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How NOT to get your comment approved, and the Feed

I sometimes get comments caught in the Spam Trap that might be real comments, so I test them to see if they are real. This comment was caught last week on the current post at the time, and was not immediately rejected because it lacked links. When that happens human intervention is required to determine if the writer is human or a spambot. First of all what caused the comment to get caught was the grammar:

My brother also loves to biking. Gears for this hobby is also expensive but, you have to gear up yourself so that you are protected incase you’ll have an accident. I wonder if how often do you change your tires?

So, I used my logic to weed out the possibility of a spambot and sent the required e-mail addy a shout asking if they had made a comment to this blog and requesting a reply to verify they wanted the comment to go live. I still haven’t gotten a reply, so this comment will get trashed, but not spammed because of what I did not get. What I did not get was a bounce back stating the addy was invalid or had a full inbox. So, trash, not spam.

And to answer the question, the OE tires were bald after a little over 2000 miles and the replacements are still doing fine after more than 2500 miles with good tread and no cracking or other signs of environmental degradation. They also still have more wet-weather grip than the OE tires had new, and I checked the other day and they still have the nubbies on the shoulders that wore off the tread area in just under 2000 miles. If Performance is still carrying that same tire I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone riding a 559 ISO wheel road bike. I got it for $14 and it is well worth the price. Forte Metro 26 X 1.5.

A wreck in CO that has me somewhat upset. Bike safety: Driver and badly injured cyclist both cited in Boulder crash Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The cyclist was riding the sidewalk because the roads were not safe and had another one of those instances where one lane of traffic had stopped but got hit in the second lane by a vehicle that failed to stop at the crosswalk.

A wreck in VA kills a woman. Falls Church cyclist killed in truck collision OK looking at the intersection on Street View it’s an uncontrolled intersection where a vehicle coming from the direction of the weapon vehicle would have been hidden from view from about a half mile to a quarter mile. At the speed limit if the cyclist started to move forward into the intersection just before the weapon vehicle came back into view there would have been just time for the cyclist to get about halfway through the inside lane before the weapon vehicle got to the intersection. Or in other words the cyclist could have looked carefully and not seen the weapon vehicle before starting out and been right there to be hit. Or to put it more plainly, this wreck was at least as much an infrastructure problem as it could be blamed on any other cause, and getting the infrastructure fixed, including getting rid of a highway through a residential area, is the only way to avoid or prevent a similar wreck.

A wreck in MA that is still being investigated. Bicyclist struck, killed by MBTA bus and Cyclist Killed After Allegedly Being Hit by MBTA Bus in Allston There is still no publicly released report as I compose this post, and the pictures of the scene show a near-pristine bike with no visible impact damage. Other than it appears the cyclist was passed too close I can’t say anything about this wreck that would be helpful at this stage.

A hit-and-run in CA leaves a dead cyclist in its wake. Sacramento police searching for hit, run driver who killed cyclist Nothing on the mode of the wreck and if there was a bicycle in the video I couldn’t make it out with the ancient monitor I have now. However LEO need to check Todd Smith who left several comments on the site like he knew the way the wreck went down. If he wasn’t making it up he saw it or maybe was the driver. Not too hard to track him down thanks to the comments being linked to Facebook profiles.

This is a kind of wreck that can only be prevented with getting the infrastructure right. Car passenger tried to knock cyclists off bikes in series of east Hull assaults and Police warn Hull cyclists to be vigilant after string of assaults at weekend Cycling in the UK is dangerous enough without deliberate acts of assault… And the infrastructure in this case would be the LEO infrastructure, although getting cyclists away from cars by altering the physical infrastructure would also be a help, although a slower form of help.

Infrastructure news from the UK in the wake of the Bradley Wiggins wreck. Bradley Wiggins’ crash and a £30m insult to endangered cyclists To give you an idea of what is being suggested, the £30m is about $100K per city to improve intersections, or basically the cost of someone to draw up the plans to improve the intersections without actually providing any money to do anything. Actually doing something would require at least an order of magnitude more money, £30m is just a waste of money. Even a sustained £30m annually would be a waste of money unless targeted at the three cities with the highest number of KSI cyclists annually on a per-capita basis, or the two with the highest KSI in absolute terms and the one with the highest KSI per capita that wasn’t one of the other two.

A Ghost Bike is there and then gone in MA. Ghost Bike memorializes Wellesley cyclist and Ghost Bike Appears, Fades Out on Linden Street So the life expectancy for a Ghost Bike where LEO are hiding something is less than 24 hours in MA? AFAICT there was only one picture placed online of the actual bike before it was removed, that was posted with the first link, the picture in the second link is of a different Ghost Bike.

Last link, one cyclist wasn’t going to take it lying down any more in PA. Police kill armed cyclist in west Philly struggle The cyclist supposedly was carrying a .45…

And that’s all the links that gave me fits today on the subject of bicycles.

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