driver was at fault. Get the infrastructure right to prevent, including making hit-and-run a crime covered by the death penalty if the victim dies.

A cyclist is injured in the Great White North. Cyclist struck in Markham, suffers serious head injuries The picture pretty much tells the entire story in this wreck as the near-pristine bicycle sits next to what appears to be a broken helmet and just feet away from a pool of blood. This was a buzz job wreck, the driver failed to pass safely hitting the cyclist but not the bike. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent, and stop acting like helmets are some kind of magic talisman that can prevent all harm. Helmets can’t even prevent all harm to the one part of the body they were designed to protect, the head, as demonstrated by this wreck.

Assault with a deadly weapon in the UK. Woman cyclist hit by glass bottle thrown from passing car I honestly can’t say how you’re supposed to avoid a random assault like that, but I do know that getting the infrastructure right would go a long way towards getting cyclists out of range of such attacks.

A cyclist in Oz is crushed by a truck that left him no room when passing. Cyclist fighting for life after being hit by semi I don’t understand the actions of LEO in this case. The cyclist was where he was supposed to be by law (stupid law but still obeying the law) and was crushed by a truck that failed to leave room for the cyclist as it was driven from a stoplight. The driver claimed he never even knew he had just crushed the cyclist because of the weight and power of the vehicle. So not even a charge for hit-and-run to make civil damages easier to recover for the cyclist? And the linked article points out this was mainly an infrastructure-related wreck as there was no place for the cyclist to escape when the semi took all the room on that side of the road.

From Enn Zed a report on a hit-and-run that was caught on tape. Hit-and-run culprit sought The picture with the link shows the weapon vehicle as it speeds away from the scene. Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from LA. Local cyclists tout rules of the road That headline should really read “Local police tout rules of the road”, because they just happened to be cyclists, who are also LEO.

Infrastructure from CA. City steps up bike, pedestrian safety Notice that even with the heavy windshield bias of LEO in CA most wrecks are still the fault of the driver, but only just barely. Now if windshield bias is accounted for (like in cases of right hooks that the cyclist is blamed for “going too fast”) then more wrecks become the fault of the driver.

Bad infrastructure news from the UK. Sharp rise in cyclist and pedestrian accidents and Worrying rise in cyclists injured on Scotland’s roads [An] uphill struggle to make our streets safer for cyclists Overall road deaths are declining but cyclists and pedestrians are increasing, That tells me two things: 1) cars are getting better at protecting occupants from wrecks, and 2) drivers are not getting any better at avoiding wrecks.

Continuing along those lines London cyclists report being hit is a fairly common situation that seldom gets reported to police. Half of cyclists ‘hit by vehicles’ The headline greatly exaggerated the ratio as only one demographic even approached “half” and that was still barely 40% with other age groups reporting much lower wreck rates. Still, that as large a portion of the cycling as that has been hit hard enough to cause the rider to fall is greatly disturbing, showing terrible behavior on both sides of the situation but especially on the part of the people driving around in the deadly weapons.

Lifestyle for a KY cyclist. Memorial ride scheduled for bike rider killed in Lexington and Memorial ride in honor of bicyclist who was killed

Finally, those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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